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Become The Global Leader In Business Management With MIT MBA Program

The world’s leading business school, MIT Sloan School of Management conducts cutting edge researches and provides quality education on management to students from across the globe. The management school is the wing of MIT’s rich tradition of research based education. The MIT School of Management specializes in offering premier management programs to shape the leaders, who will redefine, build and create innovative products, markets, organizations and services in future. Here the students get an opportunity to work together across MIT, contributing to and capitalizing on the entrepreneurial culture and distinctive intellectual excellence of the institute.

Instigated in the year 1914 as a branch of the engineering administration curriculum, MIT Sloan School of Management first started offering master’s degree in management in the year 1925 and hence with a successful track record MIT was acknowledged as the first institute to offer university based executive education in the year 1931.

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The MBA Program at MIT Sloan comprises a matchless amalgamation of live discussions, case studies with engrossing classes taught by some of the world renowned faculty, stimulating collaborative projects, Action Learning Lab Classes and unique opportunities to interact with some of the industry leaders. With broad spectrum of learning options at MIT Sloan, students will be in the fortunate spot where they will experience exceptional career growth, personally, academically and professionally. The MIT’s MBA Program inculcates self-assurance in your own leadership skill set and your capabilities to meet wide variety of challenges in life. The MBA Program even impels you towards completing your aspirations and career goals.

Why opt for MIT Sloan MBA Program?

-The MIT MBA Program ensures exponential growth, personally, academically and professionally.

The program comprises of Action Learning Sessions where the students will learn how to imply academic concepts to solve real world business issues.

-It comprises of integrated lectures that connect historical context with present-day issues and even offers opportunities to students to work with live team projects.

-With The Sustainable Business Lab (S-Lab), The Leadership Lab (L-Lab), The Global Entrepreneurship Lab (G-Lab) and The China Lab, the students experience the perfect action learning sessions.

-The rigorous, specialized and diversified curriculum epitomizes MIT’s commitment towards balancing creative theories and concepts with real-world, practical application.

-The MBA Program at MIT Sloan is precise in nature as it is distinguished with greater emphasis on quantitative analysis and analytical reasoning compared to all other top-tier MBA programs. 

MBA Curriculum

The core element of MBA Program curriculum at MIT Sloan is Action Learning, where students learn to apply academic ideas and theories into real world business challenges. MIT Sloan offers ultimate blend of MBA Program that comprises in-depth case studies, live team projects, integrated lectures that equip the students to become modern day entrepreneurs and leaders of the industry.

The program also lays a foundation for career exploration of students, and provides them opportunities for reflection and personal growth. Besides, students also develop their leadership skills, improve their academic experience and make themselves prepared for their professional lives ahead.

Instigating with rigorous one week orientation, the two year full time MBA Program at MIT Sloan comprises a one semester core. This semester includes 5 tools based courses, including one elective, one project, leadership and communication along with one extended week for innovation period. The remaining semester of MBA Program is given over to electives, where students get an opportunity to structure their course as per their need and desire. Apart from MBA Degree the institute also offers Master of Science in Management (SM) to students who specially accomplish a discretionary thesis to receive the degree of SM.

Application Process

MIT Sloan School of Management only considers application of those students having passion, dedication and quest for knowledge. The institute seeks motivated, diverse and dynamic group of students having leadership qualities, creativity and zeal to change the business world.

To build the robust community of students, MIT Sloan seeks for individuals who signify:

-Leadership skills and capability to inspire other students
-Dedication towards community with collaborative spirit
-Analytical strength and intellectual curiosity
-Innovative concepts to create latest solutions for all existing business challenges
-Growth in both personal and professional endeavors

There are only two deadlines available for students in each admission cycle at MIT Sloan. There are no special requirements for application procedure like, GMAT/GRE scores, and GPA or work experience as each application is considered individually and admission is taken on case by case basis. Students may apply for their admission into the institution in the starting of June every year, when the applications for MBA Program are invited. The applicant needs to ensure that their application accompanies the following crucial things:

-Optional Information
-Letter of recommendation
-Test Scores
-Application Fee 



To support MBA education at MIT Sloan, the permanent residents and U.S Citizens can apply for Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), but they need to file their income tax returns first. After enrolling into the program, all the national and international students who are planning to apply for educational loan need to submit their MIT Graduate Loan Application form to MIT Student Financial Services.


There is variety of fellowships available both for permanent U.S Citizens and other international students that they can avail to support their MBA Program at MIT Sloan. Most of these awards and fellowships are offered on the basis of need and merit. You may check the list of fellowships available for students at, List of Fellowships.

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