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Degree In Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence can be described as intelligence level of human beings shown by the machines or software. In the recent years it has gained worldwide attention due to the scope of development of the concept and the wide range of the application of the same. As there has been an increasing recognition in the importance of the artificial intelligence, several universities have started providing degrees and courses in this field.

Importance Of The Course

The importance of the course in artificial intelligence lies in the fact that it has the ability to create a never-ending thought process that could solve our problems. It enhances the skills to think in every possible manner. This course aims to develop the basic skills for problem solving, exploring the system of knowledge, representation and measuring the human intellect from a quantitative perspective.

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Why Student Should Opt For The Course?

The courses of Artificial Intelligence are usually selected by students because of various reasons. Basically the course covers an extensive range of skills, which can be applied to a very wide range of application areas. These skills may be applicable to Automated Reasoning, Case-Based Reasoning, Computer Vision, Data Mining, Intelligent Agents, Intelligent Planning and Scheduling, Intelligent Robotics, Knowledge Acquisition, Knowledge Engineering, KnowledgeManagement, Model-based Reasoning, Qualitative Reasoning, Search, Semantic Web and Natural Language Processing.

Some International Colleges/Universities Providing Quality Education

Georgia University

It offers Master of Science in artificial intelligence (M.S.A.I.). This course is conducted by an interdisciplinary institute for artificial intelligence. It includes specialization of certain areas which contain natural language processing, logic programming, knowledge representation, expert systems, generic algorithms, expert database, neutral networks, automated reasoning and cognitive modelling. Certain more subjects like microelectronics and robotics were added later.

University of Advancing Technology

It offers Bachelor of Science in artificial life programming. This course is based on the fact that any software specially designed to solve the problems of complex biological world will be great help to the mankind. Person learning this course will go through the study of applications which will involve evolutionary and genetic algorithm, agent based models, artificial neutral network, cellular automata and artificial life methodologies.

The University of Edinburgh

University of Edinburgh is the oldest and prime institution in the field of research. It offers Master’s course in the field of artificial intelligence (Artificial intelligence M.Sc). The course is inter-disciplinary by nature and covers psychology, statistics and mathematics, neuroscience, cognitive science, linguistics and computer science. Program is conducted at an artificial institute application institute. Course covers intelligent robotics, knowledge management, representation and reasoning, learning from data, natural language processing.

Imperial College of London

University offers M.Sc in computing (artificial intelligence).Course is only for those individuals who have studied computing earlier. Course focuses on the artificial engineering and knowledge engineering. The person undergoing course has to study extensively the concepts of cognitive robotics, complex system, complexities, computational finance, computer networks, and distributed systems.

University of South Hampton

University offers research based M.Sc degree in the field of artificial intelligence (M.Sc Artificial intelligence). A degree in this field also opens the gateways for research in the other fields. Such fields include intelligent agents, Complexity science, Robotics, Computer vision and Machine learning techniques.

Birmingham University

University offers B.Sc in Artificial intelligence and computer science. It is a three year course which focuses on role of computing in artificial intelligence. Whole curriculum of the course is duly divided into equal portions according to the respective year of the course. For example first year course has been reserved for theories of mind and techniques for generating intelligent behaviour. It includes expert systems for medical diagnosis, techniques for playing games and so on. Course tries to develop scientific skills in a person so that he can develop leading edge technologies.

University of Glasgow

University offers level 4 courses in the field of artificial intelligence. Course is offered by the department of computing. It is basically an introduction to artificial intelligence. Course is designed to give students an idea of intelligent agent design. Assessment is done on the basis of degree examination which comprises of 80% of total marks and 20% is comprised of practical exams.

Australian National University

Undergraduate course in artificial intelligence is offered by Australian National University. Course is offered by research school of computer science. Core areas of the course are knowledge representation, search, reasoning, and designing intelligent agents. Robotics, historical, philosophical and logical foundations are also covered in the course.

Stanford University
It offers courses in the artificial intelligence too. It provides the courses in the school of engineering. Courses provided in the school are-

-Introduction to the Robotics
It basically deals with modelling, design, planning and control of robot system

-Natural Language Processing
It gives the basic ideas of natural language processing

-Machine Learning  
It gives the brief ideas of statistical pattern understanding and machine learning

University of Hertfordshire

University offers computer science (Artificial intelligence) B.Sc (Hons). It offers bachelor’s degree in this field. This course is of three years duration. First year’s curriculum is reserved for foundations of the subjects. In second year advanced skills are taught. In the final year paid work placement is offered that can be opted or person can go abroad to study in one of the partner university.

Scholarships For The Course

Scholarships are offered for the course in artificial intelligence by some universities.

Informatics UK/EU Masters Scholarships

The school offers about 10 scholarship programs and each of them is of value £ 1,000. Each program is tenable for 1 year. Scholarship application is mainly accepted on the basis of academic merit. Person applying for the scholarship should be a full time student of postgraduate masters program. Eligible programs include-
-M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence
-M.Sc. in Cognitive Science
-M.Sc. in Computer Science
-M.Sc. in Informatics

Informatics International Masters Program

School offers about 10 scholarship programs and each program is of value of £ 2,000. This scholarship program is offered to the international students who are regular students of fulltime postgraduate masters program. It is provided on the basis of academic performance.

UK/EU Masters Scholarships

This scholarship is given to the students of UK and EU who have accepted a full time master’s degrees program from the university. The scholarship will be given for tuition fee which may be up to £ 7,800. Scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic performance.

Edinburgh Global Masters Scholarships

University offers 40 masters scholarship for the postgraduate course in any subject offered by the school. Fifteen scholarships have a value of £ 5000 each, while remaining twenty five will be of £ 3000 value each. This scholarship is offered to the international students who are from outside of EU. Scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic performance.

Scholarship for Specialist Degree

Scholarship is offered by the department of computing. Scholarship is given on all the M Sc programs. Scholarship is roughly given to 10 % of total student intake on the basis of academic merit. Value of each scholarship is about £5,000.