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IFUW International Fellowships & Grants Competition 2011-12, Switzerland

Job Description: Sponsoring Applicants
1 Each national federation and association (NFA) may propose up to a maximum of three applicants.
2. Applicants may be of any nationality, but must be members of your NFA.
3. If more than three of your members are interested in applying, your NFA is responsible for screening the applications and choosing the three who will compete in the final international competition. Additional applications will not be accepted.
4. Wherever possible, candidates should be interviewed by a qualified person in your NFA.
5. Members who are interested in applying must download the application form from http:/www.ifuw.org/fellowships/2011_application.doc and the application instructions from http://www.ifuw.org/fellowships/2011_instructions.pdf. All applications will need to be submitted in electronic form; no printed applications will be accepted.
6. Each NFA should set the deadline by which its members are to return the completed forms. This deadline should be early enough to allow for the pre-screening and selection process and to give ample time for the application material to reach IFUW Headquarters in Geneva no later than 1 October 2010.
7. Applicants should be informed of the deadline that your NFA has established and should be given the name and e-mail address of the local person to whom they are to return the completed form and required documents.

8. Applicants’ attention should be drawn to the information provided in the application instructions on the type and size of awards offered. They should be warned that the awards are not large enough to finance the full costs of a year’s study or a long-term research project.
9. NFAs are asked to ensure that the three applications selected are complete and verify that they satisfy the following award restrictions. Those that do not will be rejected.
No applications will be considered for work that will be completed before 1 June 2011.
The maximum support which may be requested from IFUW is 10 000 Swiss francs.
The minimum acceptable length of programme is 2 months; the maximum is 12 months.
Candidates must use the 2011/2012 application form. Proposals submitted on forms from previous competitions will automatically be rejected.
? IFUW awards may not be used to cover either travel or support costs for dependants.
? Applications submitted in French or Spanish must be accompanied by a translation into English of the 800 word Summary of Proposal (application form section 3).

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Letter  of  Acceptance
10. Except for applicants who have completed their first year as doctoral students, all applicants must arrange for a letter to be sent to their NFA confirming their acceptance by the university or institution they wish to attend.
11. All applicants who will undertake part of their research/study/training at more than one university or institution must provide all necessary letters of acceptance.
12. Without these letters of confirmation, the NFA may not sponsor an applicant.

Submissions  of  Applications to IFUW Headquaters
16. When your NFA has made its selection, the CIR or Fellowships Convener must send an email listing the full names, addresses and emails of the three applicants your NFA is sponsoring to [email protected]
17. The completed applications of the three applicants, together with their letter(s) of acceptance, must be sent to [email protected] no later than 1 October 2010. Printed applications sent via the post or fax will not be accepted.
18. If you experience problems with the electronic transmission, please contact [email protected]
Notification of Results
19. Each candidate should be asked to inform your NFA and IFUW immediately should she receive other funding or should circumstances arise which change her plans or make it impossible for her to accept an award.
20. IFUW’s contact details should be communicated to all candidates:
International Federation of University Women 10 rue du Lac, 1207 Geneva, Switzerland
Telephone: +41.22 731.23.80; FAX: +41.22 738.04.40; E-mail: [email protected]
21. The IFUW Committee for the Award of International Fellowships will select the recipients of the 2010/2011 fellowships and grants and submit these to the IFUW Board of Officers for approval. Results of the competition will be communicated to national federations and associations, as well as to the candidates by 1 March 2011.


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