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WordWeb-English thesaurus and dictionary for Windows

WordWeb is a English thesaurus and dictionary for Windows. New Version 5 – now with fast one-click look up, web-reference tabs, bookmarks, Vista support. Highly useful for non-native English speakers, GRE, TOEFL and other examinations.

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  1. Alayu says:

    I am Alayu from Ethiopia .I have degree in English at Dilla University so,I want further study help me please !

  2. Alayu says:

    Iam Alayu from Ethiopia . I have degree in English so,I want to continue my further study.would you mind so kind to help me please !
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  3. aqsa shah says:

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  4. Thiha says:

    Dear Sir,
    I would like to apply for scholorship.How will I prepair for it. do i need to get TOFEL/IELTS score.with what scholarship I may be or match.how will I do to improve my english more .How many levels of english I need to apply for it.does it need to have work experience or background education .please give advices.
    Have a nice day……..


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  6. zeyneba worku Gebremedhine says:

    Dear sirs,

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