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MasterCard Foundation/ Women Advancing Microfinance (WAM) Scholarship in Ghana

The University of New Hampshire’s applications is being started for African candidates who are intending to begin training at the university in the following academic year in the US.

Study Subject: Advancing Microfinance
Employer: University of New Hampshire’s
Level: Training

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Amazing scholarship for African candidates

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  • Practitioners who have at least two years experience in the microenterprise development field
  • Practitioners who work in Africa
  • Practitioners who work for NGO or Development Finance Institutions and policy development organizations
  • Women practitioners
  • Candidates coming from disadvantaged backgrounds, preferably from rural and resource-poor areas
  • Applicants who make some level of financial contribution to tuition, room/board, and/or travel costs

How to Apply

The application process for SMDP-Ghana begins by completing the application. Click above for the application as a Word document (unless you are applying for a MasterCard Foundation Scholarship. If so, see below). We will reply within ten days to inform you of your eligibility to participate in the program. Those who are not accepted will be notified of the reason for the denial or to provide further information if applicable.

  • Do not complete the registration form unless you can fully pay or are 100 per cent sponsored for tuition and room/board OR you are applying for The MasterCard Foundation Scholars program (if so, see below).
  • You may register for Week One, Week Two or both weeks. You may register for only one track per week but you can change tracks for the second week if you wish.
  • One week enrollment begins on Sunday evening March 13th or March 20th (dinner is included on the night of arrival) and ends on Saturday morning (breakfast included). Two-week enrollment begins on Sunday, March 13th (dinner included) and ends on Saturday morning March 26th (breakfast included).
  • Once you have been notified of your acceptance in the SMDP-Ghana you must make full payment or a minimum deposit of $500 within fifteen days to confirm the registration. Until full payment is received, we cannot guarantee your place in your chosen course. Payment of any outstanding balance is due before arrival at the program.
  • Once a deposit has been received, participants will get an e-mail confirmation giving them access to their online registration where they can update and make changes to the course selections or other information as needed.

Application Deadline: Closed

Further Scholarship Information and Application

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