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Importance of Research Studies

Importance of Research Studies: Research studies these days are gaining an unprecedented focus and attention. A researchable area in any academic discipline is an area that has an ample scope to be explored. If the scope in itself poses some potential problems that need to be answered, a research methodology offers solutions for dealing with them effectively. The very path one traverses in search of authentic solutions to a specific academic problem constitutes what we call ‘research’. This research question posed by the researcher and the methodology that he adopts to get solutions is the most valuable part of the research work.

The significant problems involved in research

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While pursuing research there could be many significant problems that a researcher might probably need to overcome. One of the most important of the research problems is the ‘validity’ of the research question itself. There could be implementation problems owing to this kind of objection. In simpler words there could be time lag between the framing of the proposal and implementation of the actual research work.

Why is Research Important: Research is important because it gives direction to deal with a specific problem. Whether the problem is thoroughly solved or not is not the forte of the research work. Accumulating amicable and all the possible solutions hypothetically are in itself considered a commendable achievement. There are many types of researches that are carried out

  1. Governmental researches
  2. Educational/Institutional researches
  3. Independent researches

The researches conducted by the government are carried out by a commission which comprises specialists and highly experienced personnel in the field. These governmental researchers conduct massive researches and the funding goes by the government. On the other hand educational researches are the ones that happen through doctoral programs offered by the Universities. Institutional researches have become a part and parcel of multinational organizations. There are committed research and development departments that are dedicated to the domain. The recruits that are absorbed into R&D of these institutions are paid a much higher salary in comparison with their peers who work for other departments. There are many kinds of scholarships and stipends that are offered to the research scholars.…

How is the Research Program Pursued?

Almost all the Universities across the globe have some kind of financial assistance to offer to their potential research scholars. Independent researchers are offered in the countries like Germany. However these independent researchers should be in touch with the supervisor overseeing their work. There are certain scholarships and financial assistance offered to the independent researchers depending upon the quality of their research work. There are some popular universities across the globe that do provide platform to independent research. Independent research however depends on the authenticity of the research problem and also its intensity. It also depends upon the research tools and methodology adopted by the research scholar and his/her commitment to the entire project.

Stanford University, Creighton University, University of Kentucky, Medical University of the Americas, Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research and many more offer platform for aspirants to conduct independent researches under expert supervision.

The National Center for Biological Sciences offers grants for Independent researchers.

Research programs typically extend to a time period of 3 to 5 years. During this period the research scholars get a stipend from the University they are researching in. A research scholar might either carry out post-doctoral research work and keep contributing to the department that s/he belongs to or opt for teaching as his/her primary profession. A PhD catapults prospects of employability and of course matters related to salary.


Time, money and patience could be greatest constraints for a researcher. The research work itself demands attention to detail and accuracy. When these things are put to stake in a bid to hurry up there could be massive flaws in the work. And when flaws disrupt the research work the situation slips out of the hand. For now the problems that arose are graver than the research question. A research enthusiast hence must overcome these barriers and get head along involved in the work. Owing to these constraints many companies that have millions of turnover also are unable to research on their products adequately. Though they are pumping attractive money into the whole thing.  At the same time research is gaining an upper hand in almost all the commercial institutions and at one juncture could become indispensable to a product’s success!

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