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MBA In Operations Management

Operations generally refer to the corporate area responsible for producing goods and services. This includes all the activities required to create and deliver a product or service, from selecting suppliers and/or raw materials to supply chain management and distribution. Operations management is the field of management responsible for designing, managing and tracking different processes made up of interrelated, sequential activities through which the component parts are transformed into products.

What Is MBA In Operations Management?

MBA in operations management offers a global perspective of the underlying principles of the production and operations function of an organization. The term operations management has a wider scope and can be broadly divided into service operations and production and manufacturing operations. MBA in operations management encompasses design related activities, planning and control activities and activities which improve the ways to do a function. This course emphasizes on the importance of strategic thinking to stay ahead of others in a competitive world.

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Importance Of MBA Operations Management

MBA in operations management is designed to equip one with the skills that helps to improve productivity and to solve various managerial problems, thereby ensuring the smooth operation of the firm. The course covers every aspect of operations management like manufacturing and production management, vendor development, material and inventory management, supply chain management, distribution and service management etc. MBA Operations Management provides the tools to deliver smooth flow of activities, thus minimizing overheads, reducing wastages, controlling cost, increasing profitability and guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Scope Of MBA Operations Management

MBA Operations management is a course which provides one with the capabilities to manage the whole process of procuring raw materials or component parts, manufacturing the products and delivering to the market ensuring right quality and on time. The scope of MBA operations is very wide as it covers procurement of raw materials, materials management and inventory management, developing information systems, planning and scheduling, logistics and supply chain management. MBA Operations management is designed to ensure functional alignment of various departments, smooth operation of various activities in a controlled manner and systematic running of various processes simultaneously.

Eligibility For Pursuing MBA Operations Management

Similar to other MBA programmes, MBA operations management can be pursued by graduates from any stream provided they have an aptitude for managing activities related to production of goods or services. Patience, negotiation skills, coordination skills, team management skills, leadership skills will be an added advantage to build a successful career in operations management. Most of the business schools require its aspiring candidates to clear a common entrance test like GMAT,CAT,MAT,XAT,JMET etc. or the ones conducted by the institutions itself. The entrance exams will be normally followed by group discussion and personal interview. Some business schools like Harvard also consider the essays written by the students for the selection process.

Career Options After Pursuing MBA Operations Management

Operations Management offers career options at the strategic, tactical and operational levels depending on the Candidates with an MBA in operations management will be able to manage the operations of a firm and hence will be provided jobs like production manager, sales or marketing operational manager, operational manager of a particular section or department, overall operations manager, business analyst, senior associate, operations consultant etc. The salary one may get and career advances generally depends on the skills and abilities for managing the operations of the firm, type of the firm, size of the firm etc. If one is really competent enough, then he can advance to the positions of a COO or even CEO of the firm.

Institutes Offering MBA In Operations Management

Some of the top business schools known for their MBA operations management curriculum are listed below:

Tepper School of Business (Carnegie Mellon)

The Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon gets consistently ranked among the top business schools in the world. Though the Tepper School of Business places a strong emphasis on general management, it is also renowned for its operations management curriculum. The Operations Club at the Tepper promotes operations management, production, manufacturing studies, supply chain and operations research. The club holds events that help the students to understand the concepts and subjects related to operations research like the Operations Boot Camp, the annual International Case Competition (ICC) and the Nuts about ops speaker series.

Why students opt for Tepper School of Business?
Tepper MBA program delivers a high level of preparation and training in both leadership skills and strategic analytics skills which equips its students to confront complex business issues.

Scholarships : Tepper offers a large number of scholarships and fellowships to its potential students on the basis of superior academic, professional and personal background.

Financial Aids: Financial Aid Office (FAO) of the Tepper School of Business helps its students to obtain financial aids required to complete the course successfully.

MIT Sloan

Sloan’s Operations Management Group is rated as the best in this field and is at the forefront of all related activities. MIT Sloan has got a world-renowned curriculum which provides exposure to management theory and its real-world applications. The school hosts a number of research centers that help advance the curriculum and knowledge of the students in this field. The MBA operations management curriculum includes lectures, cases studies, industry interactions, team projects and hands-on labs to teach students the business skills that they should acquire to succeed in the future.

Why students opt for MIT, Sloan?
MIT provides its students to  with the opportunity to apply what they have learned through its Action Labs like Leadership lab, Entrepreneurship Lab, Trading lab, , Sustainable Business Lab etc.

Scholarships : Tepper offers a large number of scholarships and fellowships to its potential students on the basis of superior academic, professional and personal background.

Financial Aids: MIT Sloan offers a three-tiered financial aid process to its students so that potential candidates get opportunities regardless of their financial circumstances.

Wharton School of Management

Wharton’s Operations and Information Management Department provides competent candidates to improve quality and productivity of organizations through its high quality research and education. The Operations Club at Wharton supports professional interests in Operations and Information management by organizing Industry Speaker Series, Case Competitions, Simulations, Factory Tours, Factory Tours and Career Advice & Interview Preparation. Wharton offers a Fixed Core curriculum which teaches Operations Management and a Flexible Core curriculum which offers Operations Management subjects like Business Analytics, Operation Strategy, Information Technology and Innovation. It offers two MBA programs related to operations management.
a)Marketing and Operations Management
b)Operations and Information Management Department

Why students opt for Wharton School of Management?
Students undergo a total transformation as they become a part of the dynamic community at Wharton and get access to rigorous knowledge.

Scholarships: All applicants will be considered for fellowships and notifications will be provided at the time of application.

Financial Aids: Student Financial Services at Wharton provides all the information regarding the financial assistance offered at Wharton. It helps you to explore various financing options.

Ross School of Business

The Stephen M. Ross School of Business of the University of Michigan offers an MBA in operations management which is widely recognized. Technology & Operations Department at the Ross School of Business utilizes technology to transform processes to create lasting value. R&D department focuses on manufacturing & service operations, supply chain management, IT, Business Innovation and Business Analytics. The Operations Management Club provides students with the means of obtaining a career in Operations by organizing Annual Global Operations Conference and various other events that gives students a  hands-on experience in Operations Management.

Why students opt for Ross School of Business?
Ross School of Business offers an exciting leadership program which allows its students to engage with professors and experts in the field.

Scholarships: The Ross School of Business offers a number of merit and need-based scholarships for which all admitted candidates are considered. Scholarship funds come from both corporate and private donors.

Financial Aids: Michigan Ross of Business offers a variety of funding options for the international students.

Krannert School of Management

Krannert School of Management of the Purdue University has a strong focus on Operations Management with research centers such as Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER), Center for Customer Driven Quality, Global Supply Chain Management Initiative (GSCMI), Digital Enterprise Center and Purdue E-business Research Center. The Operations Club organizes Speaker Series, Guest speakers, Workshops, Plant tours, Case competitions and Information sessions.

Why students opt for Krannert School of Management?
The benefit of attending the Krannert School of Management is that it prepares its students to excel in a wide range of areas of different professions through their core classes.

Scholarships: Krannert School of Management offers a number of merit based and need based scholarships to its students.

Financial Aids: Purdue University offers a number of options to fund educational expenses of its students by working diligently to assist its students by helping them to meet the overwhelming challenge.

MBA in Operations Management equips the students with the complete skill set required to manage the operations of a firm successfully. The competitive and dynamic nature of business environment emphasizes the importance of effective planning and efficient management for an organization to survive cutthroat competition. The MBA Operations students may get an added advantage by supplementing MBA operations management curriculum with MIS/IT or information systems courses.