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IAA 2009 Alabama-Mississippi Section Engineering Scholarships

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) is offering the Alabama-Mississippi Section Engineering Scholarships for the students.

The Alabama-Mississippi (AL-MS) Section of the AIAA is proud to announce the offering of its 8th Annual Engineering program. It is the Section’s hope that by providing such a financial incentive, more students will follow an aerospace curriculum with the intent of becoming practising engineers and scientists.



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Wonderful offer for candidates.

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The bursaries are intended to promote 1) careers in the aerospace industry, and 2) the pursuit of related engineering or science degrees at a university within the AL-MS Section area. This program is targeted at graduating high school seniors who are planning to enter an ABET-accredited university in pursuit of an engineering or science degree that would reasonably lead to a career in aeronautics or astronautics. Eligible students will need to apply to the AL-MS Section Scholarship Committee.

How to Apply

Applications can be found at the following website:

www.al-ms-aiaa.org (The AIAA AL-MS Section Home Page)

Application Deadline: Closed

Further Scholarship Information and Application (PDF)


  1. Ahmad says:

    hi, i have completed my BS in aerospace engineering in may 2009. i am lookin for a scholarship that helps me doing my masters in the field of aerospace in USA. i m a pakistani citizen and am not aware of the offers that a graduate can directly apply for. looking forward to a favorable response.

  2. simon michael says:

    I am fourth year student of aeronautical engineering in Eritrea.I would like to learn even from fresh man in USA or UK if they provided me.you know why i like to learn there because i like to be a member of NASA and doing some important thing there.hear in my country we not learning properly.We could not be qualify later else where in the world because we don’t have even lab,books,teachers

  3. Guma Lawrence says:

    hi I am high school graduate in Uganda and
    am searching for a full award in aeronautical engineering I pursued the following subjects then Physics, Mathematics,Economics and Technical Drawing I will be very great full if granted such an opportunity in countries like Norway Canada Australia,UK,USA,Wales ,Finland,Ireland,Scotland,

  4. Idowu Samson Taiwo says:

    Please i need people to give me information about how to get funding for engineering course in the state.Am a Nigerian

  5. Emeka bright says:

    My name is emeka bright i am a Nigeria and i have just finished my secondary school and i wish to study SOFTWARE ENGINEERING in the USA and i wish to apply for scholarship to the USA university i will be most gratefull if you can grant me this application rquest thanhe and GOD you as you gramt my rquest.

  6. Enyogoi Isaac says:

    Isaac Enyogoi is my name, a 22 year old Ugandan student . I am oferring a bachelor of science degree with education,. Am a matematics major and an economics minor though i did physics, mathematics, chemistry and did economics as my forth principle. I am going into my third year at university. I currently have a CPGA of 3.81. I did excell in my A-level and
    was given this government sponsorship. It has always been my dream to do aeronatical engineering. Till this moment, i have not been able to make my dream come true due to funds. It is my heartfelt cry and prayer that you will make this dream a reality.

  7. Allan Anusu says:

    I am a 20 year old Kenyan. I completed High School in 2007 and excelled. I am looking for a award in aeronautical Engineering in your University. Please give me some guidelines and let me know if I stand a chance. Thanks.

  8. Allan Anusu says:

    I am a 20 year old boy from Kenya. I completed my High School education in 2007 and excelled, I would love to study aeronautical engineering(which is not offered in any Kenyan university) at your university. Please, guide me on how I can get a scholarship at your university.
    Looking forward to your response

  9. sadegh haddadian says:

    dear sir,
    i would like to apply for a free award in any possible fields of computer science-electrical engineering or mechanical engineering or related fields.
    i am twenty-four years old single male and i think i have got the right qualification for this application . i have taken my diploma(licence) in the field of Electric from the State Professional Technical Institute in Iran and i speak English fluently.i hope i could continue my education in the best way and in the best country ,as this is one of the biggest dream of mine to work with a knowledgeable talented group of students and lectures who have a great enthusiasm.Although i am so eager to pursue my education and even pass the PhD,unfortunately i never have had such an opportunity because of some financial situation.however i would never give up because i think i have enough talent and perseverance(as my friends and teachers say) to become a successful person.

    thank you for considering my application.i hope to receive an e-mail from you soon.
    my e-mail address: [email protected]

  10. ABRAHAM CHANIE says:

    I am a guy from ETHIOPIA.I am a graduate of Bahir Dar University in Mechanical Engineering.I wish to pursue my further studies at your university either in aeronautical engineering or sustainable energy engineering whichever comes first.
    Looking forward to hear your response no matter what it is.

  11. ephrem girma says:

    i am Ephrem Girma from Ethiopia. i have BSC in industrial engineering from Bahirdar university .If i got afree scholarship chance, i need to continue my MSC in related field or BSC in any field.

  12. Umair Bashir Sial says:

    i am 2007 Graduate Textile Engineer specialization in Yarn manufacturing (SPINNING).
    Now i am doing job in Textile Industry. i want to upgrade my knowledge. i want full time scholarships in M.sc level or P.hd Level. plz inform me.

  13. Dejenie says:

    I am a highschool graguate from Ethiopia.I would like to study abroad. i would like to get comments on the way that I can find
    full funding for it .

  14. KED says:

    My name is Kedir Ibrahim I have an advance diploma in Metal Technology now i seeking for 100 % scholarship BSC in Mechanical Engineering.

    so am i elgible??
    then what is date of application? and how can i apply?
    when i can apply?
    i hope u will reply soon

  15. Jeff Tan says:

    Im Jeff from Indonesia.

    Actually… i m still a university student in University of Indonesia Majoring Metalurgy & Material Engineering. This is my last semester.

    Im really good at math, physics, chemistry, biology, n economics too.

    I m considering taking a scholarship majoring business. But if there is any funding for me with any mojor in engineering, maybe i will take it.

    thx u verry much,

  16. winnie says:


  17. winnie says:


  18. gladys asingo says:

    Kenyan student, got B+ with B- in mathematics, B in Chemistry and B- in Physics and currently pursuing mechanical engineering in Polytechnic but have difficulties in paying school fee.

  19. Gashaye Abera says:

    The writer of a letter, written on june 10th, 2009, 12:16pm, isnot Gasaye Abera rather Gashaye Abera.

  20. Gasaye Abera says:

    To whom it concerns
    I am a student from Ethiopia. This year, I took national University entrance examination. I am seaching for free engineering scholarships that covers all my expenses. In the future, I want to payback the institution that assisted me in the form of money or in another kind of help.

  21. Benjamin Asin Mugada says:

    I am a 26 year old Kenyan Structural Engineer holding an unconditional offer at Glagow University to study a 1 year taught Msc Civil Engineering and Management. The course is to commence on 14/09/2009 and I am afraid I will not be able to register due to lack of funds. I woul request your assisstance in helping me get a scholarship that would cater for my tuition,living and travel.

  22. Benjamin Asin Mugada says:

    I am Kenyan Civil Engineering graduate, 26 year old. I already have an unconditional offer to study a one year taught programme of Msc. Civil Engineering and Management at Glasgow University. The course is to commence from 14/09/2009. I request your assistance in finding a scholarship that caters for my fee and all expenses of living and travell.

  23. asif says:

    i have done my last semester BS( electronics) from ssuet in pakista karachi.i have need schloer ship in telecommunication and defence system.

  24. Richards Omondi says:

    I am a Kenyan Citizen tirelessly working round the clock to secure a full time scholarship position in Electronic Engineering with any leading engineering university in the USA. I am a 2005 high school graduate with various certification in the IT Sector in Software Design and Developement, computer repair and maintainance etc amongst other skills. I would therefore appreciate whatsoever help granted to me that will see me proceed with my educational dream thus help me lay a firmer foundation for my future.

  25. Kanego Loyd Malele says:

    I’m a first year Aeronautical engineering student from the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa, looking for an opportunity to further my studies in Aeronautical or Astronautical engineering in the United States.

  26. Okwuolisa Obinna Johnson says:

    Well i’m boy of 20yrs of age without a father.ever since i lost my dad life has n’t been easy for me n family.i’m a nigerian i want 2 get a scholarship 2 study civil engr which has been my heart desire.I beg u people to help make my dream a reality may GOD bless scholarship-positions for making dreams come true for the average joe in world.

  27. zaman says:

    i m zaman from pakistan and i have done my fsc in 2006. and want to do aeronautical engineering in USA with 100% scholarship..so please can u guide me.is it possible? and and how? whats procedure? please in detail//

  28. zaman says:

    i m zaman shekh from pakistan. i have cleared my fsc in 2006 and i m doing textile engineering innational textile university.. but i want to get study at
    The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) 2009 Alabama-Mississippi Section Engineering Scholarships and want to do aeronautical engineering with 100% scholarship.
    so am i elgible??
    then what is date of application? and how can i apply?
    when i can apply?
    i hope u will reply soon

  29. mohamed diyad says:

    am a poor student who had very firm ambition in the field of engineering.
    i lost my parents at tender age, by then i was uplifted by the very welwishers who succeded to enlighten my education upto high school.
    am now in the last year and i wish i could get asisstance from your place.


    am francis form four graduate in othaya boys with a B+[73PTS].i had Amaths,Aphysics,A–HISTORY,B+ENGLISH.my parents are not even capable of raising fees for local universities.i would be happy if u considered me .am interested in aeronautical engineering.thanks in advance

  31. Girma Ferenjo says:

    i am Girma Ferenjo writing from ethiopia, aging 20yrs.i am studing chemical engineering at addis ababa university.so i would like to study chemical engineering abroad.please ,help me

  32. dino abdela says:

    im civil engineering student in addis ababa university.i wantto learn archtecture in u.k or u.s.a

  33. Shokaib says:

    I have done recently FSc from Pakistan…I want to do mechatronics from USA…I want funding for this purpose..can u help me?
    I am waiting for your reply.

  34. rachna says:

    i want to know about The grants granted students willing to study engineering from usa by nepal. i have completed my 12th from delhi and am a nepali citizen so i want help from any intitute or nepali government for further study.how can i apply for the above mentioned scholarships.

  35. obi tanu says:

    i need a award in elect.elect engr.i am from nigeria,an also currently studying thesame course.am not satisfy with the system of education hence this application .

  36. i have been given an unconditional offer at the university of liverpool in uk to study science and engineering as a foundation course. please i need scholarship that will help me and cover all my expenses, tuitions, travelling, and living allowances


    i am pre _engenering in addis ababa university Ethiopia if i got free scholarship chance i need to continue my MSC in relatedfield thank

  38. Bezuayehu Haile says:

    I have BSc in Electrical Engineering from Bhirdar university in Ethiopia.I would like to to extend my education in information systems or information technologay or communication systems or other related fields.thank you

  39. kiprop kiprotich says:

    I am a diploma graduate in telecommunication engineering will like to persue undergraduate in USA i will be very happy if you will consider me.I AM KENYAN CITICEN

  40. kiprop kiprotich says:

    I am a diploma graduate in telecommunication engineering will like to persue undergraduate in USA i will be very happy if you will consider me.

  41. alem says:

    i am a Civil Engineer student in Adama University (Ethiopia )but i want to be a specialized engineer………..


  42. Yan Naing says:

    I’m a electrical power student form Myanmar.I was born in 19 October 1989.Now i am attending at b-tech first year .I have been attend 3 years in my University which Technological University ,Mandalay,Myanmar.I have been got A.G.T.I (E.P). Now i searching full funding for me. If you have a suitable funding for me,I hope you will contact me.

    Yan Naing
    Mandalay city
    Myanmar country

  43. sharon muttai says:

    I am Kenyan agirl 19 years old .I cleared high school in 2008 and obtained a mean grade of A-.I got A in physic,A in maths,A in biology. A- in chemistry,A- in agriculture and history,B- in english and in kiswahili.I would like to study aeronautical engineering abroad on scholarship because my parents cannot afford.please help

  44. FRED says:

    I completed high school in 2007 and attained grade A. I have a GPA of 3.6 and i am waiting for SAT results next week. I would like to be offered a scholarship by any one to go and study engineering or Economics in the USA.
    Given the chance, i will work hard and ensure that i always remain at the top

  45. renzen alex says:

    iam currently taking my undergraguate inB.ed(sci)at Kenyatta university(Kenya) have an intrest in studying aeronautical engineering in the USA, JAPAN or UK .I can not raise the funds.therefore need a schorlarship please help.

  46. abdulkareem says:

    i need scholarship to further my Agricultural Engineering to PHD level. i already have B.engr and M.engr, but now interested in PHD program either in US or UK

  47. yassin musa mohammed says:

    . Thank you so mach for your interest in the great with me. I hold a diploma in Electronic Engineering (Communications). I want Undergraduate. note (Iam so sorry for the repetition of these words. if it is not good . I am from Sudan in Darfur and the family is poor. Search scholarship. I want to help them.and Completed my study) SincerelyYASSIN sudan ( darfur ,el fasher)

  48. amare wondwosen says:

    I am amare wondwosen from Ethiopia,i have BED in physics .If i got afree scholar ship chance i need to continue my MSC in related field.

  49. Hailemichael Shewa says:

    I have a BA degree in English, I have another BA degree in Management, and I have masters’ degree in curriculum, all from Addis Ababa University of Ethiopia. If I get fully-funded position I want to study your offer.

  50. Mathias Chabala Mbewe says:

    Iam a Form Five graduate in Zambia Iam looking for a Scholarship to study Aeronatical Engineerng or Civil Engineering any where I obtained the follwing results English C Religious Studies B Geography C Mathematics B Biology C Science Chemisry Physics A Geometrical & Mechanical Drawing C I need a Scholarship covering all expences

  51. Temesgen Asfaw says:

    I am a civil engineering student at Addis Ababa university(Ethiopia).And now I want to use this application opportunity to learn aeronatical engineering in USA or UK.

  52. hiyari n mbwana says:

    I`m hiyari n mbwana from Tanzania.I`m form six leaver and i`m looking for Full funding for undergraduate studies either in BCs in Telecomunication Engineering or BCs in computer and Information technology in ALABAMA-MISSISSIPI SECTION ENGINEERING.my academic O`level is division THREE of Basic mathematics-B,physics-C,chemistry-C,biology-C,civics-C,Agricultural Science-D,geography-D,English Language-D,history-D. A`level is division THREE of Advanced mathematic-E,physics-E,geography-S,general studies-S

  53. Wisdom chitsinde says:

    I have been given a conditional offer to study at the university of Glasgow. I have applied for a Masters in civil engineering degree. I am doing everything to ensure that this offer becomes unconditional, however my worry is I may not have the funds to meet this development. I need a scholarship which will cater for all my expenses, tuition, travelling and living allowances

  54. Goodman Turyaramya says:

    I am a high school graduate in Uganda. Iam searching for a scholarship to study aeronatical engneering in America or UK. I had physics,mathematics,economics & agriculture at Advanced level

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