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International Scholarship Programs for Women

Women, sometimes, due to personal or financial reasons don’t get a chance to fulfill their dream of pursuing higher studies. However, if you are determined to fulfill your dream, then a little research will inform you about various wonderful scholarship programs that are specifically developed to help women pursue their dream to study.

Below we are mentioning some international scholarship and fellowship programs for women:

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  • Nestle Scholarship for Women: This wonderful program was started in 1997 by group of IMD MBA participants. Ever since, the program organizers are providing women from all over the world (but gives preference to women developing countries) amazing opportunity to take part in this MBA program. You should be aware of the fact that there’s “one” scholarship that will be granted to candidate who’s not only talented but also is in need of a financial support. Also, candidate should have already applied to full-time IMD MBA program.
    Amount of scholarship granted to deserving candidate would be “CHF 25,000.”
    The good news is IMD has invited applications from prospective candidates and if you are interested in this scholarship then you can send in your application until 30 Sep 2012. To know more about this wonderful opportunity log on to IMD’s official website: http://www.imd.org/programs/mba/fees/scholarships/Nestle.cfm
  • AAUW International Fellowship for Women in USA: AAUW that was formerly recognized as the American Association of University Women is known for providing educational and professional opportunities to not just American women but to women across the globe. AAUW offer scholarship to perform research in various disciplines and for the year of 2011-12, it will be offering over “$3.7 million in funding for over 240 fellowships and grants” to dissevering women candidates. Check AAUW’s website to know more about all five the grants and fellowship they are offering on their official website: http://www.aauw.org/learn/fellows_directory/.
  • Campbell Fellowship for women Scholar-Practitioners from Developing Nations: This fellowship is granted for the period of six months to women postdoctoral social scientists from developing countries. Some of the eligibility criteria to apply for this program included terms like candidate should be well-versed in English language; should be national of “developing country eligible to borrow from the World Bank” etc. In addition to supporting research, program will pay the candidate $4,500 monthly stipend along with housing and office space on the SA campus.
    The main goal of this program is to provide women scholars from developing countries opportunity to further their career prospects and to support any research that has the potential to identify the causes of gender inequality in developing countries, also offers constructive solutions to bring social and economic empowerment to women. http://sarweb.org/index.php?resident_scholar_campbell_fellowship.
  • African Women Public Service Fellowship: NYU Wagner has invited application from interested candidates for the African Women Public Service Fellowship. This is a program that came into existence with the donation made by Oprah Winfrey Foundation, known for working in the field to expand opportunities for African women. This program allows women to pursue two study courses: one-year Executive MPA: Concentration on International Service Organizations and two-year long Master of Public Administration.
    This program support housing, travel to and from US, tuition, small sum for books and other expenses. Also, selected candidates must agree to return to their home country after finishing this program to contribute towards development of their country.  Anyone who meets programs criteria can apply in addition to candidate must be resident of African country at the time of applying and should demonstrate strong commitment towards public service. For more info and to apply visit http://wagner.nyu.edu/global/fellowships/awpsf.php.
  • UNESCO-L’Oreal for Women in Science International Fellowships: is another amazing scholarship program that helps promising young women scientists at doctorate or post-doctorate level to continue their studies and research. Scholarship is granted to candidates who are studying life science subjects such as medicine, physiology, biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, agriculture and pharmacy. As preference is given to non-cosmetic research material and animal models are rejected, candidates should apply only after reading terms carefully. Female Canadian citizens, no more than 35 years of age, are allowed to apply. Candidates must not have received any other fellowship/scholarship/grant for the project.    https://juno.aucc.ca/wes/hes.aspx?pg=934&oth=0005352012
  • The Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship: This scholarship program has been started to honor late American computer scientist Dr. Anita Borg, who had also found Institute for Women and Technology to encourage women to participate actively in creating technology. Candidates from United States, Australia, Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and Middle East can apply.

If you’re among set of women, who really want to pursue higher studies but financial hurdles are stopping you to fulfill your dream, then consider applying for scholarships offered not just by reputed international institutes but by your own home country academic institutes as well. Do your research, take your pick and apply for scholarships to secure one that’ll help you redefine your life and career alike.

Good Luck!

Priyanka Sharma