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KFC Funding for Degree Course to Staff

In 120 countries and territories with over 18,000 outlets KFC is the second largest fast food chain after McDonald in sales. This fast food giant, investing £600,000 for funding 60 of its restaurant managers for three-and-a-half year of business management degree courses over the next five years.

Along with its specialization in fried Chicken, KFC is also moving towards educational treat. For the academic start, KFC has partnered with renowned De Montfort University (DMU) of Leicester, UK. This is the first time that a restaurant chain has launched any business management course for its staff.

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KFC will award total 60 restaurant managers in the period of 5 years. In this process, 23 applicants have already been selected in first slot that were enrolled in January and started their program in combination with residential sessions at the college. Tuition fee was paid in the 50:50 ratios between employee and employer and the cost of the college accommodation, covered by KFC. The overall cost will be £9,000 over three years, the same figure as the annual tuition fee at many universities in England.

Martin Shuker, managing director for KFC UK, said “By this program company will get the chance to give academic reward to some of our best performers who never had the chance to go to university when they were younger. “

He added: ‘Our employees will gain a meaningful and respected qualification while still earning money.‡

Earlier, in 2006 also KFC started, “KFC Colonel’s Scholars scholarship” for high school seniors to pursue college education by supporting tuition fees, books, room and board. In that scholarship, awards were offered $5,000 per year and scholars receives up to $20,000 over four years to complete a bachelor‡s degree. Since its commencement, the program has awarded more than $5 million in scholarships.

In today‡s era the combination of working and studying together is the key to success and is the pillar on which ones future and career depends. Apart from this, KFC is always an active participator in many other social activities like: organized “World Hunger Relief Week”, focusing towards environmental protection, waste recycling initiatives, animal welfare and supplier code of conduct in an ethical and responsible manner. These social activities made by the company to contribute to the society in improving the quality of life of humans and focusing on the betterment of environmental issues.

This initiative of KFC is a better example of learning while earning and its employee will surely enrich academically and professionally by this.

Ghosia Tabassum