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HEC & French Embassy Joint Split PhD.Fellowship Program for Pakistani students

Application form:

Please fill the form completely and pay special attention to the following points:


Golden opportunity for students

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  • Please do not forget to state your current position on page 5 of the form (“employment record” or “university education”)!
  • Please specify the possibility of bilateral collaboration
  • State the names and addresses of your expert referees on page 8.


Research plan:

  • Should include the following information: subject, keywords, methods, aims, bibliography and time schedule for the planned research project.
  • Should be drawn-up independently by the applicant and agreed upon with the proposed host prior to submission.
  • Approx. 5 – 10 pages

List of publications:

  • Complete, chronological list of your academic publications, stating all the authors, titles, publishers/journals, edition, first and last page number.
  • On your list of publications, please mark the works which you are enclosing as copies or summaries.
  • Please enclose copies of publishers’ declarations of acceptance referring to manuscripts “being printed” or “accepted for print”.
  • If the publications are not available in English or French please cite the title in the original language and translate it into either English or French.


  • Copies of 1-2 of your most important and revealing publications.
  • Some of the documents you submit will be archived, others destroyed. Thus, please do not submit any originals but only copies.
  • If these publications are not available in English or French please enclose detailed summaries or translations.

Academic host in France:

  • You are both free and obliged to choose your own academic host. French Embassy does not provide any support for finding the host.
  • Any professor or scientist at a university/institution of higher education or a research institute in France who can offer you a guaranteed workplace and access to facilities may serve as your academic host.
  • Preliminary information on research institutions and universities in France can be found at Campus France desk in all Alliance Française in Pakistan (Islamabad, Lahore, Faisalabad, and Karachi)

French host must submit his/her placement letter in the prescribed format


  • At least two expert opinions, including [forward “letter for Pakistani referee”]

a)     Your doctoral supervisor

b)     The senior academic at the institute at which you are currently working, if  other than a)

c)      If you have spent an extended period of time (more than 2 months) during the last five years working as a guest researcher away from your own institute: a reference from the senior academic at the host institute.

  • Please ensure that a confidential reference is enclosed along with your application form and your workplace in France is confirmed by your prospective host. Please provide your host with the names of your referees, your research plan, curriculum vitae, list of publications and selected publications.

Ph.D. registration certificate: Copy of your Ph.D. registration certificate issued by a university/institute is mandatory.

Passport size photographs: Two photographs with your name on the back (3.5cms × 4.5 cms)

Submission of Application:

  • Do not staple your documents.
  • Do not alter the layout of pages when completing the form.
  • Submit the duly filled application form with all the necessary documents.
  • Post your documents to Ph.D. and Post-doctoral fellowship program, French Embassy in Pakistan (SCAC), G – 5 Diplomatic Enclave, P.O. Box 1068 Islamabad
  • Last date of submission: July 31, 2011

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