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DCS Scholarship 2012

DCS Scholarships for Academic Excellence for Students of Junior and Senior Schools at Dean Close School, UK

Study Subject(s):Academics, Arts and Design, Music, Sports, Drama, Design Technology, Choral and All-round
Course Level:Junior and Senior School
Scholarship Provider: Dean Close
The award can be taken at: UK



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The School offers scholarships and exhibitions for 13+ and 16+ entry (IV and LVI) for excellence in academic studies, music, sport, art drama, design technology and all-round ability (13+ only).

In line with all HMC Schools, awards up to 40% of full fees can be made and these can be supported by bursaries where financial need is demonstrated. The number of awards given in each category depends upon the calibre of the applicants.

Academic Awards:- 11+, 13+ 16+
11+ Scholarship Exam: Candidates Should be under 12 on 1st September of years of entry.
13+ Scholarship Exam: Candidate should be under 14 on 1st September
Exams: Monday 20 – Wednesday 22 February 2012
Candidates should be under 14 on 1st September. The examinations taken for academic awards are the 13+ ISEB Common Scholarship Examinations. The timetable for the written examination will be:
Monday: Mathematics, Geography, English
Tuesday: French, Science, History
Wednesday: Religious Studies, Latin
(The Latin paper is not compulsory. A candidate cannot lose by taking it and will gain if he or she does well in it.)
16 +Academic Scholarship Exams: Tuesday 15 November 2011
The exam will normally consist of papers in three subjects which the candidate intends to study at AS level, a verbal reasoning test and interviews with the Headmaster, Admissions Tutor and other senior academic staff.

All Rounder Awards:- 11+, 13+
11+ candidates should have good sporting ability, playing all majors sports at A team Level at school; ability and aptitude in atleast one musical instrument and a willingness to contribute to one or more of the school’s many musical groups
Colin Cock Awards available for entrances at 13+ to pupil who display a particular good record of services in addition to a high level of all round ability.
13+ All round awards exam:- Tuesday 31 January – Wednesday 1 February 2012
Candidates will sit a verbal reasoning test, English and Maths paper, have interviews and be assessed in two activities of their choice (usually music, sport, art and drama). In addition, they must submit a 200 word essay which demonstrates ways in which they have served their communities at home, at school or elsewhere.

Art and Design Scholarship:- 11+, 13+, 16+
11+ scholars must have an obvious position and show a particular interest for the subject. They must be able to demonstrate their commitment, enthusiasm and potential whilst showing imagination and sound technical ability.
13+ are expected to take arts to at least GCSE level and to maintain excellent work ethics at all times and to achieve consistently high standard of work.
16+ Scholars are expected to take A level Arts and to maintain excellent work ethics at all times and to achieve consistently high standard of work.
The candidate will sit a drawing test, present his or her own portfolio to the Head of Art, and have interviews.
13+ Art Scholarship Exam: Tuesday 31 January 2012
16+ Art Scholarship Exam: Tuesday 15 November 2011

Choristership and choral Scholarship:- 7+ , 13+, 16+
Choristership in open to Boys between the age of 7- 13. Candidates should have a good musical ear, an enthusiasm for singing and a sense of fun. The Candidates do not need to have trained voice but should have potential. They should be academically able , with the ability to read the written words fluently.

Design Technology:- 11+, 13+, 16+
The department is pleased to offer the opportunity of a scholarship to applicants who show the following attributes:- a keen interest in Design and modern technology, engineering and making products of Artefacts etc
13+ DT Scholarship :Tuesday 31 January 2012
16+ DT Scholarship: Tuesday 15 November 2011
The candidate will sit a design test, present his or her own portfolio to the Head of DT and have interviews.

Drama:- 13+ and 16+
Scholars will be expected to take GCSE Drama and A level theatre Studies (Usually)
Music:- 11+, 13+ and 16+
11+ entrant should posses an innate musical ability with technical accomplishment. 13+ and 16+ will join the senior school which boast its own exciting modern music school, 13+ should be at Grade 5 and 16+ should be atleast grade 8 level
13+ Drama Scholarship Exam: Tuesday 31 January 2012
16+ Drama Scholarship Exam: Tuesday 15 November 2011
Candidates must perform both prepared and unseen passages in an audition. They will sit a written paper and have interviews.

Sports:- 11+, 13+, 16+
In addition to sport program, school offers Worcester warriors Rugby Scholarships aims at developing young, high standard players into potential premiership team members.
Candidates must submit a one page sports CV which indicates all-round sporting ability and commitment at school level, with at least one achievement at or above County level. Candidates will be invited to attend for a day of interviews, games assessments, and physical gym tests. Successful applicants join our sports programme and become ambassadors for Dean Close sport.
13+ Sports Scholarship Exam: Monday 17 October 2011
16+ Sports Scholarship Exam: Monday 14 – Tuesday 15 November 2011

How to Apply: By Post

application Deadline: Deadline varies for different awards. Please follow the link below

Further Scholarship Information and Application