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Summer Jobs for International Students

What Is a Summer Job for International Students?

Summer job refers to part or full time job which engages the youths usually in summer season to offer them experience or money. Purpose of job can vary from person to person or from employer to employer who is offering the jobs.

Role of Summer Job (Why Summer Job Is Important)

Summer job is just passing quality time for students and a reason to visit abroad. But it has a deeper meaning and deeper impact on the psyche of individual that has to be understood.

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Whole positive impact on a person can be outlined as:

-Knowing Themselves 

Students will come to know about their nature and their abilities in the whole process. They will understand weakness they have and the strength they possess while dealing with external environment. This will make them more adaptive and flexible in the long term and will give them a better understanding of the life and its challenges.

-Students Will Come Out Of Their Comfort Zone 

Students will step out from the protective covering of their parents or guardians and will face the world on their own. This will make them more responsible and accountable. Self-reliance is the key factor which has to be groomed in every child and these jobs will extract their hidden spirit or suppressed fighter in them to be self dependent and to succeed in the world with dominance.

-Learn To Fight and Perform In Competition 

Students are assigned work which has to be completed in given time or in a particular way. This will make them understand the importance of time and protocol on the whole .They will be able to perform task without being too conscious at same time not being too careless.

-Learning to Deal With Failure

Failure is first step of success. This is a very popular proverb but some people take a very long time to understand it and some never understand it. It is better to make student aware that success cannot be guaranteed in spite of putting best efforts.

This can be done very easily in a friendly environment in presence of their peers and fellow at a summer job scenario.  Students will learn to work hard and also move forward if task does not go according to plan.

-Learning to Work In a Team

Team work can be learned at job at a very early age. In the competitive world always stress is give to compete well against competitors but it is forgotten that an equally important aspect is team work and coordination with other individuals. If taught at early age team work and coordination can be appreciated and understood by the students very efficiently.

Points To Be Kept In Mind While Looking For Summer Job or Internship

-Cultural Aspect

Before applying for the job it has to be counter checked that one should not feel alien in a new country. He should not be dejected by rituals or sensibilities of community. Hence person should be comfortable in the culture of the nation.

-Job Expectation

Before applying one should know what to expect from job. For example English tutor jobs are in demand in Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and Central America. So he/she should plan his job accordingly.

-Duration of Job Or Internship

Before applying for job or internship duration of the job has to be checked.

-Helping in Permanent Job

It should be noted that during the search of summer job or internship job should be selected so that it helps individual in term and is in line with his career graph but not haphazard.

-Rational Points 

Cost of pursuing the job and sustainability in foreign country comes under the this point.

Following Sectors Offers the Summer Jobs or Internship Abroad 

-Account and finance
-Acting /extras
-Admin /secretarial
-Advertising /marketing /PR
-Art /music
-Au pair /nanny
-Bar staff/waiter waitress
-Call centre
-Counselling and social services
-Customer service
-Design fashion
-Driver /courier
-E commerce
-Film /TV production
-Health /medical
-Human resource
-Maintenance /cleaning
-Manufacturing /industry
-Media/journalism /publishing
-Property management
-Public sector
-Scientific services
-Security /stewarding
-Sports /adventures
-Teaching /instructors /guides

Visa Related Issues


If one wishes to full time academic vocational studies he should apply for either ‘f’ of ‘m’ category of visas
F is for academic and m is for vocational category
F1- Academic Students
F2 – Spouse and Kids If F1
F3 – Canadian or Mexican National Commuter Students

M1 – Vocational Students
M2 -Spouse and Kids Of M1
M3 – Canadian or Mexican Vocational Students

For Exchange Programmes Temporary Visitors:
J1 – Exchange Visitors
J2 – Spouse of Exchange Visitors

For summer jobs or summer internships J1 visa is usually requires to be filled

It can be applied for by filling DS -2019 form.

-For U.K.

For U.K it can be applied under tier 5 (temporary worker govt authorized exchange programme)

It is applicable if:
-You want to come to U.K for a short time
-Have a sponsor
-Are outside from European economic area and Switzerland
-It will take 3 weeks to get decision on your visa
-And you can stay up to 12 -24 months depending on the programme

Students Visas in foreign countries.