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Muslim Scholarships

Muslim Scholarships, 2018

A great number of Muslim scholarships that are being provided in 2016 are aimed at undergraduate, graduate, PhD and training programmes. Students who are willing to carry out a degree in Islamic studies are qualified to apply for varied Muslim programs.

Numerous academic institutions like IDB-BISEW, MTFA, etc. are offering phenomenal programs helping meritorious Muslims to avail reasonable funding benefits and consequently form an excellent profession.

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Exceptional chance for Muslim students.

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To apply for these Muslim financial aids, check out the application requirements carefully. For more details on Muslim educations click the links below.

Islamic Scholarship Fund
To apply, applicants must be Muslim or active member of the Muslim community; Enrollment at an accredited university in the U.S. by August 2017; Majoring in an ISF supported major; Maintaining a minimum 3.0 Grade Point Average; a Citizen or Permanent Resident of the U.S.; an undergraduate (sophomore/junior/senior) or of graduate standing (includes PhD). The goal is to award 40-50 in 2015 ranging from $2,000-$5000.  The deadline to submit a complete application is March 21st, 2017.

Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies (OCIS) Scholarships
Applications are invited for Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies to undertake a graduate degree at Oxford University. Free Schoolings are available for UK (ordinarily resident in the United Kingdom and from a Muslim community), Asian and African applicants. Free Studies will be awarded on the basis of academic merit. These covers 100% of University and college fees and a grant for living costs. Awards are made for the full duration of applicants fee liability for the agreed course. The application deadline is 6 or 20 January 2017 , depending on course.

IDB-BISEW IT Muslim Scholarship
Muslim program is available for a year-long training on an IT discipline leading to a professional diploma. The program would cover the entire tuition fees for each course offered.  It also covers the Vendor Certification examination fee that a candidate needs to pass in order to successfully complete the course.  The Funded College does not cover the cost to be incurred by the candidate for food and accommodation during the training. The application deadline is 31 December 2015.

MWA Aisha (RA) Scholarship
The Muslim Women’s Alliance program is in honor of Aisha (RA), the greatest of women scholars. The purpose of this education is to empower women, an to allow them to become self sufficient. MWA is offering two separate grants, to two separate individuals, in the amount of $1,500.00 each (One thousand five hundred dollars, only). Application deadline is January 15, 2016.

The Lila Fahlman Scholarship
Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW) is awarding for Muslim women to assist in their education. Candidates must be enrolled in a full-time graduate or undergraduate diploma or certificate program at a Canadian college or university. Preference for one of the prizes may be given to a Muslim woman of African descent. Awards of $1000 value will be awarded. New applications will open on January 31 of every year.
Muslimin Trust Fund Association Bursary & Merit Award
MTFA aims to provide financial assistance to Muslims from lower-income families. Singapore citizens or permanent residents, pursuing full-time post-secondary education in Institutes of Higher Learning are welcome to apply. In 2015, MTFA awarded $156,000 worth of bursaries to 130 tertiary students; $150,000 from Zakat funds and $6,000 from MTFA funds.

The Washington Center Muslim Scholarships
The Washington Center (TWC) and the Center for Global Understanding (CFGU) have offered opportunities to support Muslim American undergraduates and recent graduates. Candidates will be provided with a minimum $5,000 to help offset TWC program and housing fees. It encourages eligible applicants to submit their materials before March 12.

Islamic Community Scholarship Fund
The Islamic Funds are funded by the Islamic Christian Endowed Fund and the Islamic Community Endowed Fund. These may be renewable and the number of awards and award amounts will vary based on funds available. Applicant must be Muslim student, enrolled full-time, Must have fully completed the 2015-16 FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) process at Lourdes.

IRF Education Scholarship for Muslim Students
The Islamic Research Foundation (IRF), Mumbai, India, is a registered non-profit public charitable trust. It was established in February 1991. It promotes Islamic Da’wah – the proper presentation, understanding and appreciation of Islam, as well as removing misconceptions about Islam – amongst less aware Muslims and non-Muslims. IRF uses modern technology for its activities, where ever feasible. Its presentation of Islam reach millions of people worldwide through international satellite T.V. channels, cable T.V. networks, internet and the print media.  Fund will be awarded to only good practicing Muslim women.

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