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MBA In Michigan

Earning an MBA degree is extremely essential in today’s business world. An MBA course program is going with high-quality standard education and achieving fantastic results is turning ordinary persons to world-famous business persons. It is the best tool to hold in order to make remarkable changes to the Business environment. It trains you to make impressive moves in a consolidated business network.

Michigan in United States is popular for its highest graded Business Schools that has been imparting education to an impressive ratio of world’s MBA students. On the whole, there are 94 business schools in Michigan and many of them are provided with better rankings. An Average of 22,591 students takes their MBA degree, every year in this Michigan State. There are excellent options that take you directly to the top ten lists of Business Schools in Michigan.

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Reasons Why International Students Pursue Career In Business Schools

About 40% of international students pursue their career in business schools and opportunities for graduates in this field are much more than other streams. The teaching techniques used in these universities are very impressive and focus is provided to students in vast areas of business. Special scholarships are also provided to the international students in the business schools and they are well trained in leadership, management that would help them to become leading businessmen.

The List of Top Ten Business Schools in Michigan

The Ross School Of Business

The Ross Business School at University of Michigan is being one among the highest graded business schools in the United States of America. This eminent School of Business is sited in Ann Arbor, Michigan since 1924. This famous business school has come up with plenty of innovative strategies that join the class-room business theories to the entire business world in practical. They concentrate more on action-based learning and help the students in connecting directly to the deeper business sides. Apart from the business school, it also homes research centers and foundations that offer plenty of learning and testing opportunities.

List of courses offered here: There is an impressive list of courses offered in this business school. BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration), MBA (Master of Business Administration), MM (Master of Management), MACC (Master of Accounting), MSCM (Master of Supply Chain Management), MsE (Master of Entrepreneurship), and PhD (Doctoral Studies program).

Tuition Fees: It costs around $52,394 to get educated in this Ross Business School.

Scholarship: Amount up to $5000 can be received from scholarship and based on professional and academic ability

Michigan State University

Michigan State University is one of the top business schools in Michigan, which is traditionally strong with a set of proper professional course programs and academic disciplines. It is established in the year 1855. They engage themselves in providing the best and advanced courses of business in order to transform their students with a better approach to the present business world. They thrive hard in making a positive difference in the business world. They are the ones who promise their students to impart a better quality education and quantitative skills they needed.

Various modes of learning: They offer a distinct range of learning opportunities like Distance learning, weekend/ evening college, Study Abroad etc.

Scholarship: All students are eligible for scholarship based on their academic performance and with a cumulative GPA of 4.0

Eli Broad College Of Business

The Eli Broad College of Business in Michigan has been serving best to the MBA aspirants for many years. It has ranked well in the list of top business schools in Michigan.

Tuition Fee: The tuition fee may cost you around $27, 191 per year if you are in-State. If you are out-of-state, it may reach up to $43, 135. If you are doing a full-time MBA course of two years, it may cost around $54,452.

Concentrated areas in Business schooling: Human resources, supply chain management and Finance.

University Of M Flint School Of Management

The University of Michigan-Flint (MI) holds plenty of course concentrations. It has been in the Business schooling for many years and still going strong in contributing business knowledge to the aspirants. It concentrates mostly on Economics, Health care administration, accounting, information systems, health care management, International business and finance.

Tuition Fee: The total tuition fee may cost you around $14,466 per year if you are a resident of Michigan State. If not, you may need to pay around $17,952. Special scholarships are provided to students in various careers like nursing and research for a sum of about $10,000.

Scholarship: Different scholarship are provided with the different fields of Study.

Central Michigan Business School

The Central Michigan Business School is earning some good results in offering business solutions to the aspirants. It is in the Michigan State and successfully producing the quality educational services. It admits the students with an average GMAT score of 450.

Tuition Fee: The fee you have to pay here is around $14, 400 per year.

ScholarshipFinancial aid is provided to students in this college and about $4125 a year. The college has reported to provide about $6 million rupees as scholarship in the year 2014-15.

Main areas of Concentration: Marketing, information systems, accounting and leadership/management.

University Of M Dearborn College Of Business

This famous UMD College is being into the educational services since very long. It takes the students with a GMAT score of 588 on an average. Their main areas of concentration are supply chain management, Finance, information systems, accounting, international business and healthcare administration.

Tuition Fee: It may charge around $9,520 if you are a resident of Michigan. If you are non-Michigan, it may charge up to $17,840 per year.

Saginaw Valley State Business School

Saginaw Valley State University accepts the students with GMAT score of 547 on an average. They focus mostly on the areas such as Leadership/management, economics, finance, accounting, international business, etc.

Tuition Fee: It will charge around $8,933 per year for a Michigan resident. For non-Michigan residents, it will charge up to $16,805.

Scholarship: The SVSU Financial Aid Staff has created a financial aid package that can include scholarships, grants, loans and work study to make education of students easy.

Seidman College Of Business

This business college is sited in Grand Rapids, Michigan and been offering some valuable educational services to the aspirants. The average GMAT score accepted here is 550. Accounting is the main area on which they concentrate more.

Tuition Fee: The money they charge for you is around $13,608. If you are not a resident of Michigan, it may raise up to $18,168.

Scholarship: Wide variety of scholarships are provided here both to the new and returning students.

Oakland Business School

The Oakland Business School is something that makes you pretty interesting in learning business techniques. It has come out with plenty of impressive teaching technique that draws the students’ attention. It has a very impressive list of focus areas. Human resources, finance, international business, accounting, supply chain management, entrepreneurship, information systems, healthcare administration etc. fall in this category.

Tuition Fee: It costs you around $21,429 per year. If you are out of Michigan State, then it may come up to $36,972.

Scholarship: The amount for scholarships provided by this business school is about $2000-$4000. An application form needs to be filled to avail this benefit.

Detroit Mercy Business School

This is also one of the famous business schools in Michigan. The specialization areas in this school are organizational behavior, international business and finance. The acceptance of GMAT score is 541 on an average.

Tuition Fee: They may charge around $9000.

Scholarship: The scholarships are given based on the merit of the applicant and even based on extra-curricular activities. The Amount of the scholarship is about $10,000- $21,000 is given for a year to the graduates.