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MBA in Germany : Get Your Best Management Degree Here

The popularity of an MBA degree has risen in recent times throughout the world and many students opt to pursue their higher MBA studies in international business schools.

The Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program has strong connections between theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Germany has always encouraged academic excellence and the nation welcomes international students to pursue MBA in Germany.

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There are different methods for a student to attain an MBA degree in Germany. A full-time course lasts for a period of 12 to 24 months based on the university, the program and the state. Many universities offer MBA education as half-time studies. This allows individuals working in companies and organizations to attend MBA classes during the evenings or on weekends.

Due to the limited time of study, it takes longer to complete the course. Germany also offers students the choice of Executive MBA, wherein students enter into an agreement with the employer and are financed by them.

The tight structure of this course makes it ideal for executive managers. Distance learning is available in some MBA schools. The structure of the course is flexible but requires a lot of discipline on the part of the student.

In order to become eligible for an MBA course in Germany, students must possess a Diploma or Bachelor’s degree. If the student possesses sufficient practical experience on the subject, they can enter the university without a degree. The MBA courses in Germany are recognized by employers all over the world and so, MBA graduates will not face any difficulty in finding a lucrative job. However, students must enrol in institutions with proper accreditation of the study programs. Though the tuition fees for MBA courses are rather high, in Germany, educational costs are less expensive. 


EBS Business School

The EBS Business School happens to be the top private university for MBA studies in Germany. The institution offers dual degree which has received accreditation from AMBA. The dual executive MBA degrees, DBS and EBS, are delivered to the students in conjunction with Durham Business School in the United Kingdom.

Located in Oestrich-Winkel, the EBS Business School offers full-time MBA course with three excellent and distinct track options – the Accelerated Track which lasts for 12 months, the 16 month Gateway to Germany track which prepares global students for a career in Germany and the International Track of 16 months which offers an integrated foreign educational experience to students.

Hochschule Bremen – International Graduate Center (IGC) 

The IGC or International Graduate Center in Bremen was founded by the local University of Applied Science as an interdisciplinary Graduate School for leadership and management training. Applicants who hold a first university degree and wish to pursue MBA in Germany will benefit from the numerous courses on offer by the International Graduate Center in the segment of international business and management. IGC provides students with excellent postgraduate education which satisfied not just the academic requirements but the job needs as well. The institution focuses on team oriented seminars and lectures which occurs in small groups of 25 students.

European School of Management and Technology (ESMT) 

Situated in Berlin, ESMT offers students a full-time MBA course of one year duration. This institution offers a personalized outlook towards management education and excels in the field of technology management, innovation and sustainable business practices in an international market. It is no surprise; therefore, that ESMT was declared the highest-ranked business school in Germany.

Mannheim Business School (MBS)

Regarded as one of the best B schools in Germany, MBS consistently holds top ranking positions. The institution offers students with the opportunity to pursue both part-time and full-time MBA courses. The course is structured in such a manner that students benefit from access to a strategic framework for lifelong management education.

HHL Leipzing Graduate School of Management

The oldest business institution in Germany, HHL has a glorious history that extends more than 100 years. Being a private university, HHL has received accreditation from both international (AACSB) and national (ACQUIN) agencies. The school aims to provide students with the highest quality MBA education. The full-time MBA course is taught completely in English and is specially designed to facilitate ambitious and talented students seeking to establish a good future.

Otto Beisheim School of Management (WHU)

Considered to be one of the most elite business schools in Germany, the Otto Beisheim School of Management offers full-time MBA course to prospective students. The year-long program is designed to equip participants with the skills of change, master strategy and competition in an international context to advance their career.

Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

The Frankfurt School offers three distinct MBA courses to students – one full-time MBA and two part-time programs – MBA in International Healthcare Management (IHM) and the Executive MBA (EMBA). The courses cover a wide range of leadership and management topics.

Goethe Business School (GBS)

Situated at the heart of one of the main business centres of the world, the Goethe Business School happens to focus on high-quality management education in Frankfurt. The teaching method at the institution combines world-class research and tuition with advanced study resources, hands-on learning and active networking.

The Munster School of Business Administration and Economics

A part of the University of Munster, the Munster School of Business Administration and Economics is one of the most competitive business schools in Germany. The institution provides executive MBA courses to students.

University of Cologne

Accredited by EQUIS, the University of Cologne offers one of the best MBA courses in Germany. The institution offers both full-time and part-time MBA courses.

The MBA courses in Germany happen to be rather widespread and in great demand among the international student body. The change the perspective of the students and help them establish a successful career.