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Free Online Course on Innovation Strategy

The Université Libre de Bruxelles is offering a free online course on Innovation Strategy. This course has been created for graduates or professionals looking to improve practice in their current or future organization; as well as for any student of innovation strategy.

In this course, applicants will gain innovation strategy insights and learn to apply them to advanced and emerging contexts in business. The course will start on 

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Course At Glance

Length:  4 weeks
Effort: 3 hours/week
Subject: Innovation Strategy
Institution: Université Libre de Bruxelles and Future learn
Languages: English
Price: Free
Certificate Available: Yes
Session: Course will Start on 

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The Université Libre de Bruxelles, founded in 1834, has 13 faculties, schools and specialized institutes that cover all disciplines, closely combining academic input and research. It offers almost 40 undergraduate programmes and 235 graduate programmes.

About This Course

Meeting today’s business and world challenges require going beyond the thinking that created the challenges in the first place. This is where a good innovation strategy helps. On this course, you will develop your knowledge of the challenges of open innovation, management innovation, platform innovation, and emerging market innovation and learn how to meet them with a long-term approach. Using quizzes, the newest theoretical insights, cases on pioneering businesses, and thought-provoking debates with leading experts, you will solidify your knowledge of innovation.

Why Take This Course?

This is a free online course. This MOOC will be offered with Video Transcripts in English.  Applicants can get a verified certificate.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to…

  • Summarise what innovation strategy is and is not.
  • Debate the widespread but increasingly out-of-date assumption that internal R&D is a sustainable long-term proposition.
  • Describe key mechanisms of open innovation.
  • Apply key mechanisms of open innovation to organizations in your own local context.
  • Compare different types of innovation in a strategic framework.
  • Debate the assumption that technological/radical innovation is the apex of innovation strategy.
  • Explain that the leading companies in the world are adopting a platform strategy and not the commonly assumed product strategy taught in traditional management courses.
  • Describe the building blocks of a platform strategy.
  • Apply the three strategic moves that allow a platform organization to “win”.
  • Describe the importance of emerging economies in terms of their innovation capacity rather than their widely-assumed market potential only
  • Describe the comparative advantages and disadvantages of emerging and advanced market firms in the global innovation market place.


This course has been created for graduates or professionals looking to improve practice in their current or future organization; as well as for any student of innovation strategy.


Manuel Hensmans: Professor of Strategy & Innovation at Solvay Brussels School (ULB). Previously worked at Rotterdam School of Management, Strathclyde Business School, London Business School & Toulouse Business School.

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