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A Look Into Universities That Offer Full Ride Scholarships For Academics, 2018

To start with, full ride scholarships for academics nowadays have become a viable option. You can earn a full ride scholarship to pay for your academics without having to pay a dime. Surprised? Well, don‡t be!A year back, a teen from California, aged 17, had also hit the news for being one lucky recipient of full ride scholarships from 9 most elite universities across the world like Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Princeton, Yale and some other notable names.

High Competition

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Coming to the main discussion, competition for full ride scholarships for academics has become all the more fierce as almost all applications are meritorious with high test scores and GPAs. Hence, standing out from the crowd indeed takes a lot of effort. Usually, among millions of students enrolled in colleges, only a few thousand stand fortunate to receive this golden opportunity.

No matter what, most of the students would agree that finding and finally bagging a scholarship covering all of their college expenses is definitely a blessing. However, one important point to note here is that there are subtle differences between full ride scholarships and full tuition grants, even though many a times, these two terms are being used interchangeably.

Full Ride Scholarships

Full Ride Scholarships For Abroad Study

Of course, full ride opportunities are what most students dream for. This is one of the most desired and longed-for awards. This kind of honor not only encompasses your fees and tuitions, but also covers the board and room, books and other stationary supplies.

Also, at times, this all-inclusive type scholarship pays for your living expenses. Fortunately, some of the full ride scholarships for academics also benefit you by covering the study programs abroad. So if you are planning to chase your academic goals beyond the boundary of your motherland then, you can be fortunate enough to receive one such immensely beneficial and recognizing scholarship.

However, you have to prove yourself to be a recipient of this application as these awards are highly competitive and are limited in number.

Have a look at some of the full ride scholarships that you may win in various colleges:

University Of Kentucky

One of the highly acclaimed universities across the world, the University of Kentucky offers a 4-year award that would meet your room, board and tuition costs. Through its Otis A. Singletary Scholarship Program, this university provides a student a yearly stipend of whopping $1,500 and a stipend of summer abroad program of $2,000 stipend. What‡s more, students receive an iPad with this full ride scholarship.

North Carolina State University

Almost 40 high school senior receive the Park Scholarship per year. This 4-year award includes your room, tuition, fees, board, supplies, travel, books and even the personal expenses. On top of these, the students also receive computer stipends. In addition, they get access to grants for research projects, conferences and service activities.

Davidson College

The students selected for the John Montgomery Belk Scholarship receive support for board, room, fees and tuition.

Other Full Ride Scholarships

Important to mention, the Gates Millennium Scholars Program is another scholarship that is beneficial to minority students. Brilliant students in Colorado can also receive the Boettcher Scholarship that pays for four years of fees, books, and tuition. It also includes an annual living stipend of $2,800. Students selected for this full ride scholarship can also have access to educational grants and enrichment programs. The Tom Joyner Foundation provides full ride scholarships to underrepresented and under-reserved populations. Any student who wished to attend historically black college or university can try for this award, which covers fees, tuition, books,board, and room for up to 10 semesters. In order to receive these awards, a student must meet certain academic standards and demonstrate financial need.

other programmes

Apart from full ride scholarships for academics, a student may also apply for crowd-funding campaigns, private scholarships, need-based grants and part-time work.