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Information Technology is the Backbone to All Sectors

Information Technology (IT) can be termed as a backbone to all the industries because of wide-scale use of computers, internet and telecommunications systems. Information Technology helps in managing, manipulating, storing, regaining, sharing/communicating and transmitting small as well as large amount of information/data conveniently and effectively.

Work that was done manually in the past now can be done easily and efficiently with the help of computers. There’s no need to store paper files as all the important documents can be stored on computer and can be accessed without much hassle. Better and faster communication online has led to globalization and have immensely helped industries and businesses around the world.

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However, things were not like this in 60s and 70s and IT sector was mostly limited areas such as banking sector, large business houses, computer scientists and mathematical engineers. The emergence of personal computers changed this scenario and suddenly IT was being used in almost every sector. Big/small businesses, industries, education sector, government sector, defense, marketing, fashion, security, journalism etc. These days there’s hardly any arena that’s not being positively affected by information technology.

Besides making work easier world over, IT sector has also created lots of job opportunities for people, providing youngster with field to explore.

Few Examples of How IT Has Changed Industries Around:

Media: Media field has been totally upgraded and transformed by the IT. Now, media can cover news better and can distribute it for mass consumption on a larger scale. Apart from TV and radio, online websites have been launched to keep people updated. Now we are having 24*7 news.

Banking: Few years ago, in banks working with hands and saving data on paper was a norm. But with the arrival of computer, everything has changed. Now entries are directly and efficiently recorded in PC files, money can be transferred online, account balance can be checked, people have been provided with the service online banking service to carry out various transactions.

Business: Businesses across the world, due to IT, are not bound to a geographical area anymore. With the help of online communication they can reach the world. It’s because of IT that there are so many people today who can work for employers that are located in some different geographical area.

Education: In the past, education was mainly done with the help of books. However, these days, internet plays a vital role in teaching students valuable information regarding any subject they want to learn about. There’s absolutely no shortage of information online and can be accessed easily.

Medical: IT has brought revolutionary changes in medicine sector as well. With the help of new techniques, technologies and equipments developed by IT for this specific field, physicians can provide more accurate treatment to patients. Something that wasn’t possible ten to twenty years ago.

Transport: Transport sector is also not untouched. New inventions and innovations have upgraded the transport industry to a great extent. Roadways, railways, airways, waterways all are revolutionized. Availability of seats, timings are all at a stone throw just because of internet.

It won’t be wrong to say that we are in truly living in a globalized village, where everyone is connected with everyone. IT has major hand in turning things around for every industry.     

Career Prospects in IT Sector: IT sector is growing industry all over the world and has lots of career opportunities to offer to people with right skills, education and talent. Below are mentioned some job options one can pick from:

Security Expert: Due to threat from numerous malicious malwares and virus on the internet, companies and business owning a website always hire a security expert. Security experts are responsible for testing, finding and repairing loopholes in system, software programs and hardware devices. Anyone aiming for this position would have to have good overall knowledge of working of hardware, software programs along with programming skills.

Web Designer: As a web designer, you will mainly be responsible for creating, designing and maintenance of a web page. Following skills are required to be a web designer: good knowledge of working of internet, HTML, web servers, CSS, design, project management, Flash, PHP, RSS, SSI, XHTML etc., depending on the requirement of client/company.

Technical Support: Technology today is part and parcel of everyone’s life. However, majority of end-users (sometimes company employees as well) don’t know how to resolve a hardware or software problem. So companies hires technical support people to help customers. To apply for this position, you should have good knowledge computers, hardware and software programs.

Database Administrator: A database administrator’s main responsibility consists of work such as supervising, managing and testing company’s database management system. They are also responsible for backing up and storing all the data regularly and ensuring its safety.

3D Animation/Graphic Design: If creating new things is what you love doing, then you can consider this job as it involves development of games, software programs, animation, web pages, movies etc. You should also know this that you might have to work on some already existing work of someone else in graphics, animation or movies. Apart from having creative skills, you would have to pursue a formal degree in 3D Animation/Graphic Design.

Some other job options in information technology industry are as follows:

  1. Computer Software Engineer
  2. Software/Program Developer
  3. Technical Writer
  4. Database Designer
  5. Data Entry
  6. Networking Administrator
  7. System Analyst
  8. Application Programmer
  9. Coders
  10. Research And Development (Hardware)
  11. Hardware Engineer
  12. Geographical Information Systems Officer

Qualifications Needed to Pursue Career in Information Technology: You cannot just one day decide that you want to pursue an IT career as it’s a highly specialized field that requires certain type of education and technical skills.Below are mentioned some courses you can do if you want to enter IT industry:

  • Diploma In Computer Application
  • Bachelor In Science With Computer
  • Bachelor Of Computer Application
  • Post Graduate Diploma In Computer Applications
  • B.Tech
  • M.Tech
  • M.SC In Computers
  • Masters In System Management

In IT industry, opportunities are in abundance for people with right education, technical skills and attitude.

Good Luck!

Priyanka Sharma