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Erasmus Mundus URBANO Scholarship

Masters funding for International Students in International Cooperation and Urban Development

Study Subject:International Cooperation and Urban Development
Employer: Erasmus Mundus
Level: Masters



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Description: The double degree master course MUNDUS URBANO contributes to capacity building in urban development planning especially in countries of the South and the East. It places a second focus on rules and practices of international cooperation projects, where the unsatisfied demand for qualified experts is evident and in which European culture, politics and professional knowledge remain a key element. Finally, the MUNDUS URBANO course chooses a highly interdisciplinary approach combining physical planning, economic and social development aspects, which all impact equally on the fate of cities. Especially professional staff in a leadership positions – like a director of a municipal planning office or a consultant working in a cooperation project (typical careers for graduates from this Master course) – need to develop the capacity to comprehensively understand urban development processes and to conceive possible strategies for intervention.

In the past Erasmus Mundus scholarships were only available for Non-EU citizens. This has been changed, and now Erasmus Mundus The studentships are also available for candidates from the EU! fully-funded programmes (2 years) are available for non-EU students, Western Balkan coutries and Turkey, to cover the tuition fee and all expenses of study (48 000€) Part scholarships (2 years) are available for EU students(20 000 € / year).All scholarship applicants (whether non-EU or other students): applications for the 2011-2013 cycle are now open.
Application Deadline: is January 4th 2011.
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  1. Owadara Felicia says:

    I am currently undergoing master degree programme in social work but i am keen on getting master degree award in either peace and conflict resolution or Human right activist programme. i will be very grateful if my dream could come true. Thanks for your concern

  2. zewdie Erjabo says:

    Dear all,i am zewdie from Ethiopia.I have BSc degree in urban planning from Ethiopian civil service college and advanced diploma in hydraulic engineering from Arbaminch university.In both institutions the media of instruction is english. So could i apply for erasmus scholarship with out having TOEFL test?

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