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Executive MBA From IIMs : Give Ace To Your Professional Career

MBA is a prestigious and well sought after degree at all levels. The executive MBA is a program for all the working professionals who have some amount of work experience in a professional capacity. The structure of Executive MBA From IIM differs in terms of the content, the style of teaching, variables covered, the length etc. It takes into account that the target audience has the work experiences and is looking at adding or expanding knowledge and skill-sets to help them perform better and add value to their job.

One of the most prestigious Indian networks of management education is the Indian Institute of Management or the IIMs.

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The IIM network has put India on the global map as the IIM-Ahmedabad is considered to be one of the top-notch manages schools across the globe and getting admission there is something that domestic Indian students aspire to.

One can consider them as the domestic equivalent of the Ivy League school of the USA. The network has gathered the interest of international students as well and each year lakhs of Indian students prepare in earnest for its entrance tests called the CAT-Common Admission Test.

Each IIM offers executive MBA with clear objectives and goals. The following are details of the programs offered by the IIMs in brief:

IIM Ahmedabad

Offering comprehensive programs, the institute has special leadership driven modules designed to accelerate the growth path of middle and senior management professionals across corporates. The concept is called the 3-Tier Programmes or 3TP. Under this category each year, new programmes and modifications are added to include the changes in the business environment and the needs of the corporate world. The broad categories include:

-3TP Emerging Leaders Programme
-3TP Senior Leaders Programme
-3TP for Top Management
-Transforming Small & Medium Enterprises

There are the General Management Programmes addressing broader insights and concepts to aid better strategy planning and improve decision-making capabilities. There are open enrolment programmes which focus on imparting skills and expertise in specialized areas like industrial relations, accounting, marketing, communication etc. Each session is a conducted, combining in classroom teaching, interactive exercises, computer-based simulation games, project work, and presentations. The course fees range from upwards of INR 90,000/- and the duration can be from 1 month to few sessions to a year of few sessions.

IIM Bangalore

The programmes offered for executives are focused on expanding the strengths of managers as well as broaden their scope and outlook towards business situations, deadlocks and manage changes better. Real time challenges and issues are factored in the course structure making it a dynamic learning experience for the participants. The programmes are divided across three key major categories, as follows:

-Open programmes-They are both short and long term programmes and the curriculum is created based on faculty research and management expertise across different organizations.
-Custom programmes- They are specialized courses designed to meet specific organizational needs or challenges.
-International Programmes-Cater to executives who are working in a global role and are conducted in collaboration with leading international B-schools and universities.

The length of the short duration programmes ranges from 3-5 days and the long duration ones is spread between 2-12 months. The short duration course fees are priced upwards of INR 50,000/- and the long duration ones start from upwards of INR 150,000/-

Topics include HR and leadership, marketing, business analytics, finance etc.

IIM Lucknow

The Noida based campus offers the Three year (part-time) post-graduate programme in Management for Working Executives also known as Working Manager’s Programme (WMP). This programme is designed for all the working professionals, entrepreneurs and executives. The course structure focuses on helping participants to enhance their learning and skills as well as help them manage the work and study balance. The duration is 27 months and helps develop leadership skills. This programme contains over thirty credits worth courses and needs to be completed in the duration. The fees are in the range of upwards of INR 8,10,000/-.

The International Programme in Management for Executives is focused helping participants expand their knowledge of international business and global business practices as well as practical skills development. Participants have access to international modules at partner institutes located in Europe and East Asia, providing them with global perspective and training. The fees are in the range of upwards of INR 190,000/-

IIM Indore

The institute offers a1year old residential programme for participants looking at enhancing leadership skills, knowledge and exposure. The course module has a combination of functional modules and elective courses like BFSI, e-commerce etc. The course is designed to factor in the experience and general management perspectives. The criterion involves having a valid GMAT or a CAT score. The fees amounts to INR 18, 00,000/- onwards.

IIM Calcutta

All the management programmes cater to the needs of corporate professionals to further their career prospects and imbibe skills for taking on additional responsibilities at work and pave the path to taking on leadership roles. The classes are held in the evenings or over the weekends and the duration of the programs range from six months to one year.

The above courses are offered in different variations across the other IIMs too and many professionals enroll to further their career prospects as well as enhance their overall abilities.