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Plan Your Gap Year Smartly & Enrich the Quality of Your Life Forever!

Are you in a need of a much awaited break from your regular routine of school, college, higher education or workplace and wish to dedicate the time in order to pursue interests which were kept aside or couldn’t be done earlier?

Take a Year Gap and fulfill your dreams of doing all those things which are not related to your regular course of work. If calculated properly, a well managed year gap can provide few challenging, exciting and valuable options which may be remembered forever throughout your life.

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How to plan the Year Gap?

Depending whether you are a student or a professional, you can plan and design the activities of a gap year in such a way so that the quality of life may be enriched and enhanced along with broadening the point of view as a human being.

If you are a student taking a year-long break in between high school and college, several options are available like learning a new subject which was not a part of the school curriculum but can be helpful for the college degree, enrolling into an advanced academic as well as an extra academic course, learning a new language or a skill that you had always earned for but could not pursue due to school pressure and so on.

If you are a young adult, you may also indulge yourself in small businesses run by family or others only to gain hands on experience on how stuff works. This full time year-long involvement can act as a valuable experience when you resume your studies and apply for a job later in life. Internships may be done in few organizations where you as an individual can improve your knowledge as well as skills on the subject which can provide a competitive edge over the others. For students or professionals who need a much awaited break from studies or work, can plan the Gap year to be spent amidst fun and frolic so that it can rejuvenate and refresh their souls to the fullest.

If you are either of them, participate in an excursion or expedition and experience a different way to live life segregated from the rest of the world. If travelling is something that excites you above everything else, plan to travel in few of the places all across the globe which was always in dreams but could be possible in reality due to the pressure of studies or job. Today there are several organizations spread across the world that can plan out the travelling activities for an individual during a Gap year so that you can intelligently come across most of the part of planet paying reasonable price.

Rising Trend of Taking Year Gap in Other Countries

You will notice that opting for a Gap year is a popular concept all over the world and it is considered to be a healthy practice to ease out mental as well as physical pressure.  If you look at countries like UK and USA, taking a Gap Year is encouraged for the young students because that is considered to be a valuable time for future development of career. They are encouraged to travel abroad, get involved in volunteer works and allowed to work abroad as well.

In places like Israel and Yemen, it is mandatory for the military students to travel across for a year before joining the jobs.

Trends in India Regarding Year Gap

In India, you as a student can take a year gap after 12th standard only to get adequate coaching for clearing entrance exams for engineering and medical streams. You will also find the upcoming trend among the professionals who, after few years of work experience, leave their permanent jobs to pursue the course of an executive MBA for a year and then rejoin the same company with a hike or try for better opportunities. Some invest the Gap Year to prepare for government jobs which needs dedicated time and devotion.

Disadvantages of Year Gap

However there are few disadvantages following this concept where many of the students/professionals fail to plan the activities during the period and end up messing up with their regular studies or jobs. Sometimes you will find it difficult to explain to the employer the exact reason of the gap if it fails to enrich the skills and knowledge of the individual.

However, in most of the cases, since it is usually well planned, a gap Year adds much positive aspects in one’s life and shows you a better way to live and enjoy it!