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Learning: An Endless Process

Generally people think, once they get their college degree, the learning phase is over and it’s time to work but life-long learning is the secret to success in professional and in personal life also. Learning is so important as through learning we are able to expand our minds and begin to see things which we have never experienced. Everytime learning doesn’t mean to accumulate degrees and increasing graph of qualification. It is a continuous process in each phase of life which helps in achieving both professional and personal goals. Learning should have milestones but no full stops.

As very rightly said by Mahatma Gandhi, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever”.

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In today’s era competition in career is neck to neck and to beat this competition one should be eager to learn new changes in professional field. Those who are curious and eager to learn at work and willing to take extra advantage of faster growth in profession always climb on the ladder of success, for them success is endless. It is not just about taking a class or professional training, but also the interest of the learner to take as much from their work experience as possible. Good organizations often provide on-the-job training sessions, conduct internal exams for their employees so that they can learn more and upgrade their knowledge.

In school days preference is always given to academic knowledge and the books are the main source of education, but the real world is beyond this. We learn things easily in practical form than the things in theoratical form. Our mind grasps things easily and quickly in realistic form. Through the process of learning a person can develop various skills in himself which can be very useful to him. Learning develops versatile knowledge and knowledge can never get wasted. A person can always be or rather should always be in a learning phase.

In personal life also, keep on learning is very important, it helps to know how to bring up our kids well, how to maintain personal finance and money management and how to manage our home independently so that prosperity and happiness of the family increases. We should learn for self development and to develop an ability to examine our own minds to identify the roles, activities and priorities that helps in positive thinking and encourage in taking challenges. Learning will help in enhancing our strengths and in minimizing our weaknesses and helps in maintaining a balance between personal, professional and social goals.

Aside from all the professional and personal benefits, learning has a huge impact on our present, as human beings are born curious and for self satisfaction learning will be helpful. Learning is the process of getting fresh or adapting  existing knowledge, perceptions, behaviours, talents, values or preferences. It may also includes, creating various types of information. The graph of learning changes with the passage of time. Learning leads our life to serve well in this world. Learning can lead our life towards all round development of our personality.

Ghosia Tabassum