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Study At Harvard Extension School

Are you among those aspiring students who wish to continue education at the Harvard University and its different wings all across the world? Why don’t you consider Harvard University Extension School, which is in Cambridge, Massachusetts and is considered to be one of the best in the world related to Harvard?

Why Study At Harvard Extension School?

-The school provides offer professional certificates as well as undergraduate/postgraduate degree programs for interested candidates all over the globe.

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-There are provisions for open enrollment for around 60 courses for you as an admission seeker. Overseen by the Arts and Science faculty of Harvard, the courses are quite similar to the main college including writing, foreign language, quantitative reasoning, moral reasoning, and almost 600 on campus as well as online courses.

-If you are interested in earning degree from this prestigious school, you should take the formal admitted to it, where you will be taught by experienced faculties from the well known Greater Boston Community.

-There are more than 200 online courses that are taught in the Harvard Extension School and you can choose the one that matches with your interest and budget.

-You can choose between the asynchronous video courses where the lectures are uploaded within 24 hours of the class on campus as well as courses through live web conference where the lectures are streamed live that allows the students to take active participation through an online platform.

-You can get enrollment on a full time basis as well as a part time basis, and internet may be used as a means of communication. Even if you are not seeking for a degree you can access several resources like manual Grossman library of Harvard, as well as its portal, and also ask for computer facilities.

-If you are a full time admitted student of the Harvard Extension school, then you have a complete access on the libraries, online portal, electronic resources, apart from Harvard’s museum, academic workshops, and others.

Options That Are Exclusive In Harvard Extension School

If you have chosen to study at the Harvard Extension Week you are getting few options that are exclusive for the place:
-Professional graduate certificate
-Research assistantships
-Special Student status ( You can enroll in two Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) courses)
-Graduate School tuition voucher
-Teaching assistantships
-Study abroad

Scholarships And Grants At Harvard Extension School

Summer Scholarships at Harvard Extension School: These scholarships cover up the tuition fees, for the undergraduate and graduate candidates, with a great academic record.

Faculty of Arts and Sciences Special Student Scholarship:  This scholarship is applicable for the students of faculty of arts and science and they cover up the tuition fees for a single undergraduate course per term.

Kwan Fong Scholarship: These scholarships are designed for management programs and valid for one course only for each student.

Federal Pell Grant:  These grants are sanctioned for undergraduate candidates looking for a degree in the Harvard Extension School and are exclusively designed for those, who have a low family income. The amount ranges from $659 to $5,550 per year which totally depends on the calculations of the family income.

Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant: These scholarships are exclusively meant for the full time teachers in Mathematics in a primary or a secondary school with a low income.

Other than this, there are few funds like the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and from other states which are also beneficial for the students willing to obtain education from the Harvard Extension School.

For further information, you may log on to the official website.