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Forensic Science Career is Gradually Gaining Popularity

Forensic Science is a scientific method of gathering and examining evidences for the investigation of a criminal and civil dispute in areas like product liability, questioned paternity, medical negligence and insurance claims. It is a very fascinating subject and helps in finding the reason and solution of the problem.

Forensic Science personnel are called crime scene investigators or forensic science technicians. They use different scientific methods and principles in the investigation by the keen analysis of the clues. Forensic scientist gathers physical evidences like blood, saliva, hair, impressions of tyres or shoes, fingerprints, footprints etc. Information gathered from these evidences will be useful in reaching some decision on the crime site.



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Education Requirement

Medical science students have bright chances of becoming forensic scientists. Bachelor’s degree in natural science or forensic science is the minimum requirement for this field. Undergraduate programs include biochemistry, toxicology and criminal justice courses. Students can opt for a master’s degree in forensic science for more advanced positions. A master’s degree will be useful for specialized areas such as DNA analysis or ballistics. Doctoral degree and research positions are also available in this field.

Scope in Forensic Science

The field of Forensic science provides bright career opportunities. With the increase in the crime and scientific technologies there is an increase in the numbers of Forensic Science professionals.

There is wide scope for forensic scientists in the field of forensic archaeology, forensic multimedia, criminal justice, civil service, public health laboratories, analytical consulting services, crime reporting, trading standards laboratories, analytical quality control in the chemical, pharmaceutical and other manufacturing industries.

MBBS degree holders can specialize in forensic science and can also become eligible for post mortem types activities. Law students can pursue various diploma or certificate courses offered in forensic science. A PhD degree holder can choose a career in academic field also.

Job Designations

-Forensic Pathologists: They determine the death’s time and cause in case of suspected murder or suicide.

-Forensic Odontologist: They are dentists who practice as consultants rather than as full-time forensic scientists.

-Forensic Anthropologists: They help in identification of individuals murdered or killed in disasters i.e. plane crashes, explosions, fires, etc.

-Forensic Psychologists: Professionals with a degree in psychology can work as forensic psychologists. They assist a court or other fact finders in correct decision making.

-Clinical Forensic Medicine Experts: They possess a medical degree and postgraduate degree or diploma. They examine the victims of crime and suspects who may have sustained injuries while allegedly committing a crime. They help to reach the specific conclusions to the crime and timing.

-Forensic Serology Experts: They work as an analyst and analyse blood groups, blood, other bodily fluids and DNA fingerprinting.

-Forensic Chemists: They help in detecting and identifying illicit drugs, accelerants used in arson cases, explosive, gunshot residues, trace evidence, including paint, glass, polymers and fibres, etc.

-Forensic linguists: They analyse the written or oral communication and identify criminals particularly in cases of kidnapping.

-Forensic Engineer: Helps to find out the reasons behind traffic accidents, fire investigations, wrongful injury cases.

Colleges and Universities offering Courses in Forensic Science

The Colleges and Universities offering forensic science degrees are listed below:
-Kaplan University in US offers a BS in Forensic Psychology degree program.
-Everest University in USA offers a Criminal Investigations degree program which focuses on the science and theory of crime scene investigation. It also provides courses in criminalities, fingerprints, crime scene photography, technology crimes and evidence.
-Towson University in United States offers an M.S. in Forensic Science.
-Amity University in India offers M.Sc. Forensic Sciences, PhD in Forensic Sciences Full-Time and Part-Time.
-Northumbria University in UK offers B.Sc. Honours in Criminology and Forensic Science.
-University of Kent in UK offers Forensic Science degree courses, Forensic Science BSc (Hons).
-Griffith University in Australia offers a Bachelor of Forensic Science degree.
-Deakin University in Australia offers Bachelor of Forensic Science/ Bachelor of Criminology which provides the opportunity to study forensic science and criminology as a combined course.


Forensic science opens different careers options and areas of working. This field will not be boring with same daily tasks,it includes different tasks every day. But it will require a lot of hard work and the professional of this field should have accuracy in their work. The article will provide academic and professional outlook to the Forensic Science learners.

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