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Zimbabwe Scholarships: Zimbabwean students can avail various scholarships and grants offered specifically for International students, Africans and students from developing countries. These college financial aid grants are provided to study abroad at different levels of study including undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral and research programme. So go through the page regularly and keep yourself updated with the recent scholarship programmes.

Canaan Group international awards in Zimbabwe

To encourage the education of students in Zimbabwe, Canaan Group International is granting The grants programme for the year 2020. The programme is exclusively open for students who want to undertake the degree programme in Zimbabwe. Canaan Group International Opportunities is an organization that aims at providing exposure, innovation and creativity within the African continent. …

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FLAIR Fellowships for Sub-Saharan African Country Students in Zimbabwe

The African Academy of Sciences and Royal Society are jointly providing the FLAIR Fellowships for talented applicants who have the potential to become leaders in their field. The scholarship aims to support  African researchers to establish their scientific independence, focus on developing their research and become experts in their chosen discipline. The African Academy of …

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MSc-MPH Research Scholarship at Sadtap Health Research Institute, Zimbabwe

Empower your practical skills in health-related programs by applying for the MSc-MPH Research Scholarship offered by the Sadtap Health Research Institute. The purpose of The grant is to build health research capacity by providing technical support to registered masters students in Zimbabwe. Why should you join this program? They prepare students for career and leadership …

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Postgraduate Research Scholarship in Zimbabwe

The Biomedical Research and Training Institute is currently accepting applications for the Postgraduate Research funding for the academic year 2020/21. The studentship is open for master’s students studying towards health-related programmes in Zimbabwean Universities to complete their studies. The main objective of the program is to build health research capacity by providing technical support to …

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Research Council of Zimbabwe Human Capital Development Scholarships, 2020

Earning a master’s degree helps you to gain specialized knowledge to advance in your field. Examining this importance of the study, the Research Council of Zimbabwe is offering the Human Capital Development 2020 Scholarships for students. The program aims to support Zimbabwe students who want to undertake research on any aspect of COVID-19 for the …

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funding for Master’s Degree in Intellectual Property at Africa University, Zimbabwe

funding for Master's Degree in Intellectual Property at Africa University, Zimbabwe

In partnership with African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO) and Africa University, the WIPO Academy is providing a master’s degree program in an intellectual award by the Government of Japan. The funding program aims to support highly motivated students proceeding to the master’s degree in an intellectual study. The plan is open for the academic …

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Chancellor’s Global Academic Merit funding for International Students at University of Portsmouth, UK

If you are a high-potential overseas student with the ambition to change your future, then you can join the Chancellor’s Global Academic Merit Scholarship which is implementing by the University of Portsmouth. The educational bursary will reward outstanding international students who want to apply for the undergraduate, postgraduate and postgraduate research at the university in …

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Faculty of Science Postgraduate Elite Scholarships for Africans at University of Strathclyde in UK, 2021

The University of Strathclyde is pleased to host the Faculty of Science Postgraduate Elite Scholarships (Africa). The scholarship will provide tuition fees for students studying on MSc/PGT programs in Science. Students who have excellent grades from university and strong English test results are welcome to apply. The University of Strathclyde was founded in 1796 and …

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