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Colleges Offering Art and Craft Programs

To pursue career in art and craft needs creativity, perseverance, concentration and interest. If your child is interested in art and craft then every parent should encourage and motivate him/her to become an artist. It is very rare to pursue career in art and craft. There are many people who do not perceive being an artist in the real life. There are many renowned and prominent art and craft institutes who make proficient in this field.

There are many renowned arts and craft institute where aspirant can come out with innovative and creative art such as-

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Oregon College of Art and Craft

The Oregon College of art and craft is a renowned and eminent college, where aspirant come to learn new and different techniques of the art. The Oregon College of art and craft is a nonprofit organization in Poland. The college offers many certificate courses and specializes in drawing and painting, photography, wood painting. Along with the attractive courses the college offers an Artist-in-Residence program. The college is having fifteen full time faculties and eight part time faculties.

Government college of Art and Craft

Government College of art and craft, Kolkata is a pioneer college in India. The college was started under the guidance of Sir Henry Hover and other prominent and eminent artist like E. B. Havell, Percy Brown and afterwards Mukul Dey, Ramendtanath Chakraborty. There are various courses offered such as painting, Indian style painting, modeling, sculpture and graphic design and applied art, wood, textile and leather design, print making.

College of Art and Crafts, Patna

College of arts and crafts, Patna is a renowned college in itself. It offers creative and applied courses to the aspirants as five year degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts. The college of art and crafts, Patna is affiliated with the University of Patna.

Institute of Crafts and Design

Institute of Crafts and Design is a unique and exclusive institute, which offers various programs to the students such as an undergraduate program, post graduate program, certificate course. During the course, students get the opportunity to achieve research programs such as films, documentaries, papers and publications.  The institute of crafts and arts is affiliated with the University of Rajasthan.

National Institute of Arts and Crafts, Italy

The Inno craft gives opportunity to come out with the innovative and creative ideas. The program helps to know more and give deep knowledge about art and craft.

California College of the Arts

The California College of the Arts is esteemed and prominent college in California. The college offers undergraduate and graduate courses to the students, where they will come to learn basic techniques of art and craft.

Konstfack, University of Arts, Crafts and Design

The Konstfack, University of Arts, Crafts and Design offers various courses for the upcoming artists such as a bachelor’s degree program, master’s degree program and various professional courses.

The Butler Institute of American Art

The institute is the best private art and craft institute in Ohio. It provides all the necessary opportunities regarding art and craft. The institute is basically interested in handcrafted items.

 New Brunswick, College of Craft and Design

In the college of craft and design they try to give their best to the aspirants. The educational programs, workshops, seminars in craft and design are organized by the college to keep updated about the subject.

 Bibhuti Kannumgo Colleges of Art and Craft

The B.K. College of Art and Craft was established by the Government of Odisha in Bhubaneswar. It is administrated by the Department of Culture, Bhubneswar in the year 1983-84. The four courses are offered by the college, it is divided into different section; one year is of foundation and remaining three years for specialization.

For those interested in arts and crafts, there are many colleges and universities to worth pursuing a degree in. By gaining a degree from such an institute will give you a chance to further your career.