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Germany Postdoctoral Position Proteomics Mass Spectrometry

The Institute of Pathology at the University Hospital of the RWTH Aachen is looking for a talented postdoctoral scientist with profound knowledge in traditional protein analysis, SELDI and MALDI (including imaging). The focus of the work is oncological and translational research in a clinical setting.

The applicant should be interested in an academic career and should be willing to supervise the proteomic core facility together with a physician. The position is integrated into a strong and motivated interdisciplinary team of physicians, molecular biologists and biotechnologists.

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You should have knowledge in protein chemistry extending from a profound knowledge of 2D gel electrophoresis to MALDI. Knowledge on tissue culture and on types of tissue in pathology is useful but not mandatory. You should not apply if you have not been significantly exposed to proteomic methodology.

How to Apply

If you are interested in this challenging position, please send your completed application to: Universitätsklinikum der RWTH Aachen Institut für Pathologie Prof. Dr Ruth Knüchel-Clarke Pauwelsstraße 30 52074 Aachen Germany

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  1. Xiao Chunhua says:

    I am qualified in the research of metastatic relative gene of breast cancer. I want to search a postdoctoral position in the research of breast cancer metastasis.

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