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Jobs For International Students

Students nowadays prefer foreign countries like UK, USA, Australia and European countries to pursue higher education. This sometimes is not affordable for students. Such students also work part-time and also study to meet their needs. International students have to follow some rules before working part time or full time. These rules have been discussed in this article.

Studying abroad is a life changing experience which teaches us about different cultures, languages, social prospective and educational adventures which normally are not available in our own country. Studying in a foreign land has its own ups and downs, being far away from home without any family support can be financially wrenching for a student mostly for those whose parents belong to middle class background. To meet their financial needs a student has to do part-time jobs and studies too, but this process is not as simple as it looks. Every country has a special set of rules or policies for the list of internationally recognized bodies (Institutes/ colleges/ universities).

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An international student cannot work for part time or full time under a normal student’s visa in USA, UK and few other countries. Only some international students with amendment in their visa, studying full time undergraduate or post graduate degree course are allowed to work part time during term up to maximum 20 hours a week in foreign countries. European students who migrate from one European country to other country do not face such restrictions in European Union.

International students have many opportunities to work part time if their college comes under few listed and recognized educational bodies. Such jobs earn the student much needed additional money and gives him/her extra skills of working as a team and teaches him how to make most of it.

Asian students are most likely prone to select programs designed for international students in many countries with China and India in lead. The first choice of international students is USA, UK, Australia and Europe. To work part time in US, UK and Australia a few changes are needed to be done in your student’s visa otherwise your job is considered as illegal employment and your visa can be cancelled. International students must avoid such situations so that their education does not get hampered in the process.

Generally on a student visa international students are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week. A student can start working once the course gets started. This process of working while studying in a foreign land has few procedures to follow. An international student must talk to the advisor in international student office to know what kind of options are available for his unique situation. On-campus employment is a more viable option for currently enrolled international student who wants to earn money. If gaining experience is the objective, doing some relevant volunteer work or completing an internship for academic credit may be an option.

An international student while perusing education can enroll in internship program suitable to his field of studies. Job opportunities open for international students after completion of their educational courses are endless, these include major fields like-

-Human resource
-Information and technology
-Software development
-Practicing Medicine

Engineering, health related jobs were already famous for international students. Jobs in marketing, sales, finance, accounting and marketing have also developed considerably with high pay roll international students as well as locals are readily employed in these fields. Software development and information development is field’s as such where your skills are given more importance than the country you belong for, international students from around the world get hired in many IT firms and software development programs with financially secured jobs. Jobs in Teaching fields as foreign language tutor, English language teacher are in constant demand in Middle East Asia and in southern Asian countries, various teaching programs in Africa Australia and Africa higher international students for teaching jobs.

An international student must research for all the available options for him. There are a number of resources available to help international students assess their job prospects and options and find job opportunities. Students must understand the job market in their field and pursue employment.

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