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NDDC Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme – Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) Scholarships

Niger Delta Development Commission Financial Aid for Overseas Postgraduate Program

Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) has been working since 2000 for all over development of Niger Delta. It has been contributing continuously for ecological, economical, social and political development of the delta. Thus results in progressive increase in growth of delta.

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In the same streams, many initiatives have been taken towards educational development. There are scholarships and grants available for student aspiring to study abroad or at home. These scholarship schemes include programs like Postgraduate foreign scholarship program etc.

These scholarships will let Niger Deltans gain more talent and skills and are able to earn an edge in highly competitive environment.

This program provides financial aids to Bachelors and Masters Degree students aspiring to study abroad. It provide financial assistance for Masters and PhD degree programs in the field of Engineering, Medicine, Computer Science and Technology, Geology, Geosciences, Environmental Sciences, etc.

The Minimum eligibility required for the scholarship program is first degree with 2nd class lower division for admission in master’s program and a good Masters degree for PhD program. Applicants need to have admission for the Masters or PhD at recognized university abroad.

The application of which are generally made online through the website of Niger Delta Development commission and information is made available on the website as per the announcement of the organization. The application process requires recent photograph, local government identification letter, Postgraduate admission letter and degrees from recognized University. The list of qualified candidates are generally published or announced on the website.

This scholarship provides many Niger Deltans aspiring to study abroad and fulfill their dreams and gaining edge in highly competitive environment.

Further information about the NDDC Scholarship program can be found here.

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