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Green Technology Subject Areas and Prospects

Green Technology is considered as the next big thing in technological aspects and Tech world. This field promises a better future. It is expected that it will bring innovative changes in daily life. Green Technology is in its early stage. Researchers, engineers, scientists and those who are working in this field believe that the magnitude of this field will bring transformation as Information and technology had brought before two decades. The field of green technology encompasses many pioneering fields within. It has its focus on evolving set of methods and materials, commencing techniques for generating energy and de-toxin the environment with environmental friendly technology.

Subject Areas And Prospects

Subject areas and prospects related to green technology may not be vast, though they provide lots of scope in studies and research to aspiring students. The most vital concern for green technology is producing energy. This includes development of alternate options of fuel and new means of generating energy with efficiency. Green technology also includes building Green cities which are built by eco-savvy methods. Green Chemistry, a subject area of Green Technology focuses on invention, design and application of chemical products and processes that reduces the use of hazardous substances. Generating renewable energy, energy efficiency, pollution reduction, reusing and recycling, natural resource conservation methods, Green house gas emission reduction etc. are examples of where Green technology is in demand and needs further development.

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Scholarship Programs And Awards

There are many scholarship programs for students pursuing environmental technology. Schools and NGO’s are coming together to assist eco-scholars. These scholarship programs are run by colleges and universities with the help of NGO’s and government bodies. Applied Green Technology, Inc.is one such example that provides scholarship for college or technical students and those needing retraining. Apart from scholarships there are many prestigious awards for Green technology students. Award like Brower Youth Awards by Earth Island Institute is one of them. This award is granted annually to six young environmentalists and activists. Students can have successful career in this field and feel good that they are securing our planet’s future.

Here is the list of Colleges and Universities offering study programs in Green technology.

International Green Technology Institute is a nonprofit public benefit organization based in California U.S. It aims at educating today’s generation and preparing them for the next generation green collar working force.

Central Carolina Community College is the leader in Green technologies. It has many educational opportunities in this field. This college is also called as green central, it is located in state of Carolina U.S.

Camosun College offers various programs in Environmental technology also called as green technology. It offers you diploma and degree courses as well. This college is situated in environment friendly location of Victoria BC, Canada.

Georgian College of Environmental Technology aims at attaining there students advance skills in the field of green technology. It is located in Canada.

Environmental studies and technology programs at Seneca College Canada  contribute to the future in innovative ways. It helps you build a career where urban and human needs intersect with respect for the Earth’s resources.

City College of Chicago offers Environmental Tech programs with a mission to provide quality education and training to prepare their students for technical and managerial positions in Green Technology fields.

Durham College offers dynamic programs that focus on the environmental issues and eco friendly methods of energy production. They emphasizes in first hand field experiences.

Keyano College’s Environmental Technology program focuses on the environmental issues, problems and solutions that are associated with natural resources. They offer a two year diploma program which aims at developing the skills required for environmental positions.

Imperial College London offers post graduate programs in Environmental technology. M.Sc in Environmental Technology is internationally renowned for its rigorous and interdisciplinary approach to the environment problems.

Nunavut Arctic College has two year diploma program in environmental technology that incorporates students with necessary skills to meet the demand of environmental practitioners in the world.

Opportunities in green technology are innumerable. Industries and techies are now more concerned about earth environment. The demand for environmentally less damaging methods has been raised rapidly. Advancement in green technology is an answer for such industries and companies. Students with degree in field of green technology gets high paid positions at such companies. Courses designed for environment protection will give you knowledge and understanding of the technical aspects involved in it. Innovative ideas of young generation are all required for saving our earth future.