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Petroleum Engineering: Challenging and Exciting Career

Petroleum Engineering: Challenging and Exciting career

Today petrol/petroleum products have become an essential commodity of our day-to- day life. From cooking to commuting office, we all are very much dependent on it. The demand for petroleum is increasing day by day and most of the oil fields have been discovered. To ensure an augmented supply of petroleum for future generations by means of regulated use, the need for efficient exploration is being felt intensely. Thus, the engineering discipline of petroleum engineering has emerged exciting and challenging career option.
Petroleum engineering is a branch of science that deals in extraction of petroleum and natural gas, purification, manufacture and utilization of oil, gas and liquefiable hydrocarbons. It is practical application of basic sciences to solve the problems associated with exploring or manufacturing or purifying. One needs to be a good team player as he/she has to work with the geologists, geophysicists, environmental specialists etc. Some of the key responsibilities that fall under this area are:

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1) Determining the ideal recuperation processes.
2) Estimating the number of wells that can be extracted.
3) Simulating the future performance using complicated computer modeling and designing equipments and processes for utmost profitable recovery of oil and gas.

There are many undergraduate and postgraduate programs that have been offered by the engineering and technological institutes / colleges. Some institutions / colleges also offer education in a specific field of petroleum engineering like petroleum exploration, petroleum science, refining etc. Postgraduate degree is must for those who want to work in research / expertise consulting.

For undergraduate program: Twelve years of school education(12th )with science stream
For postgraduate program: BE/ BE.Tech. in the relevant subject/ MSc in chemistry

Career Path: Petroleum engineers get employed in the field of exploration and production of oil and gas, in geothermal energy production, environmental protection etc. There are some jobs that also involve supervision of projects that are designed by the petroleum engineers. Some of the Top companies of oil and gas that recruits a number of students are Cairns energy, Schlumberger, ONCC, Reliance Industries Ltd. MECOM Ltd., Essar Oils, Halliburton services etc.

One need to have strong educational foundation to be successful in this field and should always stay tune with the current technology and news in the field of petroleum.

Here are some of the Universities offering: PE programs
1) University of Oklahoma
2) University of Texas Austin,
3) Stanford University
4) AGH University of Science and Technology
5) Indian School of Mines
6) King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
7) The Robert Gordon University
8 ) Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology

The need of petroleum engineers who are efficient enough to find innovative technologies and new resources will always be there as the whole world will always be in need of energy.

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