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Iversity’s Online Course on Business Management

Management of things is required at every step of life. Accordingly, business also requires management to continue prosperously. Iversity’s online course “Introduction to Business Management” in alliance with RWTH Aachen University is coming up to provide introductory information of business management.

This course will provide students the overview of all the key management areas and will also help in daily references. The focal point of this course is making students understand the enlarged view of business administration. After completing this course applicants will better understand and construe the economic condition in terms of business studies. Another optional part of this course is students can try as manager of a company in the perspective of an online business game. The content of this course includes the entire material of a classic elementary course, as taught in many colleges and universities in Germany.

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Course Begins

The session will start from May 5, 2014.

Duration of Course

The course will demand approximately 3 hours/week for study.

Course Field

This course is offered for introductory study of Business Administration.


Students from any background can apply for this course. Qualitative understanding will be given more importance than quantitative understanding.

Course Syllabus

-You know basic ways of thinking in business administration.
-You can transfer to current issues essential technical terms as well as basic concepts.
-You can create a connection between the theoretical findings course content and business practice.
-You get a critical and reflected approach to economic issues.
-You get a framework for further in-depth lectures on business administration.

Statement of Accomplishment

Applicants will be given the following certificates-

-Students who will complete more than 80% of the instructional videos as well as 80% of the quizzes will receive a free certificate of attendance.
-Proof of performance will be given to the applicants who will successfully participate in the simulation game and an online exam.

About the Instructor

Prof. Dr. Malte Brettel

He has acquired his doctorate and habilitation from the Graduate School of Management. He has also served as Vice President for Business and Industry, where he has worked for the expansion of services that creates the RWTH Aachen for and with the economy responsible. He has also worked for many years as a management consultant after his studies.

Kfm Jingnan Zhu

Since 2013 he is a research assistant and PhD student at the Department Economics for Engineers and Scientists of the RWTH Aachen. He has studied business administration at the University of Cologne. He is also the basis of the various courses for students at the RWTH Aachen.

To apply for the course, kindly follow iversity’s website.