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OFID Scholarship Award 2009/10 (for International Students)

OFID Scholarship Award 2009/10


OFID (The OPEC Fund for International Development) is pleased to announce that qualified undergraduate students are welcome to apply for the OFID Scholarship 2009/10. The OFID Scholarship will be awarded to support an undergraduate student from any developing country, to pursue higher education in a relevant field of development, in any recognized university/college in the world. Through its scholarship scheme, OFID aims to help highly motivated, highly driven individuals overcome one of the biggest challenges to their careers – the cost of advanced professional or graduate training. The winner of the OFID Award will receive a scholarship of up to US$100,000 The funds will be spread over a maximum of two years, toward the completion of a Master’s degree, or its equivalent, at an accredited educational institution, starting in the autumn of the academic year 2009/10.

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To be eligible the candidate must meet ALL of the following criteria: :

Must be between the ages of 23-32 at the time of submitting his/her application.

Must be a graduating student with a Baccalaureate from a four-year, accredited college/university, or its equivalent.

Must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 rating system, or its equivalent.

Must be matriculated at an accredited university for the upcoming academic year starting September 2009, and must maintain full-time status for the duration of the Masters Degree.

Must be a national of a developing country (please see list of eligible countries)

Must select a subject of study that pertains to OFID’s core mission, such as: economics of development (poverty reduction, energy and sustainable development), environment (desertification), or other related science and technology fields.

PLEASE NOTE: Please read ALL of the directions below before proceeding with the application process:

1. Applicants are responsible for gathering and submitting all necessary information. Applications will be evaluated based on the information provided. Therefore, all questions should be answered as thoroughly as possible. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Once an application has been submitted, no changes will be allowed on it.

2. OFID will not consider applications received through a third party.

3. Please do not call or email OFID to ask if your application has been received, or to inquire about your status.

4. Please note that only the winner will be notified.

5. All materials submitted become the property of OFID and will not be returned to the applicant.

6. Applicants must complete the on-line application form and essay requirement, and must email the required materials to OFID’s email address provided below. All materials including the on-line application, recommendations, and other required information must be received no later than June 30, 2009.

Applicants should submit required documents via [email protected]

II.Disbursement of the Scholarship Fund

The terms and conditions of payment will be determined in coordination with the student upon his/her selection in accordance with the following guidelines:

1. The tuition fees, including any supplementary examination fees, as may be required by the academic institution, will be paid by OFID directly to the academic institution. Health insurance will be paid in accordance with the institution’s own standard medical scheme.

2. A monthly allowance to cover living expenses, books and accommodation, will be transferred to the student’s own personal bank account on a quarterly basis.

3. Prior to the start of his/her first year studies, the student will be paid a relocation grant, equal to two-month allowance. OFID will also pay for travel costs from the nearest airport to the student’s place of residence, to the nearest airport to the chosen place of study. Upon completion of the studies, the student will be paid the cost of one-way air ticket to his/her home country.

III.Required documents

1. A completed on-line application form.

2. A scanned copy of the last university degree or certificate.

3. A scanned letter of acceptance from your chosen educational institution, confirming your admission, subject of study and duration of the Master’s degree program (must not exceed a maximum of two years).

4. A proof of meeting any prerequisites, including language proficiency.

5. A short essay – of about 250 words in English – giving reasons for applying for OFID’s scholarship, explaining your educational goals, and clearly describing how you will use the experience gained from your Masters degree studies to help in the development of your home country.

6. Two letters of recommendation from professors and/or lecturers at applicant’s present university.

IV. Eligible Countries

* In addition to nationals of OFID Member States, nationals of the following countries are also eligible:

Africa :

Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burundi, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Chad, Comoros, Congo, Cote d`lvoire, Djibouti, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Kenya, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Rwanda, Sao Tome& Principe, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe

Asia and the Middle East:

Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, India, Korea DR, Kyrgyz Republic, Lao PDR, Lebanon, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Palestine, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Syria, Tajikistan, Thailand, Tonga, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Yemen

Latin America and the Caribbean:

Antigua Barbuda , Belize, Barbados, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Grenada, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guyana, Haiti, , Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru, Panama, St. Christopher, St. Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Europe :

Albania , Bosnia Herzegovina



  1. Faiza Haroon says:

    Hello. I am Faiza Haroon from Pakistan. I did my graduation in Architecture from National College of Arts, Lahore, back in 2004. It was a five years program. I have got work experience of more tahn four on a wide range of projects in private sector. I want to apply for masters degree in an International University with scholarship. Canada is my priority. Am I eligible for OFID Scholarship Award?

  2. Atalel Wassie says:

    I am graduated from Arbaminch University in the department of Meteorology(Bsc).I want to proceed in this field of study and related fields.My dreams and wishes come to true ,if you once give me achance.I hope, you will concider me for the next season.
    With best regards
    Atalel from Ethiopia

  3. hallo . my name is Emmanuel .
    i write to the world from kenya , iam to join the Kenya college of Accountancy in September 2009 for a course in information technology . however due to lack of funds this may not be possible , might any one out there be able to help me out by finding me a donor for my course .

    or might any one know of any organization that might be able to help me out in terms of funds , any one who might be able to help me out please mail me as soon as possible .



  4. ALHAJI Mustapha Musa says:

    Iam a post graduate student of A.B.U, Zaria Kaduna State of Nigeria seeking for the scholarship to facilitate my learning. Iam in the Faculity of Education MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT.

  5. Gabriel Iindombo says:

    Dear Madam/ Sir

    11 June 2009

    I would like to apply for a Scholarship to go study at ITC University, Netherland for 18 months. I would like to pursue a Master in Land Administration.

    I would like to here from you.

    thank you very much.

  6. Benedict Ndlovu says:

    Greetings.I am presently doing my postgraduate studies with the University of Johannesburg majoring in Theology.Am expected to complete my thesis at the end of June,2009.However my biggest challenge is to raise the R16000.00 that l owe the university which is my tuition fees for 2008 and 2009.NB l am pastoring a church in Hillbrow with an average weekly attendance of between 500 and 600 mostly economic and political refugees from Zimbabwe.I am also a Zimbabwean; married; with three children.Makabongwe is 13;Izwen’inkosi is 8 and Lwandile is 1 year 4months old.Please help.

  7. Amoko Simon Buga, 29th,April 2009 says:

    Dear sir/Maddam,

    im writing this short note from uganda. i have a diploma in agroforestry of Nyabyeya Forestry College. therefore having eyes on this saves my poverty situation and i have full interest to grab this opportunity.

    Dear, would you mind sendind me detailed information about this OFID scholarship award for academic year 2009/10
    tel 0777620242
    Adjumani- Uganda

  8. Amoko Simon Buga, 29th,April 2009 says:

    Dear sir/Maddam,

    im writing this short note from uganda. i have a diploma in agroforestry of Nyabyeya Forestry College. therefore having eyes on this saves my poverty situation and i have full interest to grab this opportunity.

    Dear would you mind sendind me detailed information about this OFID scholarship award for academic year 2009/10
    tel 0777620242
    Adjumani- Uganda

  9. Dear sir/madam
    I am writing from Rwanda ,I am a nurse ,I got my advanced diploma from Kigali Health Institute (KHI) in in general nursing in2008,I am interest for this scholarship do you mind if I have full information on my email .
    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I am Rev. Josephat Sahani Kaboya aged 39 years, an employee with National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) at Tabora Research Centre in Tanzania.

    I have been working with this Research Institution since 1993 to date as a Senior Laboratory Technologist. In 2001, I completed a two year course of Advanced Diploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences (specialized in Parasitology and Medical Entomology) at the Muhimbili University of health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS) by then was known as Muhimbili University College of health Sciences (MUCHS)

    Last year i.e 2008, I was offered a place to pursue MSc -Research/PhD in Biomedical Sciences (Biology of Cancer) in the school of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Liverpool, UK.

    I tried to look for scholarship/sponsorships but I didn’t get any assistance financially. This year (during this academic year 2009/2010) the Liverpool school authority has nominated me again to pursue the same course.

    I therefore, ask you to assist me financially to meet the school required tuition fee (pounds 12,000), bench fee (pounds 3,000.
    Bench fee in years 2-4 will be ponds 6,000 = pounds 18,000.

    The course is of 4 years and this offer is a conditional one (i.e. it depends on the availability of funds) Also, the course commences on 21st September,2009

    I hope that, my financial request will be considered as this course is very important not only to me but also to my institute (NIMR), country and the World at large.

    Thanks and God bless you forever.

    Yours truly,

    Rev. Josephat Sahani Kaboya,
    National Institute for Medical Research,
    P.O.Box 482,
    Tabora – Tanzania.

  11. tigabu says:

    hello sir/madam

    i am 22 years old a graduating clas student in mechanical engineering in arba minch universty, ethiopia .please allow me to continue my MSC study in your college directly after graduation.
    with best regards

  12. yetunde awotuga says:

    i just want to find out more about the scholarship program. i am a Nigerian in 500level studying electronics and computer engineering in a Nigerian institution.i want to find out if am eligible for scholarship.

  13. Gregory Mensah says:

    I have applied for this award for the 2009/2010 academic year to study in the Netherlands. I want to find out when I should expect the outcome of the results. Hoping to hear from you soon. Thank you very much.

  14. ALI says:

    First of all I would like to thank all of you and your institution for providing the scholarship information. My name is Ali Ebrahim. I am from Ethiopia which is part of East Africa. I have Bachelor of Arts (BA) from Haramaya University in economics at 2008.Now I am working in one project which is owned by different Germen Ngos and the Ethiopian government under the ministry of capacity building. The project focuses on four areas which are private sector development, university reform, TVET system development and quality infrastructure.

    Now I am very interested to continue my further education (masters) if I can get any scholarship that relates to my field.Eventhough, I have high interest to continue my further education I have not the financial strength to do so that. I am living in a third world or developing country. It is known that in such countries it is very difficult even to have good daily life. It is very difficult and impossible to continue further education in such countries. Since there is no such further education in these this creates shortage of skilled man power. There is enough and unutilized resource in these developing African countries but the main and chronic problem is that there is no skilled man power to mobilize and use such resource. Today we are living in a global system in which the change or failure in one continent or country affects the other one directly or indirectly. Our world is coming in to one village. For me it is good if I am specialized in my field which is very interesting for my country specifically and the world or globe in general. ECONOMICS, the back bone or necessary field for every country and I am also interested in any business field to specialize .So I am very happy if you provide me with a scholarship any where with any economics or business related field. It may be in the fields of business adminstration, development economics, public adminstration, international trade, policy analysis and designing, macro economics and others

    I am sure that you will provide me with any scholarship that related my interest

    With regards

  15. Mobina says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I’m mobina nouri from Iran. I m studying in the fourth term of M.A of Industrial design in art university of Tehran.(GPA 4)

    my research interests are in the field of design and innovation and culture .
    I will be happy if you please possibaly suggest me a topic which is your field of interest .I want to work under your supervision

    hopefully and enthusiastically

    mobina nouri

  16. Mobina says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I’m mobina nouri from Iran. I study in the fourth term of M.A of Industrial design in art university of Tehran.

    my research interests are in the field of design and innovation and culture .
    I will be happy if you please possibaly suggest me a topic which is your field of interest .I want to work under your supervision

    hopefully and enthusiastically

    mobina nouri

  17. antony says:

    Dear sir/madam
    Receive a lot of greetings from me. First and foremost I should introduce my self to you. I am a Kenyan male, 29 years old single.
    I am a teacher by profession currently a resident of United Arab Emirates. I left my country Kenya in January this year to volunteer in a special school here in Dubai. The school cater for the less fortunate pupil in the society.

    The aim of my writing is to seek your advice how I can get scholarship and pursue a career in aviation industry. It has been my childhood dream to fly an aeroplane. This zeal articulated me to apply for a course in Canada, fortunately the school responded by accepttting me,my letter of acceptance is on onthe way..

    The problem now is how I can raise funds to pay the fees.I shall be done with the assignment which am doing here in dubai in a couple of mouths to come.It was my wish and desire to proceed and do the PPL final CPL after my assignment here

    Please write back,and let me know if i am eligible for you scholarships and what you offer or any other scholarship programme that you know can be of help also send me web addresses that can be of value for my search of my dream career.

    Thank you in advance for assissing me.i hope my humble request wil strike you kind herart positively

    God bless you

    Your sincerely


  18. Adela Shee Lainjo says:

    Hello Mme/Mr/Miss, please i would like to know if one cannot apply to study in his or her country will being on this scholarship? This is because i would love to go in for a master’s program in my country.Thanks

  19. Dear sir.

    My name is Khader Juha ,I”m a graduate student in Computer and Electrical Engineering, from the Applied Science University in Jordan I was an excellant student. And I would like to ask if I”m eligible to do my master degree with your help for getting a full scholarship , in aerospace at any excellant university in europe,

    yours faithfully

    Khader Juha

  20. maylay says:

    We want to apply OFID Scholarship but the university I applied will be started at August 2009. OFID said we must be matriculated for year starting September 2009. Therefore, we would like to know we can apply OFID Scholarship or not.

  21. mohammad aminu hamidu says:

    dear sir.
    i am a student of federal university of technology yola in nigeria. studying accounting please can you enlighting me more about ofid scholarship award and provide oppotunity for an undergraduate like me to benefit from the scholarship award. more grees to ofid elbow.

  22. I am Tresor from the DRC CONGO , I would like to thank all the international bodies for putting their effort together in fighting poverty in Africa , precisely among african students who are really experiencing trouble in term of financing their study , I have been accepted at the University of Cape Town in SA and I am really looking for financial support as I have to regiter for the course I have applied , Please give me a hand this my student number and my cell : mbytre002 0722699250 SOUTH AFRICA /CAPE TOWN

  23. Tresor kalonji says:

    I am tresor from the DRC congo , I would like to thank all the international organisation for putting more effort in fighting poverty in Africa , more precisely among african students who are really experiencing trouble in term of financial assistance , I have been accepted at the University of Cape Town in SA and I currently looking for financial support as I have to register for the course I have applied , Please give me a hand

  24. PRINCE says:

    I am a young Ghanaian pursuing Tourism (IATA)from Canada.As at now I have completed high school waiting for my results to enter university do I still qualify for my IATA Course from Canada?I have completed the first stage and I have gotten it successfuly but I still want to go to the university when my exams is released.Due I qualify for both.

    Best regards


  25. haghai pandisha says:

    my name is haghai k pandisha persuing ba rural development from sua , i expect to gra

    I am serearching a full scholarship to pursue my MBA in Busines Administration. That render to developing countries like tanzania
    for further studies.

  26. Dr Ibrahim Dadari says:

    I am a 27yr old Nigerian graduate of Medicine & Surgery(M.B;B.S.) From Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria Nigeria. Because of my passion for Pulic health, I plan to pursue a Masters program in International health & health care financing by by sept. 2009, in the UK or Europe. I am currently trying to process my admission in some Colleges. Any assistance in cash or kind is humbly awaited, and will be highly appreciated. Am I elligible for the OFID scholarship?
    Thanks for your anticipated co-operation.

    Sincerely yours

  27. temitope tosin ibikunle says:

    i am presently in my second semester ,first year in Cyprus international university studying computer engineering.am i eligible to apply for scholarship.hope to hear from you real soon.
    thank you

  28. emmy says:

    My name is EMMY I come from Nigeria in West Africa. I did both my primary and secondary school education through a spirited person which God almight has been providing for me. I am looking for a scholarship aboard to enable me to further my high education overseas. I am very much srerious deremine to succeed in lifre I believed I could achieve this by furthering my education overseas through a scholarship aboard.
    e-mail:[email protected]
    mobil phone:+2347033064251

  29. haghai k pandisha says:

    I’M FROM tanzania& A 24 YEARS OLD.I’M 3ND YEAR STUDENT IN sokoineUNIVERSITY of agriculture .PLEASE INFORM ME

  30. I am one of the developing countries citizen. I graduated in Medical Laboratory Sciences, and have a good GPA. I want to continue my masters program in any field related to my department. To apply for the OFID scholar ship I am in search for universities, but I did not get yet. would you help me please in searching the universities so that I will apply for the scholar ship? Looking for ward for your kind help and rapid reply.

    yours sincerely,

    Amanuel Abraha

    email: [email protected]

  31. Nnadi Umunneoma says:

    Hello Madam,
    I’m a 23 year old Chemical Engineering Graduate from Nigeria. I would like to commend this forum for exposing students that would like to further their education to scholarship opportunities.
    Please , i would also like to ask, are applicants from Nigeria Eligible for the OFID Scholarships. Thank you

  32. khadija says:

    khadija Masoud on January 20th 11:17am.
    Hi! Am Tanzania, I have degree in law with uppper second class.
    can i be elegible to aply.

  33. dechen says:

    I am a 29 yrs woman from Bhutan and i have a Diploma in agriculture from Bhutan and i have come across your website and found that my country is also eligible to apply for scholarship.well I would like to know if the scholarship is available for a Post graduate diploma in agriculture and if it is available what must i do.thanking you.

  34. Burtgelijn Erdenesukh says:

    My name is Burtgeljin, woman. I am from Mongolia and preparing to study MBA in the United States. I worked in the micro finance bank for 8 years in my country. My country is
    not included in your list of the countries and I already had received my bachelor degree in Mongolia 9 years back. I would like to get your scholarship. I am concerning about just these two requirements. Am I possible to apply for your scholarship?

    I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Regards, Burtgeljin
    My email: [email protected]

  35. Burtgelijn Erdenesukh says:

    My name is Burtgeljin, woman. I am from Mongolia and preparing to study MBA in the United States. I worked in the micro finance bank for 8 years in my country. My country is
    not included in your list of the countries and I already had received my bachelor degree in Mongolia 9 years back. I would like to get your scholarship. I am concerning about just these two requirements. Am I possible to apply for your scholarship?

    I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Regards, Burtgeljin
    Email:[email protected]

  36. Burtgelijn Erdenesukh says:

    My name is Burtgeljin, woman. I am from Mongolia and preparing to study MBA in the United States. I worked in the micro finance bank for 8 years in my country. My country is
    not included in your list of the countries and I already had received my bachelor degree in Mongolia 9 years back. I would like to get your scholarship. I am concerning about just these two requirements. Am I possible to apply for your scholarship?

    I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Regards, Burtgeljin

  37. Panin Olorpukoi says:

    am mr Panin Olorpukoi From Tanzania am doing my research desertation to finalize my study, am currently persuing B,A Community Development at Tumaini-Iringa University which i will graduate at september, i wish to proceed masters in Project planning and management or public health so as to safe the community, currently i cant afford to pay my master am requesting your support.
    mobile phone +255752241863
    and +255713437193
    email [email protected]
    or [email protected]
    God bless you all!

  38. Bezaye Gorfu says:

    My name is Bezaye from Ethiopia. I have BSc in Plant Science from Alemaya University, Ethiopia in July 2005 and MSc in Environmental Science from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia in August 2008. I’m now looking for a PhD and/or another MSc scholarship in Agriculture and Environment related field. Would you please consider my request and contact me through my E-mail address: [email protected] or Postal address: 42536, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    With warm regards


  39. Hi,
    Iam a Ghanaian who completed University of Ghana in the year 2004. I pursued B A . Management and Psychology as my area of studies
    Coming from the northern part of the country precisely in the Savelugu /Naton district where farming is the main occupation of the people makes it very difficult for me to pursued masters programme very difficult.
    Kindly help me get an alternative opportunity to pursue my masters programme.
    Thank you.

  40. Hi,
    I am a Ghanain who compeleted University of Ghana in the year 2004. I pursued B .A . Management and Psychology as my area of studies . Coming from the Northern part of the country in the Savelugu /Naton district where peasant farming is the main occupation of the people makes it extremingly difficult for me to pursue my masters degree since I assumed the role of the dreadwinner of the family.
    Kindly advice me the altenative opportunities I can get to earned a masters’ degree in related field of my area of studies ,and to help develop my communities.

  41. Nthabiseng Lephatsoe says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am a Mosotho girl aged 21. I am currently studying Mining Geology at the university of Witwatersrand in South Africa, doing my 2nd year. I would like to continue with honours after finishing my degree. So can you please help me find a scholarship.

    Nthabiseng Lephatsoe

  42. zemei susan says:

    am a Female Ugandan with a Bachelor of laws (Hons) 3.25 GPA and a post graduate Diploma in legal practice. i would love to get financial Aid to help me furthermy studies. preferably in the field of Development Studies. i will be very delighted to hear from you soon

    zemei susan

  43. Machuma Paul Simba says:

    I m a Kenyan citizen aged 23yrs through with my Bachelors degree -education arts(History,archeaology,political studies and kiswahili)from Kenyatta university-Kenya waiting for graduation and I would like to recieve financial assistance to further my education.PLIZ ADVICE.- [email protected].

  44. Igwe Daniel says:


    I want to use this medium to appreciate your goodwill assistance to African graduates in helping them actualise their dreams

    I am a Nigerian and a graduate of Microbiology from one of the Nigeria Federal Universities.I was surprised when l went through the list of eligible countries for OFID Scholarship and l discovered that my home country Nigeria is not inclusive.

    I have been looking forward to obtaining a financial aid that will enable me pursue my MSc programme in University of Newcastle Upon Tyne where l have been offered a place in Industrial & Commercial Biotechnology and the academic session is billed to commence by September,2009 and l look up to OFID Scholarship to enable me met with the financial obligation in Newcastle University and actualise my dreams and aspirations which will go along way to add value to myself and my nation at large.

    Sir,what do l do to be eligible?l wish to be considered for OFID Scholarship because I see it as a challenge to continue my studies outside my home country.

    I look forward to hearing from you soonest.

    Thank you for your favourable consideration.

    Igwe Daniel

  45. Augustino Joseph says:

    i’ m a Tanzanian boy aged 33 years. I have completed Advanced Diploma in Accountancy in 2002 at the College of Business Education in Tanzania and now want to continue with Maters in Finance.I’m currently working in Kilindi District Council as Internal Auditor. I’m looking for Scholaship or Financial Support in order to continue whith my ambition in Education, Please could you help me to find a Scholrship.

    I’m ready to send to you any documents and to provide you any information in case of need.

    I hope you will help me.

    Yours Sincerly,

    Augustino Joseph

    P.O. Box 18
    Songe – Kilindi, Tanga
    Tel: +255 7863447720

  46. Anand Parihar says:

    Respect Sir,

    i am Anand singh, I have completed Master in social work and Master in Population Studies. Now i am very much interested to Join in PhD programme at International Institute for Population Sciences, Mumbai, India. I am working as a Senior Research Offcer in Population – Environment Project Under Ministry of Forest and Environment, India.

    Really I too Much Interested to Join PhD programme so Please considered my Application for the SCholarship.

    I am waiting for good responce from your side.

    With Warm Regards
    Anand Parihar

  47. saleem khawaja says:

    respected sir

    I am a bonafied student of DOW UNIVERSITY OF HEALTH SCIENCE ;
    KARACHI PAKISTAN studying in 3rd year of {MB BS} . I am 20 years old . I am interested in medical research . Am i eligible for this scholarship ?
    email : [email protected]

  48. missy says:

    Dear Sir,
    i am pleased to hear about OFID Scholarship and i wanna apply for this but first i have to confirm one thing does this scholarship support software engineering field ?please sir must reply me at [email protected]
    i am waiting for your response.

  49. Woldeyes says:

    I am a female. I have a bachlor degree from one of Ethiopian universities. I am currently in Germany and I have applied for an MSc program which has a tuition fee. But I am not able to pay the tuition fee of about 1200 Euro per semester for three semesters. Is there a possibility to get a scholarship for at least paying my tution fees?

  50. Dear sir/madam,
    I am a graduate nurse and i need a for a scholarship for masters in nursing in the USA.

    I am a 26yr old female Ugandan

    Will be glad to get it.

    Thank you for your support.

  51. Mogga Alex Simon says:

    Dear OFID(Sir/madam),
    I am sudanese of 40 years old living in Juba, Southern Sudan holder of bachelor of education. I am looking for scholarship to do master in education or development studies and come back to Sudan.

    I can be reached at my e-mail address or call at +256(0)477110063/+249(0)914092176


    Im kenyan citizen aged31years.Ihold a diploma in community health nursing from KMTC NAIROBI.I intend to do a degree course in nursing (community option)in any of the universities in UK on line
    I m woking with the ministry of health kenya.Please help mo fund my studies in any uniersity of yuor choice in the UK.

  53. khadija says:

    Kahadija masoud salum on December 26th, 200812: 52 pm.
    hi! am zanzibarian lady, university graduate in law faculty.
    am looking for master scholarship in legal drafting of commercial law in any UK university please assist me .

    thank u.

  54. Md. Mijannur Rahman says:

    Thanks a lot for providing this facility for developing countries students.I am from Bangladesh, I have completed my MSS from Dhaka University and subject was Political Science.I am very much interest for studying in Environment, because I have lost my parents by terrible cyclon SIDR last year in Bangladesh. Only for this reason I am trying for getting a scholarship and environment related.
    If possible that you will provide me any support or suggession please response.

  55. MISSY says:

    Dear Sir,
    i wanna get some information regarding scholarship.please do tell me that are there some specific country universities to which your scholarship supports?or we can get admission in any country’s univeristy?please respond me as soon.





  57. muhiddin Hamada omar says:

    Iam Tanzanian aged 31, I have completed my undergraduate studies in BSc biology and chemistry in 2007 with GPA 3.4 . I apply scholorship to develop my carreer. I need to hear from you

  58. Abdi Mohammed Hashim says:

    > Date of birth (year-month-day)
    > 2/12/1986
    > Message
    > I am Abdi Mohammed and an Ethiopian citizen and male of 22. I graduated in august,2008 from Mekelle university,Ethiopia, in Civil Engineering whith CGPA of 3.13. know I am a graduate assistant lecturer in Adama University,Ethiopia.I need to further study,so please give me a chance.
    > thank you!

  59. olanloye elizabeth says:

    Please i want and eager to apply for this OFID schorlarship but i do’nt know whether Nigeria is included. I have been given an unconditional offer/ admission already at the University of Surrey England for my MSc in Radiation and Environmental protection. The money to pay is not there and that is why i’m passionately looking for schorlarship. I don’t want to let go this offer again, please what can i do help me out for christ’s sake. Can i go ahead to apply? Please reply me via my email address. Thank you.

  60. innocent says:

    Am Elukaoha Innocent, in department of food science and technology at Ebonyi State university in Nigeria. I will love to apply for the OFID scholarship but Nigeria is not in the list of African countries. can i go ahead and apply because i will love go for my Msc. in any of the top universites. i will be grateful if my request for scholarship is granted.

  61. Teka lemma says:

    I am from ethiopia,graduated from Addis Ababa university in the field of applied biology and also I have also a diploma from Jimma university of the country.Moreover i have beenworking as avmicrobiologist in Meta brewery inaddition to that ihave reseach assistance in Debrebrhan agricultural reseach center.Though i have all this indicated credintial, i can not afford to accomedate to persue my post graduate study and to allevate the ever challenging problem of the countrys,poverty.
    Therfore,if the OFID fund supports me to persue my post graduate study ,i will be suceesful to acheive the above proplem and targeted the millinnium goal of the country.

    your sceencerly
    Teka Lemma
    Meta abo brewery
    P.o.box 3351
    Addis Ababa

  62. Tesfalem Ketema says:

    I am an Ethiopian, held BA degree in accounting from Haramaya University(formerly said Alemaya University) in 2006. I have 2 years and above years experience as Auditor in governmnet organization. I would be lovely if you could find a full scholarship in any of business fields or related fields or related. Thanks.

  63. ADANE KEBEDE says:

    I am from Ethiopia & have Bsc Degree in Enviromental health science & Diploma in Sanitary science. i am working in organization for Rehaibitation &Development in Amhara region. now i want to study Msc in Public & Enviromental health. so please try to help me to achive ………

  64. Stephen says:

    Dear all, am RURANGWA Stephen from Rwanda holding a Bachelors degree in Economics from Natuional University of Rwanda. I studied Economics majored in Development Studies.Am looking for a scholarship to advance my career as well as developning my country and region at Large. I will be grateful if my request for scholarship is put into your positive considerations.My adress is
    Tel: 25008855758
    E-mail: [email protected]

  65. I have just completed my bachelors degree and would like to get a scholarship to pursue a masters degree, I am not able to raise fee on my own and is requesting for help. Anyone with good news?

  66. James Ocran says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am young Ghanaian and Graduate From one the recognised university in Ghana- Cape Coast University. i studied Accounting and Economices in Education.
    Please sir how can i benefit from the above scholarship.

  67. akamin patrick says:

    Dear sir iam akamin patrick a Cameroonian first year law student. i witch to benefit from the above schoolarship.

  68. Bereket says:

    It is amazing offer for a person who always aspires for better acheivments through new imagination.
    I am currenlty working in the banking industry, specifically in credit reviewing. It has been 4 years since I have graduated in Economics from one of private colleges in Ethiopia. Is it possible for me to advance my education in business economics or development economics?
    thanks for your time

  69. sofia says:


  70. Hi,i was happy when i saw your good news of offering scholarship to individuals for post graduate studies because i thought another oportunity has come to me to realize my dream of higher education.But one of the requirements;submitting admission letter from the desired institution has blocked this opportunity for me.This is because,as a child born to poor peasant farms in northern ghana,who has subsisted mainly on student loan to obtain his university degree at the university of ghana ,and is currently on national service,it would be impossible for me to obtain admission at any university for post graduate studies with regards to finance.I would therefore be pleased if you could help me in this area so as to realise my dream through your schplarship.Waiting to hear favourably from you.Thank you.


    Iam TABAN MALIS GEORGE a southern sudanese who lives in juba south sudan looking forward to pursuing an undergraduate course basing on the scholarship awarded by OFID, Do i qualify for that?
    I have never gone to any university but i completed A level according to the ugandan standard of education, Do i qualify for any undergraduate scholarship?

    Thanks to OFID for trying to make my dreams real as i wait to hear from you.

    Best regards,

  72. Tumusiime.K.Florence[ Mrs. Mutwamu] says:

    I am a graduate student of Masters in Educational Policy & Planning of Makerere University of Uganda, East Africa. I’m seeking sponsorship to pay an educational debt and research since academic year 2004/05 to 2009.
    I’m a mother of six children who are school going and need to be sustained in school.

    You can contact the university at the website:makerere.ac.ug/graduateschool, Email: [email protected].
    My registration No: 2004/HD04/1497U.

    Thank you.

  73. DEAR SIR,




  74. I am secondary school leaver who scored a grade B- in his secondary school certificate and would want to advance his edsucation level.However I cant afford to do so coz I have no money to pya for my schooling.I am only requesting for any aid fromsomeone who is genuinely interested to help me .Please dont play with my heart by responding yet you know that you are not serious.

  75. I am secondary school graduate.I got a grade B- in my sec school certificate. How can some one like me get financil assistance since truly saying I cant afford my schooling coz all along I been financed by bursary.But I need to advanced my education to higher level.If nay one can help then I will be very greatful.

  76. charie alcantara says:

    hi..im charie alcantara..im from tha philippines..i want to apply for the scholarsip..but my problem is..im only 21 yrs.old..
    is there any consideration to my concern? thanks.. more blessings to you..

  77. Ali Zohair Nomani says:

    im a final year student of M.B;B.S. at King Edward Medical University,Lahore,Pakistan expected to be graduating in march 2010.I want to ask if u can kindly let me know of up coming post-doctoral research or masters education under some scholarship program & to kindly inform me of such upcomings in due couse of time.Thanking u in anticipation.

  78. Dawit Hailu says:

    Dawit Hailu from Ethiopia, Iam 30 and single.
    I have B.A. degree in public health from Hawassa University with cumulatve grade point of 3.13 in december 2008 in In my country.
    I also have Diplom in Midwife Nurse with cumulative grade point of 3.52 in october 2002 from Hawassa Health Profetional Training I nstitut(Currently Hawassa Health Science College.
    I also had had three three years clinical work exprianc in rural Hospital andworked on mother and child health.
    The rason for application is mentioned as followes:
    there is shortage educated manpoer to compat public health problems.
    so if you give me a chance I am ready to learn and come back to help my comunity on Identifid problems like :high rate of infant mortality ,high rate of maternal mortallity and toll of HIV burden are majoir problems of the country.
    so to over come the problem thrugh government policis and Implimentation of mellimum gols.Here I am defficeint to carey out those plans and because of this Ineed further education.
    I traied to applay to ZLOG African Health and Humaniterrian Scholarship spain on thersday December 12/2008.
    If you have other oppition mean that aproprate Universities to study masters in public health please help on getting the chance.
    I know that there is some problems in applying for this chance because of poor accsess to get cumputer and Internent on time.
    I am ready to send my curriculem vitea and expected documents
    as I get your respection letters.
    I hope yor help to bring my dream in to real.
    your fathful
    dawit Hailu
    email:[email protected]

  79. SAMUEL NIBRETU says:

    I am Samuel i live in the easter border of Africa that means in Ethiopia.I am 18. I am learning in adama university Ethiopia.My department is engineering. I am very interesting to learn my degree program in your scholarship academy.Finally i am waiting for your response hopefully.Think you!!

  80. Alemu says:

    Dear : Sir/Madam
    i am Alemu from Ethiopia the country situated at the horn of Africa. i am forth year student in Accounting at Addis Abeba University the known and the first in the the country. Currenntly i have a commulative of 3.4 GPA. After acomplition of my first degree i am eagerrly demanded to master degree if i got any free scholarship. Inadditin i have deploma in Banking & Finance, certificate iin Enterprnureship from GTZ, AND OTHER CERTIFICATES & TEACHING EXPRIENCE at technical and vocational institute for six years.i hope that to hear good news from you soon.
    my e-mail adress is “[email protected]” For whatever effort you made on behalf of me i thanks you in advannce.
    Sencerly Yours

  81. Bernard Oguta says:

    I am a second year student in One the private universities within The Capital city of Kenya Nairobi. I would like to get more information of how to get scholarship.I ask for this because i may not be able to continue my studies due to financial problems. Thanks in advance

  82. I earned my BA degree from one of the known university of Ethiopia, mekelle university and I am looking to get a masters program on my career, Accounting and finance. now I am working in that university as Instructor. I have a very good CGPA(3.62).

  83. I earned my BA degree from one of the known universities of Ethioopia, mekelle university in Accounting and Finance and I am looking to get my m asters program on my fields. I have a very good CGPA points(3.62) and now I am working in that university as Instructor.

  84. christopher egba says:

    hello sir, to be sincare with you i am a nigerian by birth, when i went throuhg the message you sent to me i discovered that my country is not among the eligible countries you mention for the scholarship, infact i am disappointed about the whole thing.pls sir i know that their are lot of corupt people in my country who are not trust worthy and honest, but i want to still plead with you to consider my eligibility, because i am seriouslly in need of your help. by the grace of God you are dealing with a wright person, so pls sir if their is any way you can help pls help me. thank your faithfully christopher.

  85. Patrick Okot says:

    I am a Ugandan and a graduate of Bachelor of Science degree (Computer Science, Mathematics) from Makerere University (www.mak.ac.ug). I would wish to apply for a scholarship for a Master’s degree in the field of Computing. I am currently employed at Gulu University (www.gu.ac.ug) as a Teaching Assistant in the Department of Computer Science. My major problem is the TOEFL test, it’s too expensive here in Uganda. Therefore, I would wish to know whether there are some Universities out there that can accept to exempt me from this test since our medium of instruction here in Uganda is solely English. Our official language is also English, so I would wish to be considered for exemption from TOEFL test. Please help! Thanks.

  86. mohd hussain kunroo says:

    Respected Sir,
    I am B A Hons. Economics(final year) student at Aligarh Muslim University(India).Upto 30th of june I may not have received my degree certificate. Aiso i may not be able to confirm my admission of master,s degree upto the required date. What can I do to receive this deserving scholarship under these circumstances.
    Please, Sir, inform me on [email protected].

  87. Derege Kassa says:

    Dear sir
    I would like to apply for this position.Aftr completing the courses sucssfully ican assure you i work for you in the best of knowlage. Thank you for your time.

  88. Kwenyi Roosevelt Sonmbong says:

    I am Roosevelt From the North west region of Cameroon.I am excellent in French and english and have for quite some time being looking for a scholarship to permit me continue my studies in any European country. The process is either too complicated or i don’t understand anything at all.
    I hold and A-level in Biology, Physics,Chemistry and Mathematics. I seek for help, i don’t know were to begin.

  89. Re v Nfor Ephesians Bantar says:

    Sir,I am a Cameroonian aged 39 with Bachelor of Theology june 2001 and Basic Unit in Clinical Pastoral Education,I am a Hospital Chaplaim,lookimg forward for Master im Pastoral Care amd Couselimg,but lack fimimcial means.Can you please be of help to me?

  90. feleke borga says:

    I am Feleke Borga from a very poor area (africa) of developing country Ethiopia. It is at the eastern border of africa .I holds my first degree in 2006 from one of the Ethiopian university with good distinction in Economics. Now at this time I am eagerly looking for my M.A program. But due to financial problem I couldn’t get the chance to up grade my profession and also the tuition fees becomes very expensive from time to time specially for the students of a developing country like Ethiopia .So I am very interesting to continue my M.A program if you could help me in Development Economics or ,Environmental and Resourse Economics or any related fields in economics
    Business administration research or any related area of
    study. Finally I am waiting for your response hopefully.
    Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Thank very much.See you soon

  91. mtomga fater says:

    i graduated in 2006 but i’ve not gained admission in any other institution to do my msc programme yet, can i still apply for your scholarship while i await my admission?

  92. Jacob says:

    I congratulates all the stakeholders of this Schloarship program,i encourage your sscholarship to continue because it benefit as(African) indeed, we were left behind in term of Education but i hope Africa will be in high priority to compete with rests of the continents in technology advancement,
    In all books i have read when i was still studying were written by African Professors which means African people are veery clever. Well, i have completed my Diploma in Social Work and Social Administration(SWSA) in Makerere Uganda,i was about to continue studying but i would not proceed again to studies because of chronic financial problems we are facing in Africa.

    Thanks you indeed for your encouragement,
    i hope African childrens will be all educated

    Makerere Uganda
    Tel: +256712-232437
    Email:[email protected]

  93. omar says:

    I am a kenyan citizen who was admitted in the faculty of medicine Ain shams university,Egypt.I lack financial support and would like to start my studies come january.Pease help me if possible

  94. ruaa says:

    hi dear , im ruaa from Iraq i have master in chemistry with 80.6 avarege from baghdad university . im 26 years old I hope you will help me alot in my future plz tell me how to get your schoolar ship .

  95. ruaa says:

    hi dear , im ruaa from Iraq i have master in chemistry with 80.6 avarege from baghdad univercity . im 26 years I hope you will help me alot in my future plz tell me how to get your schoolar ship .

  96. benyam says:

    Hellow This Is Benyam Girma.I Am living In Ethiopian And I Am 21 Years Old. I Am Very Intersting On This Chance. I Have Diploma In Electronics Tecnology And Also I Have Certficat In Cellphone Hard Ware And Soft Ware Mentanance. If You Accept My Application I Am Very Intersting To Learn Degree Programs In Tecnology Filds Specally Electrical Engnering, Computer Science,Comunication Enginering…. Etc. See You Reciving Your Intersting Message Responce.

  97. nwosa kenneth says:

    pls i’like to know if nigerian is a member of OFID,because i’m a nigerian and dont knw if i am eligible o apply.

  98. Kansite Gellebo says:

    Dear/ Madam
    I am an Ethiopian B.A holder in History minor civic and ethical education on July,2007 from Mekelle university with great distinction. Now I am an instructor at Arbaminch University in history department. I am eager to study my M.A degree abroad equip with the related fields .
    God bless you!!!

  99. Hailemichael Shewa says:

    I have a BA degree in English, I have another BA degree in Management, and I have a master’s degree in curriculum, all from Addis Ababa University of Ethiopia. If I get full scholarship I want to study your offer.

    [email protected]

  100. Samson says:

    It’s really a great opportunty. I have got an admission to a university in U.S for spring 2009. Please look at the folowing letter I have been writing to the university which offered me the admission a minute ago.

    “”Subject: Admission Deferral Request
    I, the undersigned Samson Laine Ghebremariam, am an international student applying for deferring the admission offered to me to an MS in Mathematics and Statistics program, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences,(Spring 2009 to fall 2009). I have no idea to express how bad I am feeling to lose my time waiting for a couple of months. Unfortunately, things do not go the right way. The person, who had promised me to cover all the expenses I may need during my entire time of study, got a problem. For this reason, I decided to defer the admission date for arranging my financial requirements. Now I kindly request you not only to defer the admission but also to offer me a scholarship award. Please have a look at my documents and if there are things that I may require to compete for your scholarship award, please let me know so that I will address them to your satisfaction sooner. I am badly in need of your priceless assistance about deferring my admission and the scholarship opportunities.

    I look forward to hearing a positive reply from you very soon.


    I hope you will help me alot in my future endevours.
    Please contact me at your earliest convinience.
    Yours Sincerely

  101. Hi,
    I am Josephat Sahani Kaboya, aged 38 years old, a Tanzanian Research Scientist working with National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) in my country.
    The Organization is mandated to carry out, promote, coordinate, ,supervise, evaluate and document Human African Trypanosomiasis and other health research activities in Tanzania, also control and monitoring all aspects of Sleeping Sickness in the country
    I have an advanced Diploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences and specialized in Parasitology and Medical Entomology, studied at the Muhimbili University of Health Sciences (1999 – 2001)
    I have been working with NIMR since 1993 to date (an experience of 15 years now)
    Through my experiences, I am sure to do better if I will be awarded a chance to pursue further studies.
    On completion of that study, I will be enhanced with necessary skills and knowledge for combating many challenges in my country and the World at large.
    Thanks and God bless you.
    Yours truly,
    Josephat Sahani Kaboya,
    National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR),
    P.O.Box 482,
    Tabora – Tanzania.
    E-mail: [email protected]
    NB: My CV is as follows:
    1. Surname (Family name): Kaboya
    2. Other names: Josephat Sahani
    3. Date of Birth: 8th March 1970
    4. Gender: Male
    5. Marital Status: Married
    6. Nationality: Tanzanian
    7. Title: Mr.
    8. Work website: http://www.nimr.or.tz
    9. Work E-mail: [email protected]
    10. Personal E-mail: [email protected]
    11. International Passport No. AB092396
    Mr. Kaboya J.K.Sahani, Mr. Kaboya J.K.Sahani,
    National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR), Tabora Baptist Church,
    P.O.BOX 482, P.O.BOX 1526,
    Tabora – Tanzania. Tabora – Tanzania
    Tel: +255 026 260 4219, Tel: +255 732115474,
    Mobile: +255 732 078 009,
    Fax: +255 26 260 4943.

    1. 1989 – Completed a certificate of Secondary Education at Sengerema
    Secondary School, Mwanza – Tanzania.
    2. 1990 – 1993: Completed a Certificate Course in Veterinary Laboratory
    Technology (LITI) Temeke, Dar es Salaam – Tanzania.

    3. 1999 – 2001: Completed an Advanced Diploma Course in Medical
    Laboratory Sciences (Parasitology and Medical
    Entomology) at the Muhimbili University College of
    Health Sciences (MUCHS), Dar es Salaam – Tanzania.
    4. 2nd – 18th March 2006: Attended a Short Course on Good Clinical Trial
    in Human Trypanosomiasis. The Course was organized by WHO, World
    Bank, UNDP and UNICEF and held at Tabora Orion Hotel in Tabora
    Region – Tanzania.
    5. 6th – 22nd April 2006: Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Training,
    Conducted at Tsetse and Trypanosomiasis Research Institute (TTRI)
    6. 17th – 22nd July 2006: Attended a Short Course with workshops on Good
    Clinical Practice in Human Trypanosomiasis. The Course was organized
    by WHO/TDR and held at Brackenfurst Baptist Centre, Nairobi –
    7. 24th March -3rd April, 2007: Attended a course with a workshops on
    Analysis of T. b. rhodesiense DNA and Samples from Sleeping
    Sickness Suspects Using Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification of
    DNA (LAMP). The course was organized by WHO and conducted at Tabora
    Medical Research Centre, Tabora-Tanzania.
    8. 14th -18th January 2008: Attended a course on WHO HAT
    specimen Bank, Tanzania Project, conducted at Kaliua Health
    Centre, Urambo – Tabora, Tanzania.
    9. 12th -31st March 2008.Attended a training course on using Personal Data Assistant (PDA) which is a Modern technology in gathering information in the field arena. This course was conducted in Morogoro Region – Tanzania, and funded by Global Fund.
    D. EMPLOYMENT: Employed on 25th October 1993 (1st Appointment), as a Laboratory Technologist by National Institute for
    Medical Research (NIMR), the Research Institution whose mandate is to carry out, control, coordinate, register, evaluate, supervise and promote health research activities in Tanzania.
    E. DATE OF CONFIRMATION: 25th October 1994
    F. DATE OF PROMOTIONS: (1st Promotion) – 1st October 1998
    (2nd Promotion) – 1stJanuary 2002
    (3rd Promotion) – 1stJanuary 2006.
    (4th Promotion) – 1st July 2006
    G. POST HELD: 25th October 1993 to1stOctober 1998 – Lab.Tech IV,
    1st October 1998 to 1st January 2002 – Lab. Tech III,
    1st January 2002 to 1st January 2006 – Lab. Tech II,
    1st January 2006 to 1st July 2006 – Lab. Technologist I,
    1st July 2006 to date – Senior Laboratory Technician II.

    H. CONFERENCES: Since 1993, I have been attending Joint Scientific Conferences in Arusha and Dar es Salaam (Tanzania),
    Which are organized by the National Institute for
    Medical Research (NIMR).

    Since 1993, when employed by National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR), I have been participating fully in the following research activities as a Co – Investigator;
    1. Multicentre evaluation of Card Indirect Agglutination Test for
    Trypanosomiasis (CIATT), The Project was funded by WHO/TDR.
    2. Research survey and Data collection of Sleeping Sickness case.
    3. Project on simple and new diagnostic methods of Sleeping Sickness
    4. Research on factors contributing to Morbidity and Mortality due to Malaria in Tabora Rural District, Tanzania.
    5. Drug sensitivity and other related studies on Trypanosome isolates from Tanzania.
    6. Evaluation of Tryp Test CIATT Performances for chemotherapy follow – up in Rhodesiense Sleeping Sickness.
    7. Mapping of Sleeping Sickness foci of Tanzania.
    8. Implementation of a surveillance Programme in Kasulu, Kibondo and Urambo districts, Tanzania.
    9. Determinants of Trypanosome brucei Human Infectivity, a Genetic and Epidemiological analysis (In Collaboration with the
    University of Glasgow, UK).
    10. Voluntary Sector Health Programme (VSHP), community involvement in improving health by providing Health Education (Supported by CARE – INTERNATIONAL, Tanzania). I participated as a Project Manager. (October 2001 – December 2003).
    11. Prevalence survey, to determine the current status of Human
    African Trypanosomiasis (HAT) in Kibondo and Kasulu Districts,
    Kigoma – Tanzania (In collaboration with Ministry of health MoH,
    Tsetse and trypanosomiasis Research Institute – TTRI Tanga,
    Tanzania Pesticides Research Institute – TPRI Arusha and the
    Muhimbili National Hospital. (July 2003).
    12. Prevalence survey to determine the current status of Human
    African Trypanosomiasis (HAT) in Urambo district, Tabora –
    Tanzania. (In Collaboration with Ministry of health, Tsetse and
    Trypanosomiasis Research Institute TTRI, Tanga. Tanzania
    Pesticides Research Institute TPRI, Arusha and the Muhimbili
    National Hospital (June 2004)
    13. Investigation on the Resurgence of Human African Trypanosomiasis In Urambo district, Tabora – Tanzania. (In collaboration with Ministry of Health, NIMR HQ, TTRI – Tanga, TPRI – Arusha,Muhimbili National Hospital and the Tabora Regional Hospital(August 2004).
    14. Evaluation of the diagnostic Tests for Human African
    Trypanosomiasis in Tanzania. (July 2004).
    15. Sero Test determining current status of Filariasis in Tanzania,Particularly Tabora, Shinyanga, singida, and Kigoma regions. (In Collaboration with NIMR HQ DSM) (May 2004)
    16. Schistosomiasis Control Initiatives and Parasitological Mapping Survey in primary Schools (STD VI pupils), Lake Zone;
    Mwanza, Kagera, Shinyanga and Tabora regions – Tanzania. (In
    Collaboration with Ministry of Health and NIMR Mwanza)
    (October – November 2004).
    17. Detection and monitoring of insecticides resistence for Malaria Vectors in the context of Insecticides treated nets (ITNS) in Tabora, Tanzania. (March 2005).
    18. Schistosomiasis Control Initiative programme in Primary Schools and Communities of Mwanza, Tabora and Shinyanga regions in Tanzania. (In collaboration with Ministry of health and
    NIMR Mwanza. (March –May 2005).
    19. Assessing the effects of health education interventions on
    HIV/AIDS and STIs prevention among the adults and youths in Uyui
    and Igunga districts, Tabora – Tanzania (June – July 2005)
    20. Surveillance of HAT (cattle and dogs as reservoir hosts) in
    Bunda and Mugumu districts (Mara region) and Meatu district
    (Shinyanga). In collaboration with NIMR Mwanza.
    (August – September 2005).
    21. Surveillance of HAT in Tarangire National Park. (In
    collaboration with Ministry of Health and TTRI – Tanga)
    (September – October 2005).
    22. Pilot study on Schistosomiasis in Pre – School Children and
    std one Pupils in Magu, Mwanza – Tanzania. (In collaboration
    with NIMR Mwanza). (May – June 2006).
    23. Second Human African Trypanosomiasis (HAT) surveillance in
    Tarangire National Park, in collaboration with Ministry of Health
    (MoH), Muhimbili National Hospital, Tarangire National Park and
    Manyara Regional Hospital. (1st – 10th June 2006)
    24. Research for Human African Trypanosomiasis (HAT) Surveillance in Urambo district (Tabora) and Mpanda district (Rukwa region) Tanzania. (August – September 2007)
    25. Research for 5 years Evaluation of the Global Fund projects (Malaria,Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS) in Tanzania September to October 2008
    26. HAT Surveillance in Urambo district, Tabora (Tanzania) in collaboration with Ministry of Health and Welfare (October, 2008)

    (a) I participated as a Principal Investigator to the Project with the Title written below;
    The Accuracy of Direct smear and the Kato – Thick smear methods in the Diagnosis of Helminthes in Dar es Salaam. The Study was performed when pursuing an Advanced Diploma Course in Medical Laboratory Sciences (Parasitology and Medical Entomology) at the Muhimbili University College of Health Sciences (MUCHS) (Kaboya et al, 2001).
    (b) Drug resistance of Trypanosoma b rhodesiense isolates from
    Tanzania (S.N.Kibona, L. Matemba, J.S.Kaboya and G.W.Lubega 2006).
    As a Senior Laboratory Technologist, having a permanent employment with National Institute for Medical Research (Since 1993 to Date), I am responsible for Health Research activities within and outside my working Centre and I execute follow ups and submit reports on activities and programs within my department, to prepare and analyze reports for scientific meetings, conferences and workshops, to manage research database and perform any other duties assigned.
    SUMMARY: Over 14 years of successful experience in Health Research and consistently made significant contribution in assisting in setting up studies, collecting and analyzing data, and gathering literature. Created, implemented research proposals in Social Sciences and Health Services research, to reduce disease burden and to ensure quality health care.
    SKILLS Leadership Skills- Have the ability to carry out programs under established polices and command the respect of Staff, Problem solving, leadership and communications skills are some of the qualities developed from my experiences
    Computer Skills – Have the ability and long experience to use Microsoft Word, Excel, Epi Info, SPSS and others.
    GIS Skills – Have the ability to carry out mapping by using GPS
    I certify that, the information given above is true, correct and
    accurate, that describes me, my qualification and experience to
    the best of my knowledge and belief.
    Applicant`s signature ——————– Date ———–
    1. Dr. Stafford. N. Kibona,
    National Institute for Medical Research,
    Tabora Centre,
    P.O. Box 482,
    TABORA, Tanzania.
    Tel: +255 741 380 745
    2. Dr. Togolai Mbilu
    National Institute for Medical Research,
    Tabora Centre,
    P.O. Box 482,
    TABORA, Tanzania.
    Tel: +255 784 111 290
    3. Prof. Zul Premji,
    Muhimbili University College of Health Sciences,
    Institute of Public Health,
    P.O.BOX 650011, Dar es Salaam Tanzania.

  102. orukan Godfrey says:

    dear sir/madum
    am 27 years old and a ugandan national. i shall be graduating in jan 2009 in the field of commerce. am i eligible for any scholarship? Please, awaiting you kind response.


  103. AJAYI Moses says:

    I am sorry for the earlier comment at 8.44 am. This phrase ‘ In addition to nationals of OFID Member States’ answered my questions. Thank you. Keep doing the good work. It is indeed towards all-round development of the developing nations.

  104. AJAYI Moses says:

    Nigeria is not included among the countries from Africa for OFID scholarship, why? Can I still apply?

  105. Dear Sir/Madam
    I am a Mosotho Male of 27years from the country called Lesotho down in Southern Africa. I have just graduated from the National University of Lesotho and I am an LLB holder( September 2008). I have been involved in so many community works and outreaches during my university days. For instance I was the vice-president of NUL-Positive Image(2007) which is the students’ association fighting against HIV& AIDS pandemic within the campus. I was also the co-odinator in the following year(2008). Our students’ association is affiliated with LENASO at national/country level, Lenaso is a member of SANASO which also is a member of AFRICASO which falls under ICASO.The above-mentioned organisations have joined the fight against HIV&AIDS throughout the world.Consequently I have attended so many workshops and I have been involved in many community out-reaches in my country and at SADC level. Last year( Nov 2007) I attended the SANASO AGM in BOTSWANA and currently I am volunteering at LENASO(Lesotho Network of Aids Services Organization).
    Can I apply for OFID scholarship concurrently with the application to an institution for admission?
    Yours sincerely
    Eric Thulo

  106. Gebrehiwot Gebretsadik kassa says:

    Gebrehiwot on December 12, 12008G.c
    HELLO! I am a graduate of applied chemistry from Arba Minch university of Ethiopia.now I am 25 years old and I am a Graduate assistance of Haromaya university in Ethiopia.Finaly i want to tell you my interest to get a free scholar ship in your organisation.

    all best wishes for you.

  107. endeshaw ayele says:

    I am Endeshaw ayele 26 years old with a BSc. degree in rural development from arecognised universty of ethiopia. I have three years work experience in agriculture and rural development related works in rural areas. Now I need to upgrade my educational ground in related field of study and I hope you will help me.

    with best regards.

  108. newin says:

    Dear sir/madam,
    I wish to apply for the scholarship and i am living in myanmar ,i am graduate from a university of myanmar in B.SC.(IC,industrial chemistry).I study myself but i don’t have the certificate of GPA or other ..,SO, i want to request for the scholarship is possible.

  109. Dawit Abraham says:

    Dir Sir /Madam
    I am a graduating class of Hydraulic Engineering from Arba Minch University of Ethiopia. I want to improve my education level, with related study filed to Hydraulic Engineering. I am waiting your response.

    Thank you,

  110. Abubakari Abdul Majeed says:

    Dear sir, am really happy for the scholarship you are offering to students. Am 23 year old student of Tamale Polytechnic offering statistics, and i will be very happy should you offer me scholarship base on what i do being in any thing you think will help me achieve my dream. thank you.

  111. Jasper Mandizvidza says:

    I am a male Zimbabwan undergraduate. I passed my O and A level with flying colors, 8″As” ,3″Bs” at O level and 11 points at A level. Am i suitable for the scholaship.

  112. Regina Sam says:

    Please I’m Regina Sam from Ghana and I am interested in your scholarship to pursue masters programme in science.I just want to ask if the application form and other required document except letter from the chosen university will be accepted and later be forward to you since some of the universities would not have given their letter of admission by the closing date of your application.

    Thank you, counting on you,

  113. Jasper Mandizvidza says:

    I am a 20 year old male from Zimbabwe. I am looking for a full undergraduates’ scholarship. I obtained 8 “As” and 3″Bs” at “O” level and 11 points in Chemistry,Biology and Mathematics at “A” level. I am currently paying for my tuitions from piece jobs i do during free time which is which is making my learning a bit uncomfortable. My parents are old and unemployed and cannot pay for me. I will greatly appreciate if I acquire any suitable scholarship.

  114. I am Teklehaymanot geremeskel from Ethiopia, one of the poorest countries in the world. I have a Bed degree in curriculum and instruction from Dilla University of Ethiopia, in july 2008 which I completed being agold medalist of the univesity having avery outstanding cummulative GPA of 3.97.To continue my post graduate studyI am looking for free(sponsored) scholarhips.Would you please consider me in your opportunity.

    Email [email protected]

  115. Michael Mugisha says:

    Hello. Am a 24 year-old Ugandan male who has just completed my Bachelor of Science degree with Education in Chemistry and Biology at Makerere University here in Kampala. I am very interested in pursuing a masters programme in any field within my subject areas- though I majored in Biology. Microbiolgy, foods and nutrition, Entomology among others, could be suitable areas of specialisation. Am grateful that OFID Scholarship has given us this opportunity to speak. Thank you so much. Looking forward to a reply and thanking you in advance.


  117. May name is Sisay Tesfaye 28 years male old from Ethiopia.I have Bsc in public health and diploma in clinical nursing from recognized university and college. I have 2 year work expreance at rural health center and 3 years work expreance in health science college. currently I am working in Awassa college of health sciences as assisstant lecturer.Now I am looking for full sponcerd public health or health related Msc scholarships and I hop you will help me.

    with best regard

  118. gbenga says:

    i am gbenga aderoba. i have just graduated from federal university of technology, akure with a second class upper in mechanical engineering. i am applying to Robert Gordon university in scotland to study a masters degree in oil and gas engineering.

    what i am worried about is that, i have not yet secured admission yet in that school, can i still apply to this schorlarship program because i meet other requirements

  119. Please am a nigerian undergraduate, im seeking for scholarship in any european country like Canada, but i dont see the reason why my country Nigeria was not included among the list of developing countries ,please answer my question and please grant my request,heres my mobile number incase of direct contact { 08064363296 }. thanks ill be so pleased to get your call and your mail,thanks for your co-operation.

  120. afia says:

    Dear Sir,

    i am a 22 year graduate from one of the universities in Ghana and will like to know if i qualify for this schorlaship

  121. Adam says:

    I am a Ghanaian and have a second class upper degree in BA Integrated Development Studies. I had admission to study MA Development Studies at University of East Anglia and MA International Development Management at Westminster University but could not attend any due to financial constriants.
    Please i need your scholarship assistance to be able to study any of these courses. I am hoping to hear from you soon.
    Thank you.

  122. Nazia Noor says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have completed my BSc degree in Applied Chemistry & Chemical Technology. Could I apply for OFID scholarship if I want to take my Masters in the relevent field of Applied Chemistry & Chemical Technology or of Chemical Engineering or of Chemistry?

    The total marks in my 4year BSc program was 3200 & I have passed in 1st class with obtained marks 2103. Am I eligible to apply for this scholarship?

  123. Hospicio L. Patindol Jr. says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am Hospicio Patindol jr. from ASIAN country the PHILIPPINES.I am graduated of my undergraduate program as Bachelor of Science in Mathematics last April 2, 2008 from one of the top notcher universities in the my country. I am currently working as a teacher in my place.I have a great plan to pursue my higher education to take up MA or MSc program. These opportunity presented is a very interesting, and I believe that my strong and fully equip to achieve more experiences and education will make me a very competitive candidate for my profession. The key strengths that I possess for success and beleived for this matter. But some matters that could hinder to me is my financial assistance for which my capabilities and turn this into reality is to apply the opportunity given those coming developing country to give a chance to have a further education. I am fully determine and interested to continue my Masteral program…Please do help me to give me further sort of informations.
    I hope from your very convenient time will make you to give me time to response hopefully. Thanks so much and God bless.
    E- mail: [email protected]

  124. FIIFI says:

    hi, i am a 24 year old graduate from the university of cape coast in Ghana. i read ECONOMICS and MATHEMATICS. during my period of study i really developed an interest for Insurance as course and made up my mind to pursue a masters programme in this field. it was when i finished that i realised that it was going to be difficult for me because i am in the position financially to make this goal of mine come to pass. then i miraculously found this site and decided to put my plea on to see if you could help me attain this ambition of mine.

  125. mumbuwa silumbu says:

    dear responsible people,
    as graduates from developing countries, we appreciate your concern to bring light to our lands, however the first condition of limiting entry to only 32 years is already a bias. Why dont you make the age limit open for all? You limit a lot of people!
    mumbuwa – zambia

  126. imu says:

    hello i,ve done graduation in science and i want to apply 4 the environmeny in OFID..where this university is situated and my age is 31

  127. mbogo ALI says:

    i want assist me to get scholarship to continu my studies,im living in uganda.but i ended in A leaver where by stop here and iwas supposed to go at university.so please help.i have probles all my two parents passed away.

  128. sam sagani says:

    Date,Dec ,11,2008

    Dear all Sir /madam,in cloud


    The entire Cabinet,Campaign for me to Achieve my goal.

    Humble Inquiry for Scholarship

    May I take this opportunity to introduce my self to you? I am called Sam Sagani, a Sudanese refugee living in Kenya , a young man of 24 years of age. I took refuge in Kenya at a very early age but never made it for resettlement in USA due to reasons beyond my control. I have never heard of my parents where about and whether they are still alive or not, I am not sure but I am living in the hope that one day I will get to see them again.

    I have managed through the refugee camps to finish Secondary School and Diploma in Community Health and Psychology which has led me to become more interested health field, and I want to go ahead up to Degree level.

    I am now in great need of acquiring skills or taking a course which can help me secure a job and make a difference in the lives of others when I return to Sudan . I am interested in studying any where possible, and most importantly here in Africa .

    I would be very grateful if you could kindly help me in raising some funds for my studies and if possible find me a college where I can do it, as I also do know of some here in Nairobi Kenya .

    I will appreciate very much your kind consideration on this humble request. I look forward to hearing from you.



    Sam Sagani
    Nairobi, Kenya
    E-mail: [email protected]

  129. mekonnen muez says:

    Respected sir
    I am mekonnen muez from a very poor area (africa) of developing country Ethiopia. It is at the eastern border of africa .I holds my first degree in 2007 from one of the Ethiopian university with good distinction in management. Now at this time I am eagerly looking for my M.A program. But due to financial problem I couldn’t get the chance to up grade my profession and also the tuition fees becomes very expensive from time to time specially for the students of a developing country like Ethiopia .So I am very interesting to continue my M.A program if you can help me in marketing management,
    Business administration research or any related area of
    study. Finally I am waiting for your response hopefully.
    Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
    E-mail: [email protected]

  130. Patrick Zacharia says:

    I’m a fresh graduate of secondary school awarded with Sudan school certificate and i’m looking for sponsorship in public administration .I’m a Southern Sudanese but currently in Khartoum.I will be very pleased if you consider the above statements.
    Here are some of my addresses;
    Email; [email protected]
    Tel; 0926999631

  131. Ezeka Franklin says:

    l am a Mechanical Engineering graduate fom a polytechnic in Nigeria presently running for my MBA program in Inter University Instutite , macau. How can l get a schorlaship to enable me complete my course of study.

  132. JOB says:

    I am kenyan & 19 years old,I fineshed my high school last year.please inform me how can I get your scholarship to further my education in college.

  133. Dara says:

    je suis interne en medecine dans un departement de recherche sur le paludisme et je suis a la recherche d`une bourse de specialisation PhD dans le domaine toujours de la recherche sur les maladies tropicale apres la soutenance de ma these de doctera et je me confie a vous pour un soutien afin de pouvoir cette bourse

  134. Hi Sir/Madame,
    I am a Tanzanian youngman of 27 years old, 3 yeas graduate of Sokoine University of Agriculture-Tanzania in the field of Horticulture. I am willing to pursue a MSc. Horticulture.
    Can I be elligible for this scholarship witrh respect to the number of years spent on my undegraduate studies? Is it necessary for me to undertake TOEFL test if the media of communication during my studies (ordinary level, advanced level and University) was English?
    With regard,
    Ramadhani Omari
    Morogoro, Tanzania

  135. temam says:


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