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PhD in Agribusiness

Agribusiness is basically the business of agricultural production. It includes the production of both cash and commercial crops. Agribusiness includes farming and contract farming, seed supply, farm machinery, breeding, agrochemicals, marketing, distribution, processing and retail industry. Agribusiness has been developed as an academic program that has got far and large advantages both to the students pursuing the degree program as well as to the world economy as a whole.

The vastness of agribusiness sector can be perceived from the fact that UN’s FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization) operates a section devoted to agribusiness development entirely. The basic aim of this program is to promote the growth of food industry in developing nations.

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Visualizing global facts, we come to the conclusion that more that 20% of U.S economy is directly or indirectly related to agribusiness in the states. Commercial plantation is catching pace and so are the academic courses in agribusiness.

Famous Universities / Institutes offering PhD Agribusiness 

Institute of Agribusiness Management, Bikaner

Approved by Indian Council of Agricultural Research ICAR and AICTE, the Institute of Agribusiness Management, Bikaner is a competent institute for doing PhD in Agribusiness. As perceiving form the Asian context, there is  a huge demand for manpower in agribusiness education.  Though a professional degree like an MBA has virtually become common these days, IABM takes pride to announce its first batch of PhD (Agribusiness)

Eligibility: It is required for the Indians to have an MBA (AB)/MBA/or a masters degree in agriculture and allied subjects/Master’s Degree in Agribusiness Management/PGDM or PGP of two years from IIM’s/IRMA/any institute approved by AICTE, AIMA, UGC. A minimum score of at least 6.50/10.0 CGPA or equivalent percentage in any of the above degree is required.

University of California

Ranked 4th in the world, in the continent of North America the University of California – Berkeley offers a PhD agribusiness Program along with a synonymous food industry management program

Arizona State University

Ranked 23rd in the world for studying agriculture and allied topics, the Arizona State University offers a PhD agribusiness program. Potential students can apply for full admission by visiting the university Web site.

It is to be noted that more than 20% of the total employment in USA is in one way or the other related to the sector of agribusiness. Although the size of people deriving employment form this sector is large enough. Agribusiness more or less still stands t the mercy of weather, global commodity markets and on the demand and supply patterns of consumer. This shows the volatility of the entire agribusiness sector. The Arizona State University incorporates topics such as consumer behavior in food markets, strategic marketing by food retailers, supply chain management, risk management, financial derivatives, as well as international agricultural trade, policy and global finance to be studied during one’s PhD in Agribusiness.

University of Mysore

Institute of Development Studies offers Doctoral Program, PhD in Agribusiness and Management. The course is designed for applicants from developing and developed countries with post graduation in various fields related to agricultural sciences.

Eligibility: The admission to the doctoral program and the eligibility pattern is completely as per the university of Mysore PhD rules and regulations.

The institute has got national and well as international links such as those of :

-Food and Agricultural Organization –FAO
-United Nations Center for Regional Development, Nagoya, Japan-UNCRD
-The World Bank
-Asian Development Bank, Manila
-International Food Policy Research Institute
-International Institute for Environment and Development
-Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok
-Institute of Town Planners, India, New DelhilTown and Country Planning Organization, New Delhi

Other Universities Offering PhD in Agribusiness

Newcastle University
NDSU Graduate School
Texas Tech University
Michael Okpara University of Agriculture
Egerton University
University of Manitoba
Kenyatta University
Polytechnic University of Catalonia
University of Nebraska
Mississippi State University

A PhD in agribusiness exposes the student to the developments coming over at both national as well as international levels. Looking into the challenges presented in the field of sustainable development, a PhD Agribusiness can be of huge benefit for the country and the world as a whole.

Anupriya Mishra