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Fundamentals of Neurosciences: HarvardX Online Course

“Fundamentals of Neurosciences” is a free online course by the Harvard University through edX. The course will be taught by renowned professors from Harvard University. This course will help students to know about the complexity of the human mind. The course comprises of three parts that teaches about the structure and function of the nervous system – from the microscopic inner workings of a single nerve cell to the staggering complexity of the brain. It will also focus on the dynamics behind social interactions and societal relationships that mind makes possible.

During the course, students learn about the nervous system, senses, movement, personality and emotion and the reasons how drugs and disease can change and disrupt normal functioning of the body.

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Course Syllabus

During this module of Neurosciences, students will learn about how individual neurons use electricity to transmit information. The student will experience building up a neuron, piece by piece, using interactive simulations. He will be taken to field trips in and around Harvard and Boston, brought into the lab and will be shown how to conduct DIY neuroscience experiments on your own.

Course Code and Course Date

The course will start from 31st October 2013 for the duration of 12 weeks and the Course code MCB80.1x.

Course Structure

The course will consist of video lectures, homework, assignments and exam.

Certificate of Mastery

On successful completion of the course, students will be awarded with the Certificate of Mastery.

About Instructors

David Cox

He is an Assistant Professor of Molecular & Cellular Biology  and Computer Science at the Harvard University. He completed his Ph.D. in  Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT with a specialization in computational neuroscience.

Nadja Oertelt

She is a HarvardX Fellow and producer for the Fundamentals of Neuroscience course. She has graduated from MIT in Neuroscience and has studied and worked in the visual arts, film, anthropology and archaeology.

Winston Yan

He is a content development assistant for the course. He had graduated from Harvard with a degree in Physics and currently pursuing an MD / PhD program in the Harvard-MIT.