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iCats Fellowship Program

Job Description: The iCats Program is an answer to the need for professional know-how and resources in many philanthropic
organizations and social enterprises. LGT Venture Philanthropy created a web-based platform to match experienced professionals with specific positions in selected philanthropic organizations.Who we are The LGT Venture Philanthropy Foundation was founded by initiative and funds of the Princely Family of Liechtenstein. We are committed to improving the sustainable quality of life of less advantagedpeople in the developing world. To realize our mission, we provide tailored financial and nonfinancialsupport to selected organizations that offer effective social and environmental solutions. Weinvest in or donate to organizations in Latin America, Africa, India, Southeast Asia and China working in one of the following three core areas: alleviation of human suffering, access to education, creation of sustainable livelihoods.LGT Venture Philanthropy supports its portfolio organizations with financial capital, management know-how and with contacts to relevant networks. Depending on the initial situation, financialsupport is provided in the form of either grants, loans or equity investments.
The idea behind the iCats Fellowship Program Many philanthropic organizations and social enterprises with effective and innovative solutions to social and environmental problems lack the manpower and expertise to implement these solutions in the most effective way, especially in their growth phase. The iCats Fellowship Program (impact catalyst) is an answer to that talent gap: Through the Fellowship Program, specific assignments within philanthropic organizations are matched with skilled business professionals. A catalystsupports or speeds up significant change. This is what iCats Fellows do: with their know-how and experience they catalyze the impact of the organizations – hence the name ‘iCat’. By becoming a Fellow, you will internalize the urgent need for more sustainable and responsible ways of living and doing business. This will help you to become a responsible and ethical business professional of tomorrow.
What is special about the iCats FellowshipProgram?
Only selected philanthropic organizations and social enterprises out of the portfolio of LGT Venture Philanthropy can post their positions. Thereby you are assured that these organizationshave passed rigorous due diligence, are well managed, and have a solid track record in the irrespective field. Organizations need to have the resources in place to manage Fellows and ensure lasting knowledge transfer. This guarantees a high leverage of the skills and time invested by Fellows.
Only high quality Fellows with minimum two years of relevant work experience are admitted to the platform.
Fellows will be trained and mentored throughout the assignment.Emphasis lies on capacity building of the social sector and high quality experience of the Fellow; a result-oriented work plan for each assignment is defined by the Fellow and the organization which will guide the achievement of the defined goals.
Fellowship Fellowship positions are posted once a year and have a fixed application deadline. Fellows are working with LGT Venture Philanthropy’s portfolio organizations for 11 months on the ground. LGT Venture Philanthropy selects a restricted number out of the best fellow candidates each year. The selected fellows participate in a four-day induction training in January 2011 in Switzerland. A monthly mentoring will be conducted to support the Fellow. Mentoring includes support for fellowship goal management, help if Fellow experiences difficulties with the local team or the culture,
and also input to future career planning.
Application deadline: July 23, 2010
Tom Kagerer, LGT Venture Philanthropy
Email: [email protected], Phone: +41 44 250 8298

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