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Institute for Comparative Literature and Society Postdoctoral Fellowship 2010-2011, USA

The Institute for Comparative Literature and Society is inviting applicants for a postdoctoral fellowship through the new International Network to Expand Regional and Collaborative Teaching (INTERACT) program at Columbia University

INTERACT is a pioneering program at Columbia University that focuses on developing global studies in the undergraduate curriculum through a network of postdoctoral scholars focused on cross-regional, trans-regional, and interdisciplinary study.

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Golden opportunity for candidates.

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INTERACT’s primary goal is to improve global literacy among Columbia students and equip them to be leaders in a globalizing world. These objectives will be met through innovative courses, participating in institute programs and events and an annual educator workshop organized collaboratively by INTERACT Fellows.


The Institute for Comparative Literature and Society’s INTERACT Fellows will devote half their time to teaching and working with other Fellows on INTERACT programming, and half their time to their own research and writing. The Fellow’s curricular responsibility would be to develop one course each semester (Fall 2010 and Spring 2011), preferably in coordination with Columbia’s developing Global Core Curriculum (for more information see: http://www.college.columbia.edu/core/classes/mc.php). Each Fellow is required to be in residence in the New York City area and participate in all activities of the INTERACT program collaborative.

Application Process

The following list of materials is required for all applicants:

  • Instruction Sheet
  • Completed Application Form
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Course proposal: 2-3 page proposal for two undergraduate courses to be offered at Columbia University. These courses are to be offered without prerequisites and must emphasize cross-border, trans-regional, and interdisciplinary approaches. These course proposals are meant to convey a sense of your teaching interests beyond the special field of your research.
  • Research proposal: 2-3 page statement describing the research project you would pursue at Columbia University if awarded a fellowship, indicating its relation (if any) to your doctoral dissertation, as well as its relation to the mission of ICLS.
  • Letters of recommendation: 3 letters of reference (signed and sealed) that include an evaluation of your research and teaching proposals.
  • Previous Education: Indicate on your curriculum vitae each college and university you have attended, with the inclusive dates. Have a copy of the transcript of your graduate record sent to INTERACT Postdoctoral Fellowship, The Director, Institute for Comparative Literature and Society, Heyman Center, Mail Code 5700, Columbia University, 2960 Broadway, New York, NY 10027.

Application Deadline: Closed

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