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Fully Funded PhD Scholarships in Germany:Technical University Darmstadt

Graduate School of Urban Studies
Technical University Darmstadt

The Graduate school, URBAN-Grad, at the Technical University Darmstadt offers ten fully funded PhD-scholarships on ?International and Comparative Urban Research?. The successful applicants should hold a diploma or master degree in the fields of social sciences, economics, or humanities, science, or applied sciences, architecture or urban planning. It is sought after Phd projects related to the following topics.
– Theories and Methods of comparative urban research
– The Intrinsic Logic of Cities
– Urban Environments and Sustainability
– Local Knowledge and Urban Planning

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The Graduate School of Urban Studies is part of the Darmstadt research unit ?Urban Research?, aiming at investigating the intrinsic logic of cities and focussing on comparative research designs ( for detailed information see: www.raumsoziologie.de). Disserations can be in English or German; working language will be German.
Please send applications (CV, degrees received, outline of Phd-project) to:
Graduate School of Urban Studies
Technische Universit?t Darmstadt
Prof. Dr. H. Berking
Institut f?r Soziologie
D-64283 Darmstadt

Deadline: September 1st, 2008


  1. Atif says:

    Mr. Aishatu O. AbuBakar

    Would you like to do Masters (by research) from either Malaysia or Singapore. There are such scholarships for Masters (by research) and PhD.
    If you are interested do contact me
    [email protected]


    Iam aholder of bachelor of medical laboratory sciences with specialty in heamatologyand blood transfusion serology from Nigeria,i am very interesting to do my masters in thesame area or in immunoheamatology.thanks hope to here from you soon.

  3. Peter Keliona Wani Likun says:

    Iam sudanese by birth with master of science in energy engineering, working as a lecturer for Juba university in the college of engineering , mechanical department. I am interested to pursue my Phd in oil and gas. More precisely: FLOW ASSURANCE …..we have alot of oil in our country but no experts. I am going to be a leader in this field if happen to get chance. I am 30 years old. contact: 00249 918095881 mailing address: P.o.box 321/1 juba university (Kharoum sudan)

  4. MALIK ASLAM says:


  5. Hari says:

    Dear sir/mam

    Hi I have complted my Master in computer science .If any institution offers 100% scholarship for Ph.D programme. please let me know .


  6. Syed Chan says:

    I am interested to do Ph.D in Computational Neuroscience. I have done my M.Phil in Neural networks in bio-medical engineering. I am basically from Computer Science Disciplined background. If any institution offers 100% scholarship for Ph.D programme. Please,Let me know the details.

    Thanx & Regards,
    Syed Chan
    [email protected]

  7. Sami Agabna says:

    Sami Agabna on april 19th, 2009, 11:57pm My name is Sami Agabna, Iam Sudanese by nationality. I graduated from Sudan University with an MSc in environmental forestry 2006. I am looking for a PhD full scholarship in environmental science or forestry. Please find me in one of these fields.
    Mobile: 0917027219

  8. sukhjit singh says:

    Dear sir or mam,
    i am student of botany (PANJAB UNIV CHANDIGARH INDIA) and my aim or mission is only to study from ur univ,,,, and i am not exilent in study but very much intrested in study and always give my 100%,,,,,

  9. christie says:

    can somebody give me a need scholarship to germany, i just graduate from my high school at 2007 juny and have not found my university yet…. help me!! i really need a full free scholarship, free from education cost and free from living cost…!!

  10. TARUS BENJAMIN K says:

    Iam a kenyan citizen with MBA and wish to enrol for a phd in strategic mgt in germany.Kindly facilitate for a scholarship. Thanks alot

  11. zahid safdar says:

    i have done master degree in geology.now i want to get my scholorship in germany,i am now working as a MUDLOOGER in BHI.please inform me about scholorship in environmental geology

  12. mehdi says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am Mehdi zakizadeh from Iran. I was graduated from The Azad Unversity in Plant Sciences. To contribute some thing to my country I am looking for Scholarship. Please inform me the criteria for admmission.

    Hopping to hear the best from you.

  13. hashi mohamed says:

    I am from Ethiopia i have MA degree in urban management and i want pursue my phD so please help me in finding fully funded scholarship

  14. Hisham Ahmed says:

    iam studying engineering.preparatory year..in Helwan uni (matarya engineering)..i want to know if its possible that i find an undergraduate scholarship in germany..i’ll study civil engineering.so,i hope to find one

  15. Ghassan Serhan says:

    I am a civil engineer looking for master degree or phd if possible in structural engineering in Germany.
    I hope you find me a good scholarship.

  16. Birhanu says:

    Dear: Sir/madam
    First of all i would like to intreoduce my self, my name is Birhanu Messele cizenship of ethiopia. I have M.sc degree in agronomy and i have a strong desire to pursue my Ph.d study in the field of agricultue . Can you give me information how to get a scholarship ?
    Yours sincerly

  17. Dereje W says:

    Hello! I studied my Msc in applied statistics. I have a high potential and interest to study my phd in Biostatistics. I need your help on how to get scholarship? Thank you?

  18. M. A. Rahim says:

    I have comleted my MS in Genetics and Plant Breeding. I am very much interested to complete my PhD on Molecular Breeeding in Rice, Wide hybridization in Rice. I have six Published Scientific Papers and tree in Press. My MS thesis was Characterization and Genetic Diversity analysis in Rice.

  19. Aransiola Solomon says:

    I have a BSc degree in Accounting and a master degree in Business Administration.I need a phd degree in Accounting.I am presently an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Accounting Crawford University in Ogun state Nigeria.I am in Need of scholarship in anypart of the world.

  20. F. Terefe says:

    Dear Sir/Madame,
    I am looking for fund to pursue further Academic career and my past qualifications are briefly presented as follows.

    I was qualified with Diploma in Plant Science in 1985 from Alemaya College (the then Haromaya University), and latter I joined Addis Ababa University after working for more than 14 years and qualified with BA degree in Economics in July 2003 and after working for more than four years I rejoined this same University and qualified with MA in August 2008. I have a diversified experience and the ability to communicate with different level of people and work in any environment.
    Therefore, with such qualifications and experiences and to gain more knowledge I strongly need fully funded scholarships from any pledging party to pursue for PhD study in the year 2009.

    T. Fitta

  21. Santosh Marahatta says:

    Dear Sir,

    With best respect, I graduated from Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science, Trivuwan University of Nepal M.Sc. Ag in plant science (Agronomy). The title of my research work was ‘RESPOSE OF CLIENT ORIENTED AND FORMAL BRED RICE VARIETIES TO DIFFERENT FERTILITY MANAGEMENT AND ADOPTION PATTERN OF THESE VARIETIES IN SOUTHERN CHITWAN.’ The research work was conducted under the direct supervision of Dr. SHRWAN KUMAR SAH, associate professor professor in the Department of agronoy atInstitute of Agriculture and Animal Science.

    I have been teaching the students of the same instutute and also agriculture diploma students.

    I am very interested in continuing my research and studying Ph.D. on crop protection or any biological sciences in your University. In order to do so, however, I would need a scholarship as I have strong desire to study Ph.D? if you require further more information of mine, please contact the insitute. I would greatly appreciate it if you would kindly make information.

    Yours Sincerely

    Santosh marahatta
    Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science

  22. Felix Mwiathi says:

    Dear sir,
    I possess a master of philosophy degree in environmental planning and i would like to study a PHD in environmental management in Germany (instructed in English). Please provide me with the necessary information.

    Thank you.


  23. premnath Dhanaraj says:

    Dear sir,
    I am looking for study PhD bioinformatics in your university is any possible to joine thare

  24. Mohammed Yimer Endris says:

    My name is Mohammed Yimer. I graduated from Addis Ababa University with an MSc in Medical Biochemistry. I am looking for a PhD scholarship in Nutrition or Biomedicine. Please find me in one of these fields

  25. Dao Thanh Duong says:

    Dear Sir?Madam,

    My name is Dao Thanh Duong, working for Center for Environmental Technology and Management (VanLang University) in HoChiMinh City, VietNam. I have finished Master Degree in Sub-Department of Environmental Technology and Management – Wageningen University – The Neitherlands from 2003 – 2005 with the topic:’ Applying of Advanced Oxidation Processes in treating leachate from the landfills in HCM City, Vietnam”. And now I am looking for a PhD scholarship in the environmental field. That is the reason why I would like try to contact you to see if any scholarships are still available. And if not, I hope you will be pleased to take your time to introduce me another program.

    After all, thank you very much for your concern and I hope to hearing from you soon.

    Best regards,

    Dao Thanh Duong
    Center for Environmental Technology and Management – CENTEMA
    Room 305B, 45 Nguyen Khac Nhu, District No.1, HoChiMinh City, VietNam
    Tel: 084 08 2 912 930
    Fax: 084 08 2 912 928
    Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

  26. Hyat Mahmud says:

    From Aug. 27, 2008
    Hyat Mahmud
    Agricultural Training Institute
    Email: [email protected].


    Dear Sir,
    With best respect, I graduated from Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh with a degree in Agriculture, 1983-84 to 1986-87 sessions. I obtained my M.Sc. Ag in plant pathology during the 1989-90 sessions. The title of my research work was ‘CONTROL OF YELLOW VEIN MOSAIC IN OKRA.’ The research work was conducted under the direct supervision of Dr. Ismail Hossain, professor in the Department of plant pathology at Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh. I have been serving in the Department of Agricultural Extension (Bangladesh Civil Service: Agriculture cadre), of the people’s Republic of Bangladesh since April 25,1994.

    I have been discharging my responsibility with a good reputation for the satisfaction of the superior authority and for the organization. I have been teaching the students of Bangladesh Open University and also for the agriculture diploma students since 2000. I am conducting training programme for Sub Assistant Agriculture Officer’s to improve their training and communication for implementing new technologies among the farmers as well as development of skills & knowledge at the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) and other organization.

    DAE has a strong mission statement with the improvement of Human Resource Development in the field of Biological, Environment and Ecological Research. Our Department is to develop strategic plan and to improve the quality food production every five-year with the increasing over population. Our Government is also serious concern for poverty alleviation. The higher education of my career will be comprehensive addition to DAE’S goal as well as our government’s success.

    I am very interested in continuing my research and studying Ph.D. on crop protection or any biological sciences in your University. In order to do so, however, I would need a scholarship as I have strong desire to study Ph.D? I would greatly appreciate it if you would kindly make information.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.
    Yours Sincerely

    (Hyat Mahmud)
    Agricultural Training Institute

  27. SAW says:

    I am looking forward to find a suitable university and scholarship in Germany, UK or USA to persuade my Phd degree in environmental engineering or chemical engineering.
    I have completed my master degree in environmental engineering. My background in bachelor degree is chemical engineering.

    Hopefully i need someone help me on this matter.

    Best Regards,

  28. I am looking for PhD program study. my intrest is Environmeental Studies . The topic is : Geotechnological Approach to assess the Impact of Anthropogenic Activity on Green Cover in Upper Nile State- sudan. Acase Study of Renk Area.

    I am looking for scholarship from one of your unversities where I can find the facilities for RS/GIS which are considered a vital part of my study.

    Would you please help me in this regards

    AbuBaker H
    [email protected]
    249+(0) 12892429

  29. Assad Ullah says:

    Sir i am Dr.Assad Ullah, a fresh graduate of DVM from University of Agriculture Faisalabad Pakistan.i am in search of scholarship in the field of Microbiolgy(Epidemiology).
    hoping for some help

  30. Md.Shajadur Rahman says:

    Dear Sir,

    With due respect I would like to introduce myself first. I am Md. Shajadur Rahman, Bangadeshi, a Civil Engineer having 10 years working excperioence in different field of Civil Engineering. Last 5 years I have been working as an Engineer with BANGLADESH INLAND WATER TRANSPORT AUTHORITY (BIWTA). Recently I have completted M.Sc in Civil Engineering from Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET), Bangladesh, which is my home University. In M.Sc programme major was Environmental Engineering. My project/Thesis was Study on Bin Composting Process: Application of Forced and Passive Aeration.
    Now I am looking for Ph.D study in your university in related field. My special interest in Environmental Engineering.
    In view of the above, could you please give me some sort of guideline/sugessation in connection with admission and financial support so that I can apply to your University for Ph.D study .

    Md. Shajadur Rahman

    C/o. Maksuda Khaman
    Dr. Kamal Hossain and Associates Ltd.
    122-124 Motijheel C/A

  31. Chernet Hailu says:

    I am a holder of Masters degree in Public Health. I want to get an online or distance learning scholarship opportunity to study for Phd in the field of nutrition, health care administration, health informatics or health care research.

  32. eshetu says:

    M y first degree is Lnow hold Masters degree in business law. I want to work for my Phd in Law related to Maritime Law.Please assist me to obtain a fully funded scholarship in Germany.

    Thank You in advance;


  33. DONALD .D. AKPENNA says:

    I am a 30 years old Nurse working on HIV/AIDS and related matters in the rural setting of Nigeria for over 5 years with intrest to study Public Health. can you plese help me to get scholarship opportunity in Germany? Anticipating your reply.

  34. i hold Masters degree in education management and administration. my first degree was also in the same department in Asmara University, Eritrea. I now want to pursue my doctoral studies in the department of Human Resource Management (HRM) or Organizational Architecture. please assisst me to make it possible. Thank you!

  35. noma says:

    Thank you for this site.
    I need to study biostatistics or epidemiology,or infectious diseases,mph,medical statistics for Masters taught Degree or if it is possible phd programme I have BSC hnrs Applied Mathematics Degree preferably 2008/9 and am looking for a scholarship anywhere in the world

  36. Yonas Kassa says:

    I need to study a PhD in Bioinformatics or Biostatistics or Econometrics. I have MSc in Statistics. Please find me at least in one of the above fields.


  37. Azza H Mohammeid says:

    Ineed to stuyd master degree on Haematology and Blood Transfusion.
    Ihave advanced diploma in Haematology and Blood Transfusion and now iam working in Blood Banking so i need scholarship and sponser on that field if possible.
    Another thing if their any short course on Blood Banking i want to know it please.

  38. Dawit Alemu says:

    Thank you for having this chance to express my feeling.
    I need to study Accounting for Masters Degree or if it is possible phd programme I have BA Degree in accounting .



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