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Study At Daniels University of Denver

The Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver is one of the best B schools and offers a plethora of departments and concentrations. Candidates are free to pursue the stream of study that they feel comfortable with.

Educational Achievements

In a classroom setting, the students who are graduating from Daniels College of Business can earn their MBA via a few distinct methods. There will always be some students who are interested in gaining a fast track to a degree and they have the option to choose the highly selective MBA course that lasts for a year. If interested, it is necessary for students to enrol within a period of 11 months of receiving their undergraduate business degree. However, this is not the only choice that the students have. They might also pick a full-time MBA course at Daniels that lasts for two years. Another two year, part-time professional MBA program has been carefully designed with those students in mind who have to work all throughout the day and would not get the chance to attend classes in the morning. If the candidate happens to be a professional in the industry with almost 10 years of experience in the field of business, they might wish to consider the Executive MBA program offered by Daniels University of Denver. The course meets once in a period of 18 months and interested candidates who want to be involved in the global marketplace will get the opportunity to gain the international MBA.

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In the field of academics, there are seventeen different concentrations or departments and students can pick any one of them. The list of categories includes accounting, not-for-profit management, real estate, e-commerce, sports business, entrepreneurship, supply chain management and logistics, finance, tax, qualitative analysis and statistics and operations research, general management, international business, marketing, leadership, technology, management information systems and other.

Extracurricular Activities

Located at the base of the Rocky Mountains, the University of Denver and the Daniels College of Business is not merely all work and no play. In fact, this reputed educational institution provides a wide range of extracurricular activities for the benefit of the students. Fans of sports will get the opportunity to take part in or cheer for any of the four different major league athletic teams based in Denver. They might also support the University of Denver Pioneers, which are famous for their skiing and hockey teams.


Being a student at the Daniels University of Denver has its perks and conveniences. For example, students have the freedom to visit and explore the capital city of Denver during their study period. There are various modes of transportation to choose from, especially light rail transportation system. If they want, however, the students may remain on campus and take a break at the Penn and Podium series which occurs on an annual basis and invites plenty of well-known authors and poets to speak and give their insights.

Availability of Seats

The total intake capacity of the Daniels University of Denver in the case of prospective students every year is 158 out of which the number of full-time students equals 140.

Cost of Tuition

The tuition costs at the Daniels University of Denver tend to vary as per the nature of the MBA course. For the full time course, a student has to pay $44,160 every year while in the case of the part-time MBA program; the total amount comes to $41,461 on an annual basis. If the candidate wants to apply for an executive MBA course, they have to pay a sum of $81,360 for the entire program.

Scholarship Facilities

The institution offers need-based and merit-based scholarships to students. Most of the merit-based scholarships are available to students at the time of acceptance based on extraordinary academic performance and suitable work experience. This scholarship is open to both international and U.S. students and the total amount range from $3,000-$34,000. In case of need-based scholarships, however, the sum is $1,500-$6,000 per year for a maximum period of two years. The money is awarded to the student after he/she has confirmed their attendance at Daniels.