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Northwestern University Offers Need-Based Scholarship To Study Abroad

The Northwestern University is offering students the chance to win a new scholarship for the Summer Quarter this year to study abroad through its International Program Development.

The Northwestern University is dedicated to providing its students a global education even if they are otherwise restricted by their financial conditions. The new scholarship by the International Program Development is a demonstration of that dedication.

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This scholarship will be offered only on a need basis.

It is open to the students who are participating in the summer study abroad programs offered by the International Program Development.

The International Program Development offers over a dozen programs for the students of the Northwestern University. Three of these programs are in China while two other programs are based in Cuba. There is one in Mexico, one in Germany and another one in Tanzania.

These programs are designed and developed by the IPD which also serves as their administrator. Many of these programs are meant specifically for the students of the Northwestern University. The new scholarship is going to be proportional to the financial aid of the students during the other quarters. According to the marketing communications manager of International Program Development, Janka Pieper, the scholarship will not be considered as one of the 12 quarters that students have for being eligible for financial aid. Janka added that the need-based scholarship was created as an effort to increase the accessibility of the IPD programs. This new scholarship will allow more students to enjoy the chance to study abroad.

This particular need-based scholarship from the International Program Development can help the students to fund their education in any of the various fields of study offered.  These subjects include culture, public health and even energy development.

The awards from this new need-based scholarship will be dependent mainly on the financial need which has to be shown by the student. The strength of the materials submitted as a part of the application will also be a factor in the decision. Another factor will be the availability of funds.

The amounts which are given as awards will vary from student to student. Each applicant of the scholarship will receive an award based on the need they have of it. The scholarships will be taken into account in the total program cost of the IPD. That, of course includes the fees which is charged by the Northwestern University and any other additional costs such as the books, airfare and discretionary expenses.

This particular scholarship is available for undergraduates in Northwestern University. The undergraduates must be receiving financial aid and have applied to be participants in summer program organized by the IPD. Students who come from a low-income background are encouraged to apply. Minority students and first-generation students are also encouraged. Students who do not meet these criteria can still apply for the other scholarships on offer by the International Program Development.

They can visit the website of the International Program Development which contains a list of all the available scholarships.

The disbursement of the scholarship award is dependent on the participation of the student in the specific program of the IPD. If the student applies to the program but later withdraws, the ward will be cancelled.

The same will happen if the student gets dismissed from the study abroad program offered by International Program Development. In these cases, the student will have be responsible for any balance that is caused because of the loss of the funding.

The deadline for submitting an application for this need-based scholarship as well as the other opportunities from IPD is the 1st of March, 2015.