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Features of Higher Education in the UK that Cause the Most Difficulty for International Students

International students enjoy opportunities to meet people new people and study in a different environment far from home. The universities in Britain are ranked among the best globally in terms of reputation, research, and innovation.

However, life is not comfortable and easy because some limitations and obstacles characterize education in this region, making it difficult for international students to adapt. This article explores features of higher education in the UK that cause difficulty among international students.

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Reducing international reputation

Some various scenarios and facts have detrimental impacts on the standing of the UK within the higher education sector globally. People who are employed in UK universities may leave, taking their expertise and skills with them. The students who are already settled in these universities may suffer as a result of brain drain.

The research funding issues are also affecting academics and the institutions that may have collaborated to improve research. Some key universities and colleges in London have dropped in terms of rankings in the past few years.

Political influences

One of the key issues dominant in the UK is Brexit. The uncertainties surrounding the country’s exit from the European Union have caused a lot of disruptions in the education sector. The universities are concerned with the free movement principle and this has supported the participation in various exchange programs.

It is not clear whether the international students will be able to continue with the exchange programs. The academicians are worried about losing the scholastic and cultural benefits of the exchange programs. There is also the concern about the ability of European academics to continue living and working in the UK.

The uncertainties arising as a result of political influences may prevent international students from applying for higher education programs in the UK. This may reduce the richness of culture that the British universities have enjoyed for a long time.

Education costs

The cost of education in the UK can be high and this can lead to financial difficulties among international students. The change in the pricing structure of the courses in British universities that was imposed by the former prime minister Theresa May pushed the prices of courses upwards. International students can do part-time jobs in university shops, through social media platforms, or any other means.

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Research funding issues

Many academic institutions are concerned with research funding access after Brexit. Prior to 2013, UK secured a lot of research funding from the European Union, with a portion of the proceeds going to universities.

The departure of the UK from the European Union caused institutions of higher learning to panic because of uncertainty surrounding research funding. The research projects that were initially being funded by the EU continued being funded until 2020.

This poses some challenges among the continuing international students, especially after the expiry of the grace period. Funding restriction may have a significant impact on the reputation of the UK as an academic research hub.

Increased competition

The universities in other countries like China are improving in terms of global reputation. Australia, New Zealand and Canada are attracting students who are put off by existing political uncertainties in the UK.

Some factors such as Brexit are contributing to the loss of students in other countries. It is estimated that UK universities may lose about £62.5 million in tuition fees every year due to Brexit. The EU students’ numbers may also decline by more than 50%.

Meanwhile, the international students who had already enrolled for courses before Brexit have to cope with the situation. The visa policies and laws are dealt with by the state that is currently planning to limit student immigration. Thus, in the future, it may be difficult for students to study in the UK.


The structure of higher education in the UK creates a lot of difficulties for international students. The country’s reputation has reduced and the politics have caused dramatic changes in the education sector. Other countries have improved their education systems, reducing the UK universities’ global rankings. The future students’ and staff plans in the learning institutions in the UP are left hanging, a situation that has undermined the approach of building the institutions’ success.

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