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Benefits Of Hosting International Students

If you want to broaden your global perspective and to enrich your knowledge of the world, then an interesting opportunity awaits you in the form of hosting an International student. The major requirements are the availability of a spare room, willingness to share your culture and experiences with foreign students while simultaneously learning about theirs and the mindset to welcome a new member to your family to whom you should provide all the necessary facilities in exchange for monetary benefits. The whole idea will be enriching and rewarding experience for both the students as well as the hosts. The host families get a number of benefits from hosting international students. Some of them are listed below.

Cross Cultural Exchange

By hosting international students, you can share your language and culture with someone from another part of the world who can introduce you to their culture and language. There are wide chances for cultural exchange between the host family and the students from which both can gain mutual benefits by understanding the significance of upholding human values. Hosting a foreign exchange student is a unique experience as your entire family will be exposed to a new culture.

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Lifelong Relationships

There are instances where these types of host-guest relationships turn into lifelong friendship making this cross-cultural exchange a wonderful and exceptional experience. Your family may grow close to the foreign student and may develop a bond that may last for a lifetime. Even these relationships may bring in a lot of mutual benefits for the host and the student. You may have someone to help you in that country if you happen to visit your student’s home country.

Regular Income

Hosting foreign students is also a great way to make money from your house and to meet people from other countries and experience their cultures, values, traditions, language, food etc.

Learn New Language

You get a chance to learn a new language without much effort .When you learn a language a particular language from the native of that country; you won’t face many problems with the accent. When you learn a language by immersion, by using it in regular conversations with familiar one, the chances of learning the language in a short time are more.

Life Time Opportunity

When you host a foreign student, you may be giving the person an opportunity of a lifetime–to live with your family, thereby experience the language, customs and culture of your country and also to share their country’s culture, customs, language and traditions with your family. Your family may also get an opportunity to receive a fascinating cultural education about everyday life in your student’s home country which may come handy if you happen to visit or stay in that countries in future.

Avail Tax Benefits

The income you receive from hosting international students is tax free upto certain limits fixed in some countries. The amount which is free from tax varies in different countries.

Re-Examining Your Own Life

Hosting international students gives you an opportunity to evaluate your lifestyle and habits from another angle which may help to bring positive changes to your life.

Opportunities For Your Children To Study Abroad

Hosting international students gives you opportunities to open up doors for your children to study abroad. Since your children are already exposed to different cultures, they may find it easy to adjust with the culture of the country they are going.

Practice Hospitality And Generosity

You get a chance to exhibit your hospitality skills to foreigners thereby building up the image of your country to the outsiders. It also helps your kids to learn to share when there’s an extra person in the house.

Helps To Change Your Perspective Of  The World

By hosting international students you will be able to evaluate your views on the world and may even change your misconceptions. This may also help you to get an idea about how others perceive your culture.