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International Student Exchange Programs

The world has become a small place with the level of connectivity depleting borders rapidly. Education and student level interactions are all enhanced as students are encouraged to be global citizens with multi-cultural experiences being given a lot of importance globally. Courses and various programs lay emphasis on students from different geographies visiting other universities or colleges for a short term to gain exposure, facilitate inter cultural education and development. There are many such educational and informational courses or programs being run across a majority of leading institutions and countries across the globe. In terms of definition, an international student exchange program involves students from a particular country to take up a short term or a time-bound training program in a different country. Most of such programs are for a particular area of specialization and offered to meritorious or students who have high potential to perform and grow on a global scale. Some of the key international student exchange programs are as follows:

Fullbright Foreign Student Program

Under this program, graduate students, young professionals and artists from various countries can spend 6 months to one year or longer in the United States for research or studies across US universities or other institutions. Programs are there in multiple disciplines and subjects and cover professions like journalism too.

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AISEC Youth Global Internship ProgramStudent Exchange Programs

AISEC is a leading organization present across 124 countries working towards encouraging recent graduates and young professionals become the best at their jobs as well as develop all round personality to excel. The Youth Global Internship program focuses on developing and imparting essential leadership skills considered critical to the growth of a global professional. Not only does it work towards building a platform for international experience, it also leads to the growth of the student on an individual level. Annually, almost 4000 students participate in this program which requires a minimum of one year experience in either management, technical or developmental fields.

International Student Exchange

The ISE is an organization set up in the US looking at offering various kinds of student exchange programs across various partnering organizations located in key countries across the world. There is a 10 month academic year program wherein a student spends almost a year at one of the partner institutions in any country. There is a Semester program and short stay program too.

American Institute of Foreign Study

Established in 1964, AFIS has facilitated exchange programs round the globe for more than 1.5 million students till date. The organization focuses on various programs in many countries across the world based on the timing of the program or the discipline chosen by the student. One of the highlights of the AFIS programs is that some deserving students, on meeting eligibility criteria can apply for special scholarships, grants and financial aid. These benefits are offered to the summer and semester programs. Annually, more than $600,000 is awarded as financial aid.

IIM Kozhikode’s International Exchange Programme

The IIM K offers the International Exchange Programme for its PG students. Designed to collaborate with various partner institutions in creating multi-cultural activities, that lead to better educational experiences and give diverse opportunities for the students to be exposed to a global point of view. Students participate in these exchange programs and leverage the learning in developing critical skills to succeed on the world stage.

United States-India Educational Foundation

The United States – India Educational Foundation (USIEF) is focused towards creating programs that further the mutual understanding between Indians and Americans via educational exchange programs. The programs are awarded to meritorious scholars, students and other working professionals. There are two kinds of student exchange programs available to deserving students. One involves participation in an university led or a private exchange program while the other one is via applying for a short term non-degree program at an US University.

IIM Bangalore

The IIM Bangalore, the premier management institute from India provides its students with a program that helps them traverse broader horizons in different countries by attending a term at partner institutes located across the globe. These experiences add value in terms of developing cross-cultural understanding, as well as grow as global professionals.


Offered by the Bangalore based Indian Institute of Science, the program provides an opportunity for a limited number of IISc students annually to partner institutions across the globe to stay for a period of 1-3 months as exchange students. The objective is to facilitate educational exchange and enable global platform for the students to excel in their chosen field.


ISEP is  an independent non-profit organization engaged in exchange programs since 1979. The ISEP has currently a network of over 300 colleges and universities across 50 countries. This partnership enables students find programs that are of relevance to them and gain international exposure by spending time in diverse countries. Some of the students can apply for the leading institutions in the US.

Indian Institute of Management-Ahmedabad

The IIM< the premier leading B-school of India offers a comprehensive international student exchange program for its PGP students to attend other leading partner B-schools or corporate programs across the globe as a means to extend the learning and broaden the educational experience. The program covers institutions across key countries and it is designed to improve educational exchanges, best practices and make the student ready for the global stage. It also offers scholarships to eligible students.

Some of the above are leading international student exchange programs that have current openings for the upcoming year.