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H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Scholarships

American University in Dubai

American University in Dubai announced that the application process for the upcoming academic year is now open. Students with outstanding academic performance are advised to submit their application forms and all prerequisite requirements on the university’s website, www.aud.edu. The deadline for applications for the academic year 2007-2008 is July 12, 2007.



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  1. Abejide Samuel says:

    Hello, i wud like to study in Dubai but i need financial back up and i would be greatful if i’m granted a Award to study in dubai so that i can further my education in masters degree in civil engineering. Although, i’m a graduate sudent from the Ahmadu Bello Uniersity Zaria Nigeria. Please how do i start?

  2. nimer says:

    dear sir

    My daughter is jordanian ,born in UAE. she is 16 years old now she will be in 12th grade .she obtain her TAWJIHI CERTIFICATE from the state of Qatar where we are living now . her marks since she attended KG up to now is over an averge of 95%
    her 10th and 11th grade scientific section over 96.6% out of 100%
    She would like to attend Dubai Medical College For Girls when she finishs in june 2010 . I realy would appreciate if you could help her get financial aid or scholarship . i dont have the money to send her to college due to little salary.
    look forward to hear from you
    thanks and best regard

  3. jassim ahmed says:

    i am16 yrs old uae national studying in alain at our own english high school , i am living in a rented house because i do nt have 1 , it is getting very hard for me to continue my studies i am completing my o-levels and i want to become an aeronautical engineer , im not getting any help from any government or NGO,if sir u can help us i will be very helpful to u !
    telephone number – 0552655971

  4. Muhammad Muzamil Mabirah says:

    Am a Ugandan, 29 years and currently pursuing a masters degree in Economic policy management in Makerere University Kampala – Uganda, and graduating in January Inshallah, but wanted to continue on to acquire a PhD in Economic policy or quantitative economics. I also need aid though to pursui my dream, Insha Allah.

  5. ahmed alliusie says:

    i would like to know how to apply a funding for my daughter(UAE). she has 11 GCSE A*( A STARS) if i am not mistaken she is the only student that has acheived that. she also scored top 10 in the world for her marks in drama. she is also a professional pianist and drummer. she figure skates also at a very high level. ballet.

  6. kiana says:

    I am studing m.s.c pf biology in tehran uni in iran…
    i want to continue m.s.c in your uni az soon az possible…
    please guide me…

  7. Abdurahman Mohammed says:

    I woud like to persue my masters degree in business administartion. I have got my BA degree in Ethiopia, on july 10, 2004. I am an Ethiopian, 26 years old. I graduated with a GPA of 3.53. Please help me to come my dream true in fullfillement of my professional and personal career. Thank you,

    loving to hear from you,

  8. shahid nazir says:

    sir ,i have done B.V.Sc n now i want to do MVS in VETY.pathology plz help me for programmes

  9. mohammad montaserasadi says:

    i am master of inorganic chemistry in tehran iran.
    i want to continue in phd.and get scholarship
    help me

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