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KENYA Scholarships-Harvard University

Harvard University
John. F. Kennedy School of Government
Scholarships for International Students -AFRICA

KENYA-Inter-University Council for East Africa (IUCEA)

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  1. I have just completed my high school course awaiting to join the university.I live with my mother in Kenya.She is a single mum and she is not financially stable at all to support my school fees.I have always wanted to persue medicine and I really need a scolarship to study at Harvard University.I’m really hardworking and a very well behaved young lady.I’m loooking forward to hearing from you

  2. JOSPHINE says:

    AM A kenyan finalising my undergraduate degree by april next year am looking for scholarship to further my studies in gender and violence against humans and especially vulnerable children and older women can u asist me to look for one

  3. Kimondo Daniel says:

    Im a former student at makerere university, U ganda. I finished my final exams in may 2009 but might not my results due to the outstanding balance I have against my parents who are peasant farmers. I would like to join an educational institution abroad where I can achieve my dreams but my financial weakness is hindering me. I would realy appreciate you sponsorship through which I can achieve my goals and lift my parents out of poverty. I look foward to hear from you

  4. priya says:

    i m currently doin my MBBS in an indian university here in India, i hope to apply in my 4th year for HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL , i have no idea how i can achieve this without a scholarship and some assistance from who has reached my destination fromt he sam eposition.I have to add that how will i be able to equate my scores with the harvard system of grading?

  5. Felix Dieto says:

    After my form four i usually had a dream of pursuing a Bachelor degree in Bio-Chemistry.If you could help me get a university that offers scholarship with the course mentioned then al be greatful to you. I did obtain a good grade and believe me, am kind of desperate for a scholarship.

  6. Felix dieto says:

    Am requesting for financial support as regarding scholarships inorder to achieve my dream that i have been patient with for now five years down the road after ma form four in 2004 where i managed to attain a good grade. Am an orphan who lost all the parents at an early age and my sister is the one who saw me through education but at the level she is now she can’t pay for my fees any further due to finatial issues. Your scholarship can be the only road to ma success and i do appreciate you for that. Your reply through my email will be kindly appreciated.

  7. i am kindly asking for educatonal support through scholarship. i highly passed my high school examination though my gurdians are not able to meet the cost of educating me to the professional level that i deserved and have opted for me to search for cheap college where they can afford yet it is impossible.so if you could be of any help please may God touch your hearts so you can offer me the help.

  8. Victor Cheruiyot Rono says:

    I am a 2008 form four leaver in Kenya who did my kcse in Nairobi school. I scored an A plain aggregate with 6 plain As and an A minus that is 83 points out of the possible 84. I would like to know whether there are any available academic scholarships in Havard University for people like me and if so, how do i go about with the application and what are the qualifications?

  9. Anne says:

    I cleared fourth form last year and attained the grades that will make me meet my dreams of pursuing an undergraduate course in International Relation and Diplomacy , unfortunately the course is competently offered in United State International University (USIU) and my parents who are much willing can not be able to meet the fees required to make my dreams come true. Am humbly and sincerely looking for sponsorship from either individual or an organization which can help me through this block in my life – In God everything is possible, please assist

  10. Innocent says:

    Have been interested in Aeronautical engineering since childhood but now here i am just an ordinary Kenyan,performed well in my ‘O’ Levels and our Universities don’t offer that but then i can’t afford the exorbitant fees charged for the course abroad.Can you be of any assistance?

  11. peter nzioki says:

    i am very hard working student of highway secondary school , Nairobi and i would like to appeal to any willing organization to grant me a full scholarship to Harvard university to study neurosurgery. am the the son of a single mother of two and her current financial situation does not allow her to pay for my college fee . i would greatly appreciate any willing person or organization that would be willing to sponsor me as am young man with great vision of the future and hopefully when i sit for my final exams this year they act as the stepping stones towards a better life.

  12. ibrahim mohamud says:

    am currently a third year environmental health student in kenyatta university.i come from avery humble back ground from northern part of kenya which is a deprived area.i finished my secondary school thanks to a scholarship from jomo kenyatta foundation,otherwise i would not have been writing these comments i could be a nomadic cattle herder with out any scholarship.i wish to appeal for any help towards my masters course inany reputable organisation.thanks

  13. peter nzioki says:

    i am very hard working young man with a very clear picture of what i what be in this life , i am currrently schooling at highway secondary school . my dream is to graduate from harvard university as a nuerosurgeon.being a son to a single mother of two life has not failed to throw at me challenges the major one being financial.i would like to humbly request any wiilling organisation to grate me full scholarship to harvard university .i am sitting for my final exams (k.c.s.e
    )in october and hopefully this serve as the stepping stones towards achieving my dreams and look forward to a brighter future.

  14. Tabitha Mwangi says:

    Am currently a student at Mama Ngina Girls High school,Mombasa.I wish to ask for help from any organisation with heart to consider me for a full schorlaship at Havard university.I come from a humble background with only my mother as the breadwinner.My visions and aspiration can only be fulfilled at the Havard campus.The upcoming national exam due October this year will hopefully be the gatepass to my dreams.I might only be 18 years old but i know what i want to do in my life.If only i could get a sponsor so my dream to study Corporate Law could be fulfilled,i would atleast have hope for a better tomorrow for the world in general.Please please

  15. Marumbu Collins Kayange says:

    Iam a Bsc biochemistry student at Kenyatta University expecting to complete my course by April 2010.However this wasnt my dream course.I have always desired to take a degree in medicine but being a total orphan raising fees for the same has been hell to me.Is there somebody out there to help me live my dream career?I desperately need a scholarship to persue a medical degree.

  16. I am a form four leaver who cleared school in 2007 and obtained a B+ as my overal grade am looking for a scholarship chance to study a degree course in biochemistry at any uniuersity in U.S.A to fulfil my career dream.many thanks for help

  17. I am a form four leaver who cleared school in 2007 and obtained a B+ as my overal grade am looking for a scholarship chance to study a degree course in biochemistry at any uniuersity in U.S.A to fulfil my career dream.Thanks in advance

  18. I’m a student in Moi University taking a degree course in BIOCHEMISTRY.I’ll be through with the course in May 2009.However,this was not my dream course.I wanted to do Medicine but my parents,being peasants,could not meet the cost.I still have the dream to pursue a course in medicine.Can somebody out there give me just one chance to fulfil this dream?My parents are currently internally displaced and 4 out of my other 7 siblings have dropped out of school.

  19. samuel chepkiyeng says:

    how can i get full scholarship in harvard university?i am an undergraduate student in kenyatta university and interested in pursuing masters in business administration in harvard university.i would like to know how to apply.thank you


    I was admitted to Kenyatta University this year[2008] for a course in Bachelor of Education in Home Economics but due to financial problems,i did not join.Is there any way you would assist me so as i can get my education as from next semester[january 2009]?Thanking you in advance

  21. JOSHUA says:

    my parents have been in quite financial constraints n are finding it really hard for me to continue with higher education.is there any organisation that can help me join a university.i have excellent score sheets on my academics so far.please,try me out and see if i fit your criteria and qualifications?

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