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Coursera’s Online Course on Microeconomics Principles

Now students can learn Microeconomics Principles in the most exciting and interesting way. Here, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign along with Coursera is introducing an online course that will teach students about the larger economic system.

The primary emphasis of this course is on the nature and functions of product markets, the theory of the firm under varying conditions of competition and monopoly, and the role of government in promoting efficiency in the economy.

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Wonderful opportunity for students to study online.

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As per the conjecture of a large number of people economics is only the study of money. This goal focuses on shattering this belief of people. As from the last 50 years, economists have tackled some of the interesting and important questions related to humanity.

Course Begins

Applications for this course is open.

Duration of the Course

The duration of this course is 8 weeks and students are required to contribute 4 to 12 hours per week. This course will be taught in English followed by English subtitles.

Course Field

This course will teach about Macroeconomics principles and make students learn about the functions of individual decision-makers, both consumers and producers, within the larger economic system.

Course Format

Long lectures of about 5-15 minutes will be shown in each week of class. This course will also consist of integrated weekly quizzes, readings, an optional assignment and a discussion. Most weeks will also have a peer-reviewed assignment, and there will be an opportunity to participate in a semester-long project.


Students those who are interested in learning principles of Macroeconomics can go for this course.

About the Instructor

Dr Jose J. Vazquez-Cognet

He is a Clinical Professor in the Department of Economics, and the Coordinator of e-Learning for the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC).

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