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Loyola Scholarships : Study At Loyola Universities With Available Scholarships

There are a number of universities called Loyola, having been named after a venerable Christian saint, Ignatius Loyola. These universities are considered to be among the best in their respective areas. Additionally, these universities tend to offer a number of scholarships for the students to help them further their education without taking on a financial burden in the process.

Loyola University Chicago

The Loyola University Chicago has six different campuses spread throughout the metropolitan area of Chicago. There is also an overseas permanent campus of the university in Rome, Italy.

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Additionally, the university conducts guest programs in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Beijing, China. The Loyola University Chicago offers 71 different undergraduate programs and 85 master’s degrees. There are also 31 doctoral degrees along with 26 different certificate programs which are of the graduate level.

Scholarships at Loyola University Chicago

The University does offer a number of different scholarships to the deserving candidates. There are some scholarships which are automatically applied for once a student gets admitted to the college. These include the PresidentialScholarships, the LoyolaScholarships, the Dean’s Scholarships, the Trustee Scholarships and the Damen Scholarships. Other scholarships include the Chicago Catholic Heritage Award and the Jesuit Heritage Award. There are still other scholarship programs which can be applied for separately. Those programs include The Loyola Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program and the various Departmental Scholarships.

The scholarships offered at Chicago Loyola are divided into three catagories:
-Loyola University Chicago Merit and Talent Based Scholarships
-Scholarships Automatically Awarded with Admission
-Scholarships Requiring Separate Applications

Loyola University Maryland

The main campus of the Loyola University Maryland is located in Baltimore, Maryland. Being founded in 1852, the university is one of the oldest in the United States of America. The academics of the university encompass a wide variety of subjects and educational programs. The number of graduate programs is 25 while there are 30 undergraduate majors available at the Loyola University Maryland. The university also has study abroad and exchange programs in 24 different countries.

Scholarships at Loyola University Maryland

The University is a believer in ensuring that finances do not become an obstacle in the path of higher education. With that view, it offers a range of scholarships for the students. Scholarships at Loyala Maryland are offered on the basis of both merit and need.

Four types of merit scholarships are the Presidential Scholarship, the Clavius Award, the Claver Scholarship, the Magis Award and the Marion Burk Knott Scholarship. These are offered for undergraduate admission.

Loyola University New Orleans

The Loyola University New Orleans is one of the bigger universities in the southern side of the United States of America. The university is divided into a number of colleges with their own speculations. They are the College of Humanities and Natural Sciences, the Joseph A. Butt, S.J., College of Business, the College of Social Sciences, the College of Law and the College of Music and Fine Arts. There is a huge range of majors top choose from in the Loyola University New Orleans along with a similarly extensive range of minors. The graduate programs are sizeable as well.

Scholarships at Loyola University New Orleans

Students become automatically eligible for the merit based scholarships as soon as they apply for admission at the university. The Ignatian Scholarship can be applied for separately as well. Additional grants are available for those students who require financial aid.

Loyola Marymount University

The Loyola Marymount University comprises of six different schools and colleges and is located in downtown Los Angeles. The university, often abbreviated to LMU, has 60 majors on offer. There are also 56 different minor undergraduate programs and degrees. A total of 41 programs for master’s degrees are available as well.

Scholarships at Loyola Marymount University

Most of the scholarships require the students to submit an application separately. By applying for admission, the student automatically applies for some other scholarships. Some of the scholarship programs available are Arrupe Scholarships, Trustee & Presidential Scholarships and LMU Scholarships.

The scholarships do make it easier for students to apply for these prestigious universities offering a range of programs.