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MBA In Japan

A person who intends to go for higher education in Japan can chose among the various institutions of higher education which can be broadly classified as –

Specialized schools whichprovide rigorous training and awards degree after two years of the course.
Universities that teach in a broader outlook and awards a degree after four year of the course. To enter university student has to give entrance exam. For that they have to go two years of training at a private preparatory classroom but some students may by pass this.

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Types Of Universities

There are 3 types of universities in Japan

National Universities
National universities are higher in the standard of teaching.They focus on teaching the basic concept and to make the fundamentals clear.

Private Universities
These are many in number. They can be very good or pretty ordinary. Some private universities have made reputations better than national ones and are competing with them.

Public Universities
These are better than most of the private universities. They are run by the local governing body.

National universities are more reputed in case of standard of teaching. They focus on teaching the basic concept and to make the fundamentals clear.

Some Universities Offering M.B.A In Japan

Mc Gill University

It is providing one of the leading programs in Japan. It provides two years 60 credits general programs on the similar grounds on which it operates in McGill Montreal Campus Canada.

Pattern and specializations offered.

-Credits of Core.
-Credits of electives.
-Credits of internship.
-Credits of international trip.

Graduate School Of Management, Ritsumeikan  Asia Pacific University

It gives two year course of MBA program. It provides a degree in
-Innovation and technology management
-International business and marketing

Graduate School Of International Management (GSIM), Aoyama Gakuin University

It gives two types of M.B.A programs.
-Regular M.B.A program it is completed in 2 years.
-Executive M.B.A program it is completed in 1 year
-100 students can be registered in one session

Waseda University- Waseda Business School

It gives specialized M.B.A programs.
-It has six themes which are covered in two research fields
-Strategic management and entrepreneurship management
-Account and finance
-Strategy, competition and venture
-Organization and human resource
-Financing and information

Keio Business School Keio University

It started M.B.A in 1978 as Japan’s first full time two year MBA program in Business administration

Graduate School Of International Management, International University Of Japan.

It offers M.B.A in
-Strategic management

Nagoya University Of Commerce And Business

Nagoya University was established in 1953. Its MBA programs have been accredited by both AACSB and AMBA. It offers
-Fulltime MBA program
-Global MBA program which is one year in duration.
-Global MBA is taught in English while MBA is taught in Japanese.

Hitotsubashi University

It provides MBA in business strategy and its MBA program can be taken as two year course or two and half year course. Curriculum includes an;
-Exchange program abroad.
-An internship.
-A project of business plan.
-Research project individual in nature.
It also offers a dual degree course in MBA and the subjects are taught in English

Doshisha University Doshisha Business School

The University provides;
-Global MBA.
-Part time MBA.
-Global MBA is taught in English.

Part time MBA is taught in Japanese.

Globis University

It provide MBA degree –
-Full time MBA
-Part time MBA

Duration of full time MBA is two years while the part time MBA can be extended for 5 years.

Online M.B.A. Scenario In Japan

Though conventional classroom MBA program is pretty popular in Japan, online MBA program is also getting popular there.

Anaheim University Akio Morita School Of Business

Anaheim University Akio Morita School of business is named after the person who founded Sony Company. It gives online M.B.A degree to the personal who cannot attend regular class. It is largest online MBA program for American students. In entire M.B.A program, 10 courses are taken. Course is taught in an accelerated semester format. This means that an entire course can be concluded in just 15 months. Each term is of 6 weeks.

Description of MBA Course
-Data analysis
Utilisation of data is extremely important for this world of competitive scenario. Proper utilisation of data is very significant from this perspective and this is what is taught in the course.

-Global economics
Economics is very important for the company because it is the backbone of the business. To understand it from a global perspective is also essential for the survival in the market.

-Human resource management
In the course, it covers the philosophy and culture so that the person can understand about the main drawback of the strategy of marketing related to a specific location or scenario.

Marketing is indispensable part of the business today at any place. A person in the management should be aware of various types of selection processes that are being applied to the selection of employees.

-Organisational behaviour
Course gives idea to understand the concept of behaviour inside in an organisation.

-Strategic planning and management
Implementation of organisational decisions is not only the first role of strategic planning, but creating and formulation of the decisions is also very important for the organisation to do well. It is focused in the course.

-Innovation and entrepreneurship
Innovation is an important aspect of management as without novel ideas and new concept sticking to old concept will not do any good for the company.

-It management.
Information and technology have become an integral part of today’s world. Hence management of this vital component is required too.

-Managerial finance
Course covers key topics and concepts to take effective decisions for the company. Financial management is also taught in the course.

Temple University’s Fox Executive MBA Programme

Fox executive MBA program has been rated as one of the top 40 worldwide MBA programmes offered in the world . It was rated by the Economist. Any person can be benefited by the dynamic curriculum of the course.

Characteristics of the Program
-Person can take any of the four of fox global MBA programs.
-18 months of duration is required to get the degree..
-Classes are held on Saturdays and Sundays for two consecutive weeks every month. Classes are held in Japan campus at Tokyo.
-Classes are supplemented by online meetings with teachers and students where discussions can be done.
-Course is designed keeping in mind the global perspective of the students’ joining the course.

Mc Gills University

MBA Programme For Working Professionals
This course designed by the University for working people who cannot denote full time to earn a degree. This course focuses on integrated learning so as to make a person learn by interactive method .An overview of the world business environment is given by projects related to the field.

Thus, Japan has many MBA options to consider and some top notch universities are offering varied programs that could be ideal for you.