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Peruvian Government Scholarships (PRONABEC) to Study Abroad, 2016

The Ministry of Education of Peru is awarding scholarships to study for a master’s or PhD in Foreign higher education institutions. Scholarships are made available for Peruvian citizens residing in Peru.

The scholarships are aimed to strengthen the deepening of the knowledge gained in higher education and promote scientific research and technological research and innovation, in order to meet the development needs of the country, especially those in their place of origin.

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The Ministry of Education of Peru, through the National Program of Scholarships and Educational Credit (PRONABEC), calls for public competition of “President of the Republic Scholarship” to study for a Master’s or PhD in Foreign higher education institutions, which are located between the 400 universities in the world QS World University Rankings, Academic Ranking of world universities (ARWU) and Times Higher Education World University Ranking.

  • Course Level: Scholarships are available to study for a Master’s or PhD in Foreign higher education institutions.
  • Study Subject: The call provides scholarships for masters or doctoral studies in the following areas of knowledge:
  • Scholarship Award:
  • 100% of the cost of tuition and board of the curriculum.
  • interprovincial transport of the town of origin of the fellow to Lima and vice versa, at the beginning and end of the
  • program: the transfer will take place by land, may be allowed travel by air only in cases where the land is not a
  • conveyance or in cases of permanent inability to use the land by natural disasters.
  • Air transport from Peru to the country of destination and vice versa, at the beginning and end of the program in economy class.
  • Grant in respect of manutención.- Monthly allowance exclusively for accommodation costs, meals and local mobility, which is approved annually by the PRONABEC.
  • No installation expenses, personal expenses, expenses for dependents or previous or supervening dependents are covered.
  • Grant for pecuniary annual study.- for purchases of books and study materials, unless the agreement concluded with the higher education institution (HEI) sets a different amount; provided that the University report, passing grade last semester of study and favorable report of the guardian of the graduate school.
  • Grant for insurance Medical Review Annual cost of health insurance. The contractual relationship exists between the fellow and the insurance company. The choice of this should be considered health insurance coverage, life, accident and repatriation expenses if applicable.
  • Scholarship can be taken at Abroad


  • The mandatory requirements are essential for the nomination is declared fit, the same that will be, charged in SIBEC in PDF format.
  • National Identity Document (DNI) or valid National Electronic Identity Card (DNIe) the applicant, to confirm the
  • Peruvian nationality. It must also meet the following:
  • For an MA: Having a maximum thirty-three (33) years of age, completed on December 31, 2016.
  • For doctoral studies: Having to thirty-six (36) years of age, completed December 31, 2016.
  • Have established and be physically located in Peru, at least prior to the application and during the whole process of the call to the awarding of the grant with the exception of citizens who have returned to the country and have invoked the Law year N ° 30001, who must prove their status with the scanning of the card Migrants Returned or household.
  • For a Masters:
  • Scan the document certifying the academic bachelor’s degree or professional degree, enrolled in the National
  • Register of Degrees, Diplomas and constancy authentication signature at the SUNEDU, as appropriate
    PhD studies:
  • Scan the document evidencing the degree of Magister and registration of master’s degree in the National Register of Degrees and Titles in SUNEDU.

Nationality: Peruvian citizens residing in Peru are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

How to Apply

  • How to Apply: To apply it is necessary to submit an online scholarship application form.
  • Entrance Requirement: Peruvian professionals residing in Peru, who have obtained the degree of bachelor or professional bachelor’s degree and have belonged to the upper third or equivalent, at least during the entire undergraduate career; insufficient financial resources and good professional and/or research profile can apply.

Application Form

Application Deadline: Closed

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